Arch Enemy - Enemy Within Lyrics

Dark thoughts rise up
Deep in your mind
The killing of hope
The end has begun

The locked psycho-door breaks down
The beast breathes freedom and fire
Blows bloody thoughts into your mind
Demons whisper: "COMMIT SUICIDE!"

Weak is your body,
Helpless your soul,
The beast destroyed your will
Left nothing but an empty shell

Self-destruction leads its way
Your weapons turn against yourself
Cutting through, killing you
A downward spiral, the shadowbeast has won

The shadowbeast calls
A vulture of life
Your worst enemy dwells
From within

[1st Lead - Christopher]
[2nd Lead - Michael]

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Arch Enemy Enemy Within Comments
  1. Hendrik Dwi Purnomo

    Angela 🤘

  2. Hawkeye Mods

    I remember when Yahoo had user chat rooms and there was one for drummers and daniel used to come there all the time and play his kit. way before he ever joined arch enemy. Knew right then and there that kid was gonna go places.

  3. Rafa Fernandes

    Angela the Best

  4. mohammad ghanem

    Great intro

  5. Arno Gurny

    Rumor has it that the guitars are still on fire

  6. Hugo Desrosiers-Plaisance

    Angela's vocal performance is just, like... shit... I mean like... you know what I mean... 😶

  7. Amendatu

    Angela kick ass in this song!!!

  8. Favio Robinson

    Cool song angela beast girl metal voice.

  9. João Castaldi

    A music about depression

  10. Carl Mallany

    2019 still going strong

  11. Noel Sylvester

    This is the real shit man! I rate this 10000000\10000000

  12. Cole Hatch

    I remember going to see them live in Seattle when this album came out and they opened with this song. Good times

  13. Bayagameplays


  14. Gabriel Côté

    A hot metal chick singer whose name starts and ends with the letter A. Got replaced by a hot metal chick singer whose name starts and ends with the letter A. Illuminati confirmed

  15. Arcrombie

    Sword training with this song isn't reccomended, but it is fun.

  16. Nicolas Martin Arias


  17. Lucas Genari

    that intro.. how can we forget?

  18. Valcurrien

    2h fury in vanilla deezam!

  19. clotm4a1

    2018 still kickin' !!

  20. SerialKiller X

    I wonder how many people didn't realize this is a chick

    Gary Host

    Let them think that SHES MINE

    Jonas Ohlsson

    SerialKiller X I remember when the preview clips came out for this album, nobody guessed that it was a chick.

    Ger Pic

    @Gary Host look up paul doyle and see to whom she belongs ;)

  21. Routasielu Suornoms

    my heavy childhood (:

  22. Umbbra

    Per Wiberg rockin that keyboard intro.

  23. Young BZ

    My favourite of Arch Enemy.

  24. cmm98

    First time listening to this in 15 years

  25. Guitar Heaven

    First I didn't like the song so much, cool intro yes, but the rest... But after a few times listening I've liked it more and more and now it's one of my favoutites

  26. StringTheory

    The beat at the beginning is super fun to play on the drums.

  27. Josh Church

    this whole song is just great love em

  28. AMAZING Panos

    eisai ellinas

  29. Neurotripsicks

    Angela is still their manager. She actually picked Alissa to replace her.

    Jason Qualls

    Fr!?! 🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Domes Lee

    I love Alissa but arch enemy doesn't sound the same without Angela

    Cattle Herder

    @Domes Lee I agree 100%. Nothing wrong with Alissa but shes just not Angela :)

  30. Adam Splittah

    Beautifully catastrophic. Heard this song in 9th grade and saw them play it live in Ventura opening for Slayer...shit was inexplicable

  31. quangtran527

    Anyone got the instrumental version of this?


    *PM me* whoever has this also please. I promise to pay it forward.

  32. Vanessa Lemus

    I fuckin can never get enough of this! Arch Enemy isn't the same without Angela. Love this song, its fuckin sick!!

  33. Alejandro Hernandez

    Does anybody else love the guitar intro but hate the rest of the song?

    Nazgul 66-sic

    Alejandro Hernandez Fuck no! It is the GREATEST intro for a song, ever! But the whole song, and album, is SUPURB! And just all around fantastic! How can you like the intro, but dislike the song? The intro riff repeats throughout anyway. What is wrong with you?

    Nate Gin

    The intro is piano...

  34. Lolencio Martinez

    their best album (for me)
    i miss angela

    Nazgul 66-sic

    Lolencio Martinez Easily the best album this band has made! No doubt!


    @Nazgul 66-sic not easily, theres still doomsday machine which i would rank among their top 2-3

    thor 707

    team alissa lol #ALISSA

  35. Caio Settervall

    saudades da angela cara

  36. develt2012


  37. Marko Syrenius

    Best song in the album :)

    Leandro Souza


    Michele Grassi

    i totally agree, apart from the covers...i don t like so much aces high,i prefer the original,but man, starbreaker is amazing !!!

  38. Lartificier1058

    One of the best

  39. Nelson Cardoso

    That's just craziness.What a shame of these poor people that listen songs like that and don't really know what it means band of innocent.

    Nazgul 66-sic

    Nelson Cardoso What?

  40. Estrella Martinez

    ♡♡still listening in 2016

    Leandro Souza

    still forevis

    Dominik Gates

    still listening in 2018 :D

    Paul Ortner

    Still listening in 2019

  41. jooka24

    how to ruin an amazing riff with the rest of a song

    Nazgul 66-sic

    jooka24 What are you talking about? The intro riff repeats through the song. How can you say that?


    the song is better than I remember it when I was younger

    Nazgul 66-sic

    jooka24 Yea, see? It's good. The WHOLE package is just fantastically amazing!

    Harris Khan

    he is right . intro was good rest is all fucked up .

  42. Septic Art

    this is actually my first time listening to Death Metal.
    It's so beautiful


    Melodic death metal!

  43. Desolatiion

    Is the intro from parasite eve ?

    Austin Schlatter

    good thinking, but it is not


    I love you for thinking that, damn right

  44. Bor Reklaw

    my government is my arch enemy

  45. Harlow

    I listened to this song in high school. It still gives me goosebumps after all of these years. One of my favorites!

    Prairie ghillie

    I seen them live for this album so dope had a beer with the band after wicked people evem better music

    Infamous Evil

    8th grade middle school. Still love arch enemy. Yeah i'm 2 years late :D

    Adamant NRaven

    Dat man ! FCKIN DAT !!


    ifyouwantbochin um what Arch Enemy songs are remotely pop? They’ve not even got any rock songs, never mind pop. All of their songs (excluding intros and instrumentals) are all pure fucking metal. The closest they have to pop is Reason to Believe I guess (which was released after you made your comment) and it’s still metal because it’s Arch Enemy.

    Infamous Evil

    @camalam R you're a horrible mother- your mom

  46. 传奇Kourcul

    Best song from the Gossow era

  47. AL ROY

    Listen to the whole album while playing COD

    Harris Khan

    AL ROY cod is shit except black ops . play msg phantom pain u dumb duck

    Tarun Gopalakrishnan

    My gawd so many gamer elitists.

  48. The Philosopher

    kickass intro !!


    It's Per Wiberg - ex-Opeth member :)

  49. Bruno Flores

    This song blows any head, is so fucking powerful...

  50. Tetrianis

    I can relate to these lyrics when I feel heartbreak...


    my fav song,

  52. Mark Metelko

    I love this crazy death metal intro is fucking awesome !!!!

    Furkan Alphan

    the heaviest intro i have ever seen

    Nazgul 66-sic

    Mark Metelko Yes, it's great. But most definitely NOT a death metal riff. This is melodic death metal. Two very different sub genres.

    XCiccio Box

    @Furkan Alphan
    Heaviest intro?

    Man Google dechristianize by vital remains

  53. raul camargo garces

    el mejor disco

  54. pesoff

    Fucking killer intro!

    Michele Grassi

    eargasm :)

  55. Marta Köksal

    Fucking amazing

  56. MusicalBoarder

    the fact that a song by kasha has 78 million views and this has less then 50,ooo really really really pisses me off

    Nazgul 66-sic

    Us metal heads always say stuff like this. But in all reality, that's part of what makes metal so special to us.

    camalam R


    camalam R

    you over react

    Homer Simpson

    It's o.k man, the majority of entertainment is for stupid people. :-)

    Jacob Kazinsky

    MusicalBoarder u should refrain from Kesha vids

  57. Angeryku Gauthier

    <3 So Beauuuutifuulll !!!!!!

  58. Shape Shifter

    She's not a dude

  59. Saif Alnajjar


  60. Joel Blom

    HAha silly youngsters. Thare be one fine lass growling in this band.

  61. Paul van der Kolf

    I know she sounds like a demon doesn't she :D!!

  62. PikaPunk

    very good!!!! viva arch enemy

  63. Andrea Hernandez

    My neck hurts from the head banging! :c
    \M/ fuqin worth jamiimhg

  64. Billy

    arch enemy is the quintessential melodic death metal band. their new stuff aint quite as brutal, but they got one of the best drummers, two of the best metal shredding guitarists and the most charismatic frontwoman in the entire world. Props to the band, seriously.

  65. gabm999

    AE needs to sound like this again...

  66. alex ferus

    i love the instumentals!guitars are awesome and drums and singgen. all of its awesome!\m/

  67. alex ferus

    i agrre!\m/

  68. alex ferus

    the singing makes it awesome it takes skill! and its a she!

  69. Carolina Augustyniak

    Idiot. The screamer/lead singer is a woman . Do your research.

  70. Danica Prevost

    rad song bitches

  71. SCBbestof

    Grow some ballz up!

  72. Dickswill Toboggan

    Bwahahaha, he. It's funny because the lead singer is female.

  73. snakev10v5

    * dudeet XD

  74. Visionsk8b0ards

    @philmae123 just practise it's not hard to growl. u must lower ur voice and scream like hell with time you learn it :)

  75. MaelSechlinn

    This is the opening track to one of the most awesome aural assaults ever conducted musically ever. Amazing work on this entire album, my favorite album by one of my favorite bands of all time.

  76. 13BadassMetal

    This whole album rules

  77. Huntra 94

    from 0:00 to 0:44 it sound's like it would of been in parasite eve 1.

  78. ApplianceOperator

    One of my favorite songs. Arch Enemy is an incredible band. Thanks.