Arch Enemy - No More Regrets Lyrics

You choose your path
Don't shift the blame
You ran your course
You lost sight of your aim
Wrong choices linger
Like scars remain
Long after the bleeding stops
There's nowhere left to hide from the shame

Never again

No! No more regrets
What's done is done - can't be erased
Know your regrets... savour the bitter aftertaste

The crippling guilt, how heavy it can be
When searching for the right words
Hoping the truth will bring you peace
A lesson learned is good company
For the lonely road you walk
Each step forward - agony

Never again

No! No more regrets
What's done is done - can't be erased
Know your regrets... savour the bitter aftertaste

It's hard to breathe
Thought process crushing me
Purge mistakes! Strip the mind of its dignity


Never again

No! No more regrets
What's done is done - can't be erased
Know your regrets... savour the bitter aftertaste

No more! What's done is done - can't be erased
All I know is but regret
I can't shake this bitter aftertaste

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Arch Enemy No More Regrets Comments
  1. Stephen Servant

    How can anyone dislike this? Very talented

  2. Roman válek

    perfektní sólisti,tak jak má bít

  3. Ema Aja

    mantap jiwa

  4. Jayden Whites

    I invoke flooding an damaging winds into the piedmont triad again! 2:03

  5. Дмитрий Родионов


  6. Gregory C

    Most of the time I can't understand people who scream during their songs and I don't like them but I can actually understand her.

  7. Marz Barz

    So this basically cradle of filth with a GORGEOUS female singer.. heritate mich..

  8. Павел Ельчанин

    !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!

  9. trey bolch

    I have always liked Arch Enemy, but never really kept up with them after Angela left, well,...…..I saw them on tour with Amon Amarth This year and let me tell you Alissa is absolutely incredible, she commands the attention of everyone in the audience and owns the stage, she has so much energy and is just incredibly passionate about what she does, They were incredible live, to be honest Amon Amarth was headlining and I love them but for me Arch enemy stole the show, INCREDIBLE

  10. Paweł Tałaj

    Super music and girl growling and... beautifull women! ;) :) Uff :) BR from Poland! :)

  11. Paweł Tałaj

    Super music and girl growling and... beautifull women! ;) :) Uff :) BR from Poland! :)

  12. Gerard Lee

    it's a pity that apart from taking care of the quality of the vocals, the quality of the lyrics has been forgotten. Naive texts for teens?

  13. The Intelligent Gamer

    This song reminds me to stop being so hard on myself all the time.

  14. TheViking 738

    She has a furious voice, she drives me crazy! ALISSAAA!

  15. JumpScaresATutorials

    0:52 how could they steal thar part from Death song Nothing is Everything .. its literally the same shit

    Trent Hatley

    Be happy with the song bro don't ruin it I'm trying to listen to it


    @Trent Hatley iam not ruining the song I just want to people know who truly wrote that part

  16. Trevor Philips

    A very Children Of Bodom intro and type of song

  17. Евгений Осинцев

    Клёвая композиция на kissing the shadow похожа

  18. Klepalshik_avr Mist


  19. tanay gaikwad

    wowow what amazing band this is i love this song very beacuse i love drumming

  20. Nely Hinojosa


  21. Ummu Munshi

    Bad rotten video couldn't see Alessa's beautiful sexy armpits

  22. Apocalypse 47

    I would be honored to be one of alissa white gluz's future ex husbands

  23. Wicked ONE


  24. Portuguese Beer

    Beautiful lady and song!
    Cheers from Portugal 🍺🤘

  25. kristoffer larsson

    The bessssssst song ever very good


    Try song Nothing is Everything by Death. Arch Enemy stolen riff from them :d riff at 0:51

  26. Hakim Saadi

    Putain qu elle performance vocale,c est une bete. Je kif grave

  27. Nemo Ethan Strayed

    Everybody stop arguing about the genre.
    It's vegan metal.


  28. Little Boy키작은상준

    I really fall in love with Alissa.
    She has power

  29. Givchicuz 99

    Наши русские бабы так и поют, только у них есть ещё скалка.

  30. Don McGlothlin

    My favorite Arch Enemy song so far.  That says a lot since I've been listening to them since Black Earth came out.


    try listening to Death song Nothing is Everything bcs that riff from 0:51 is totally stolen from Death :DDD

    Don McGlothlin

    I listen to that song pretty regularly as well.  Have since it came out in 93.  My favorite Death album (come on it has LaRocque from King Diamond, Schuldiner, Gene Hoglan and DiGiorgio, probably the best album lineup ever)



  32. Arttturo Reyes

    guys why not both

  33. Video Store Clerk

    2:12, vegan on Alissa’s sleeve. That’s what’s up !


    I had to look hard, but well spotted.


    In case she forgot to mention her diet in a conversation.

  34. TheViking 738

    Take great care of your wonderful voice, divine Alissa!

  35. TheViking 738

    Dear Alissa, I fell in love with your voice, your beautiful blue hair, Arch Enemy, not a day goes by without me listening! Thank you miss, thank you Arch Enemy! Long live Metal and long live the band with YOU!

  36. RuszoMalkuko

    3:59 Alissa staring at nothing just like in "@"

  37. Larry Schneider

    Just seen them in Las Vegas they are my favorite band

  38. Αντωνης Οικονομοπουλος

    The worst metal voice ever and ever... you have to be crazy or getting drugs to like this piece of shit....

  39. Jonathan Barnes

    Know, know your regrets
    there might be time to fix it

  40. Travis LowRider

    if the vocals werent all screamo, this would be perfect. but imo the screamo vocals dont really pair well with the majority of the uplifting epic guitar playing in the song.

  41. Aliyah Burnette

    I love Alisa’s outfit in the music video and her hair color too.

  42. гарри королев

    55.5 и 5.55 дорогие мои друзья.об alissa выражайтесь уважительно.она же старается.. для тех кто на бронепоезде отвечаю.нас много и нас не остановить.5.55 и 55.5.

  43. Jay Johnson


  44. Malevolence 067

    I miss Angela but damn I love Alissa 🤘😎🤘

  45. Marian Balog

    Pls lick ass

  46. Back to future

    okiee,all right,xdd

  47. Back to future

    Fucking Awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥,xdd

  48. Берендей Берендеев

    Ням ням ням ....... Роскошь!

  49. カバトット

    マイケル ノ ギター ト ギタープレイ カッコイイ!! ピース!!

  50. гарри королев

    двойная бабочка 55.великолепно.

  51. Daniel Huff

    FUCKIN beast

  52. Crystal Human

    Took too long to find this band, but glad we did!

  53. CJ Gordo

    Kralho, a música já começa no solo

  54. the gothic pirate

    1 of the best things i love abobut her singing is, yu can actually understand what she is saying, i love a good growl but i love to hear what they are saying too, and she can sing anything as well as headbang in tune, mmmmm who says that perfection is not real? ;) here is perfection in its PUREST form :D <3

  55. Jordana Redfern

    I’ve been wallowing in self pity lately for mistakes I’ve made and bad life choices. I’m nowhere where I thought I’d be at 30. Listening to Arch Enemy has helped me and now I feel I have the strength to move on. So thanks 🙂

    Rickard Engström

    There you have it, music at its best... acting as a source of inspiration. Stay strong

  56. Crippled Ninja 666

    3.6K people are sitting together at lunch (comment section) arguing about whether Angela or Alyssa is better and than there's me, the little emo kid just sitting here enjoying their Masterworks 😂😎😂

  57. TSM_ Dazariu

    Metal it's better than rap

  58. Invest Trade


  59. Thanadol Jarujinda

    Very Good.

  60. Hiram Yair Gallardo Carrera


  61. Marian Balog

    Whippe mé pls

  62. denis boyko


  63. It, The evil Clown.

    Arch Enemy is my Death Metal Queen!! Go Arch Enemy!!! <3


    Love the song, but is it death metal?

  64. Just Someguy

    Michael Amott should have suck with Carcass

  65. Just Someguy

    No regrats

  66. Dean Rossiter

    This is one of my favorite songs from Arch Enemy


    They performed today at Dynamo Metal Fest in Eindhoven The Netherlands and they were great!

    Dean Rossiter

    I would love to see Arch Enemy in concert

  67. Carol Moura

    Mds que música bonita

  68. Андрей Бирюков


  69. 666 666


  70. TSM_ Dazariu

    99% of ppl won't read dis

    You're in the 1%

  71. Klischee Metaller

    Ich liebe diese Armbewegungen bei 1:36

  72. ktehmok

    Pretty girls should never shave their hair.

  73. Ryan Bleichner

    This is great,I hear a strong Death Individual thought patterns influence and in loving it🤘

    Dan Horden

    Ryan Bleichner
    Nothing is everything

    Ryan Bleichner

    @Dan Horden and everything is nothing 🤘


    thats not influence thats stolen riff :d


    She is really understandable, is quite rare to find screams that clear

    Max Kliegl

    IKR!! But it seems when it comes to melodic death metal, most of the bands are easy to understand such as Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, Children Of Bodom, early In Flames and some later Heaven Shall Burn.

    Telos de Aries

    That's what I love, to understand what they are saying...even if english is not my native language, still is cool understand some words and make me an idea of what she is saying x)

  75. MrGer01

    The dark elf girl the most gratefull Singer in the world but the band is top hard.the guitars szóló só wonderfull.this track is unforgettible.Steve Condor from Hungary

  76. Kyle Polins

    Damn this is good

  77. daniel junior

    I love this girl

  78. daniel junior

    I love this girl

  79. evidian

    Whenever I listen to Death Metal so does half of Phoenix in rush hour traffic

  80. Xx-Shifu Sensei-xX

    where are french people ?

    Xx-Shifu Sensei-xX

    @Une Marinelandienne abonne toi a ma chaien et met la cloche stp ! merci

  81. Мой Алабай САО. Жизнь на даче.

    Alissa лучшая!!!

  82. mats sehlin

    Just love this sound of music

  83. Paul Matthew G.

    CRAP.,.She's hott,.She may as well get naked and fuck everyone,.because she can't sing.//Me first

  84. Mateus Souza

    Crlh muito boa é rock in roll na veia porra 🤘🤘


    I've read on this and Angela chose Alissa herself as replacement and is still behind Arch enemy as manager.. personnaly i dont want to disslike that singer , she is beautiful and can sings just as close to Angela. Music evolves and so should we i guess.. i was also part of those who didn't accept Angela's stepping down of the band but her reasons are legit she needed more time with her family and try other things, its natural and i totally understand that... now thoese who dont accept should just keep on listening to their old songs in my opinion.. i did for a while and now im listening to their new stuff.. OFC it will never be Angela's perfect vocals.. but when you like a band you gotta accept changes. its hard but we can all do this... just accept it and deal with it.. i hope this helps you all *Accept* peace .

  86. Leo Martinez

    Alissa tiene una voz Angelical y Ángela una voz más fuerte (voz normal) por eso es la diferencia pero Alissa es una maestra

  87. Rebel Panther

    Alissa is SO HOT in this video.

  88. Ali Po

    Какая же ты классная, и текст мега шикарен. Люблю Вас команда!

  89. Rikardo Rvszo

    If Alissa play guitar she will put all other female vocalists in a croc

  90. Maria Rosa Dias


  91. Maria Rosa Dias


  92. efraim elyon johnson

    Na boa, curtia mais ou menos metal, sempre curti rock, mas metal nem tanto, entretanto após conhecer o Arch enemy eu tenho curtido muito! toooooodos os dias, tooooooooooooodos! banda show demais

  93. Alex Martinez

    0:51 sounds like nothing Is everything by Death.

  94. Alessandra KovaVaz

    the most fantastic metal in the world

  95. I and I

    @alisamich is a transsexual man and passions include pedophilia and human child trafficking. I reported "her" to the authoroties in Vermont. If anyone else finds themselves or their newborn babies being threatened by this person then contact me and I'll add your info with mine. Vermont isn't in to the whole pedo thing so get at me and we'll get this man behind bars

  96. антон ильин


  97. Веста Россия Дальний Восток Хабаровск


  98. Miguel Angulo

    Excelente grupo son la pinche onda, desde ya soy su fan.