Arch Enemy - On And On Lyrics

We walk through war in the halls
Of dead protocols
We came so close, demands were met
That's when the rug was ripped out from under our feet
A vicious crime...cold betrayal and deceit.

Then reality hits you like a stab in the back
Like a slap in the face, a premeditated attack.

On and on...
The battle knows no victory...
On and on...
Weapons high - Reject defeat.

Decrepit smiles shine like fire
Lying through their teeth.
It's a memory you want to forget...
From one second to another the whole world went under.
The future cuts so deep tangibility bleeds.

On and on! Until the victory is dead and gone.
On and on! Kill the history, the wrong side won!

Don't let the history repeat...

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Arch Enemy On And On Comments
  1. Monster Gamerz

    Hei richard wallem you are a kickass

  2. Horacio enrique gallardo

    This song is fantástic! I love arch enemy !

  3. Erica Rae Smith

    Jeff loomis

    Abdullah Khan

    He wasn't on this album. Dude from Arsis is.

  4. Danny Wilcock

    I love piano in metal songs

  5. Tijl Trienen

    imho best song om war eternal. love the melody in this song

  6. Stefan Goldfinch

    Next time I hear someone say Alissa can't match Angela (which to my total chagrin I've heard a few times), I'm going to play them 2:40 onwards. BEAST.

  7. ravenwda007

    War, after war, after war, in human history. On and On. Battle knows no defeat. As a society and species we must strive to not let history repeat.


    I imagine this song sing by Dimmu Borgir...would be fucking awesome

  9. Richard warren

    That Album is kickass!

  10. olivér jános gálig

    My favorite arch enemy from

    sebi csana

    legalább megpróbáltad

  11. geht euch nix an

    love this track