Arch Enemy - Never Forgive, Never Forget Lyrics

See the wolf in sheep's skin
Waiting in the shadows
Watching, learning...too bad I did not recognize
The dark undertow
Pulling you away
We've been infiltrated, in fact violated
Carefully orchestrated

Hate springs eternal
In this black heart of mine
Time heals nothing
I'll never forgive
Never forget

You swallowed the lies
In a search for inner peace
With open ears and eyes
Could you not feel
The dark undertow
Pulling you down
You've been infiltrated, in fact violated
Ultimately desecrated

When the dust has settled
I'll watch you drown, drown in your regret

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Arch Enemy Never Forgive, Never Forget Comments
  1. Gábor Garay

    I just had 666 orgasms

  2. masoud masoudi

    oh my fucking god☠️☠️☠️

  3. Jane Hall

    The only thing I enjoy about being alive is heavy metal

    Ravenous Carver

    I mean animals are pretty cool too. And tacos, how are tacos not worth living for?


    we play this at my bar kill the sheep and the pussy shadow's

  5. Phi Syiemiong

    Drummer his speed is like machine gun

  6. Phi Syiemiong


  7. Jean le rageux et sinon cc artur

    J adore arch enemy !!!!!!!! Grave. Je suis français i'am french

  8. Hossain Shariar

    Never forgive...🤘

    Hossain Shariar

    Never ever. RJM

    Hossain Shariar

    Never ever forgive #BUSTARD & #rapist sultan Ahmed & others.

    Hossain Shariar


  9. Raiana Oliveira


  10. Metal Boi

    Goosebumps at 0:41

  11. Loot Kavmi official


  12. Vitor Zumkeller

    "2:15~2:22~2:25" e "2:29~2:35" That drummer killed my brain!!!WTF!!!

    Metty Amon Amarth - First Kill Drum cam! ;)

    Juan sexy cute

    have u heard of gravity blasts, there good techquieq, maybe it will kill ur brain too.

  13. Fapovac


  14. Sign of the Cross

    0:50 Children Of Bodom - In Your Face?

  15. Samuel Souza

    Fuck You!!!!!!!!!

  16. marissa-kyle stein murphy

    game today if I can make it there, being there must be at the start of the game, to here an annopuncement possibly leaving with murphs clearance totravel talking about all possible opportunities according to his policy last person clear to travel his age. no one else has clearance, I am the last to qualify here my age to travel I have to leave asap because I have deadlines I need to meet wheather I am president  or not


    Warned you!!! 👿👽👸👩‍🎤🙋‍♀️🤷‍♀️



  19. Dragons& Squids Reborn

    I guess this is my new favorite song and band :)

  20. Javier Espinosa

    What a beggining

  21. juschu67

    it is not dark it is justice who will pull you down Gangstalkers FUCK OFF

  22. juschu67


  23. km alternative

    So underrated

  24. Umut Gürdal

    Hate spreads internal ?

  25. juschu67

    Fuck Off Gangstalkers

  26. juschu67

    Fuck Off Gangstalker i will nsngi FUCK OFG

  27. FNC Danium

    the lyrics but the song

  28. juschu67

    Khun Phinaak

  29. juschu67

    without justice you can not achieve peace nsngi and Fuck Off

  30. Martijn de Groot

    Those drums are unbelievable

  31. Yahya TV

    one of my favorite songs published on my birthday !! how lucky i am !! ♥

  32. juschu67

    dedicated to the Hure Helvetia

  33. James Metal-lover

    This is the only one true death metal song in Arch Enemy history and the only on good!!!

    Cristian Bustamante

    The only??? Jajajajaajaja the past of this band was alucinant

  34. juschu67

    only criminals do not respect the law!!!!

  35. Anthony xxw


  36. Metallicafan Nirvanafan

    This drummer is a true master of his craft

    Chaotisch Durchgedreht

    Daniel Erlandson

    Fizzy Fran

    Yes, my idol is the best in the world.


    But what you hear on the track is a drum machine, trust me.

  37. juschu67

    101 can you see the mirror right in front of your face? I do not think so you are able to see anything.Blindfolded by Self Entitlement.

  38. Samantha 78


  39. The Canadian Guy

    Feed the world with chicken!!!!

  40. Wolf man Grim reaper

    Someone said that they had serious headbanging session

  41. Wolf man Grim reaper

    I am a punk rock metal head


    This is Melodic Death Metal

    Veljko Cvetkovic

    Than I'll have to disappoint you, you're not a metalhead... you're either punk or rocker or whatsoever ...

  42. Wolf man Grim reaper

    I may be punk but I am really into metal

  43. TundraL5Z

    I just had an intense headbanging session..

  44. napalmwxcv

    ... looks like halo of blood ( children of bodom )


    napalmwxcv Nah, There's no snow or grim reaper with a scythe

  45. Andrew


  46. Réka Suicidæ

    F..king best!! ❤❤

  47. Marcos Braga


  48. Evandog0914AJ


  49. ryan imhof

    arab spring anyone?

    Adam Splittah

    Irish Spring?



  51. Charros de Mexico

    fuckk yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh

    Samantha 78

    Johnny thy wolf lord fuck yaaaa x2

  52. jason stanford terrier

    head banding in processssssss...........................................................



  53. Alan Cub'z

    Alissa <3

  54. Edwin Suarez


  55. shoubshoub tomtom

    tres bon death metal

    Arian van Tilburg

    shoubshoub tomtom oui oui baguette

    The Canadian Guy

    sti danglais a marde

  56. Mary Ruiz


  57. NutritiveSoul

    This is my favourite

  58. poopboob

    Dat riff...

    laber mich nicht zu

    funny how you ignored the fast ass riff at 0:04

    Not Anyone important

    its so fun to play

  59. Popescu Maximilian

    i think 10/10 on a badass level ... i mean she is a girl ... that is 10/10 ... LOVE ARCH ENEMY !!!!


    also, she looks like a bad ass porn star from the year 2808


    +Andrew Ryan Wow she kinda does damn

    Geum Lazar

    @Andrew so a corpse? jk

    Pedro, o Helvécio

    Gado D++++++++++ kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk