Arch Enemy - Walk In The Shadows Lyrics

What? You say you're through with me
I'm not through with you
We've had what others might call love
You say it's over now,
What's done, what's through?
You can't stay away, you need me
I need you

When the fire starts the pain's too much
For your mind
You need attention, what's good is only mine
I can cure the hunger that burns in your heart
Just come to me
I'll take you home
We'll walk in the shadows
By day we'll live in a dream
We'll walk in the shadows

You say you don't feel safe alone tonight
Cause you feel the pressure building in your head
Our secret's safe for one more night
But when the morning comes remember
I'll be with you

We'll walk in the shadows
By day we'll live in a dream
We'll walk in the shadows
One day you'll be with me
If only you believe...

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Arch Enemy Walk In The Shadows Comments
  1. Alfonse Brown

    How to destroy a classic...

  2. Manu Kepa

    Stop this masquerade..!!!

  3. David D.

    What a shit cover! How the hell you could coverize in death metal the voice of Tate??

  4. Brian

    For AE's style of music, I dig it. An underrated song by an epic band, 2 Horns up

  5. Natas Sorrow

    Fuck You Raymond...who are you, never heard of you before.

  6. Natas Sorrow

    Everyday the guidance, thank you.

  7. Natas Sorrow

    I’ll never stop walking either.

  8. Natas Sorrow

    Forever I always walk, no choice. Fuck it burns...the way it is tho

  9. hoshihearts omochaooo

    my favourite arch enemy album in the whole entire world had a bonus track i didnt know about?? crazy

  10. Raymond1287ne

    horrible horrible!! absolutely horrible. ruined a great song. on Geoff Tate can do this!