Arch Enemy - Web Of Lies Lyrics

Weaving a web - of lies and deceit
It's a dangerous game - we play

All this time - the pain eating us away
All this time - the memories refuse to fade
A rotting shell of dying trust
We share this hell at any cost

Phases and stages
Circles and cycles
And empty charade
This pointless masquerade

A dangerous game
A dangerous game - we play

Web of lies
I can see it in your eyes
Web of lies
You can see it in my eyes

It will never be the same
We have gone too far this time
Our temple of false dreams
Comes crashing down...
A rotting shell of dying trust
We shared this hell at any cost

[1st Lead - Christopher]
[2nd Lead - Michael]

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Arch Enemy Web Of Lies Comments
  1. Jargon

    I don't listen to death metal, but i do listen to this.

    Joanor Alazaris

    Then I forgive you.

  2. Let Em

    published in 2009 and it has 10k views wtf this is da most underrated song in the world

  3. fairys rule

    I believe in you take my power and we'll be queen of darkness anarchy freedom 😂😉


    I suggest you take your power and do something with it, other than abdicate it to others.......