Arch Enemy - Burning Angel Lyrics

Dark shadows from above
Ravens fly, obliterate the sun
"It's a sign of the devil.
He will come for his servant tonight"
These are dark times
Suspicious minds breed like rats
Guardians of corrupt morality
Spread their filthy lies

Am I to burn
I have not sinned!
Burnt at the stake.
Innocent blood that can never be washed clean

The flames of ignorance
Grow higher and higher
Licking my flesh - burning my soul
The raven laughing in the moon

These are dark times
Suspicious minds breed like rats.
Guardians of corrupt morality
Spread their filthy lies again...

[1st Lead - Michael]
[2nd Lead - Christopher]

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Arch Enemy Burning Angel Comments
  1. a lot of bad decisions

    Only the first two bars resemble Hangar 18. They just used the same chords, big deal.

  2. Rad Fat Daddy


  3. Troy Dyrdal

    Sounds like the old power rangers song. Great song though.

  4. 箸鶴油脂


  5. Bull's Strength

    02:41 I love everything about this solo. Very underrated song.

  6. Lord Maur Alligator


  7. Oğuzhan Örnek

    Eskiden calardim oyku ozdemir bayilirdi

  8. thekeefer690

    THis is the best cover of Hanger 18 Ive ever heard

  9. manolo hernandez

    2019 🤘

  10. TeamAtFort

    Hmmmm intro riff sounds like I’ve heard it before XD

  11. Thomas

    0:31 sounds like Megadeth's she-wolf. "Her mystic lips tell only lies"


    The most underrated song Arch Enemy,
    I think this solo must be сult

  13. gamerdude katana

    Hangar 18 is one of my favourite songs of all time,you the cool trade solo between dave and Marty...oops wrong song

  14. Ulaş Utku


  15. B0gdaN

    Chris’ solo is amazing, so dark and melodic

  16. Anoshey \m/

    Rip off lmaoooo.

  17. Ariel Catacutan

    2018? 🤘🏽


    this song must be called Hangar Angel

    Swota Thanatos

    INFERNAL DEATH Or angel 18 😂😂

  19. Kyle Hinish

    Honestly a lot of songs have this chord progression.

  20. 5680 1389

    I couldn't remember the name of this song so i typed "Arch Enemy hangar 18"

  21. Sushovan Shakya

    Hangar 18?

  22. Combat Infantryman

    I love Megadeth..... But sorry you boot licking Dave fans I only hear Arch Enemy.

  23. Wally Bazoom

    Hanger 18 my ass..

  24. Helen Jang

    this band really electrifies your genitals

  25. Rory Gibson

    "Am I to burn??

  26. Axlphish M

    The one from the dead eyes ep (which is live) sounds sooooo much better

  27. Brodos Roselo

    Hangar 18

  28. khulehumu duulrñd shcwqd

    que solo es mejor: In this shalow grave ó Burning Angel

  29. InsaneLP

    Meine Fresse, und ich dachte Alissa ist gut... aber DAS 😍😍😍

    Hot chocolade popcorn

    InsaneLP Da kannst du mal sehen. Besonders geil ist ihr Gesang aber auch auf Khaos Legions von 2011. Das ist mit mein Lieblingsalbum. Kann ich dir nur empfehlen.🤘


    Hot chocolade popcorn Die Firma dankt, wird gleich runtergeladen und wenn die echt so gut is, wie du sagst, wandert die Vinyl zwangsloifig in die Plattensammlung 🤘💪

    Hot chocolade popcorn

    InsaneLP Sehr gute Sache. Das ist ja das letzte Mit Angela Gossow als Sängerin. Besonders die singenden Solos sind sehr einprägsam und fließen so schön geschmeidig dahin.

    Na das will ich doch hoffen🤘😏👍🔥


    Hot chocolade popcorn Schicke Sache 🤘 finds nur irgendwie blöd, dass ich erst so spät auf AE aufmerksam geworden bin 😑 Egal, Matapaloz ich komme und dann lass ich mich eben von Alissa anbrüllen ^^ Die kann auch was aber Angela... meine Fresse, ich hab mich in die Stimme verliebt wie auch in die von Alissa 😍 wobei mir die dazugehörigen Weibsbilder relativ schnuppe sind und alle mich für frigide halten aber das einzige, was ich bei den beiden *geil* finde, sind ihre Stimmen 😅😅😅

  30. Isaac Spradling

    Hurr durr, has anyone remarked that the opening riff sounds vaguely like Hangar 18? If not, let me post an original comment saying so.

    ryan owen

    Water is wet woop-de-doo!

  31. zniesmaczony

    Welcome to a fortress tall, it'll take some time to rip that riff.

  32. D M

    Main riff copies Hanger 18...and the intro solo and solo between verses copies parts of the solo from Metallica's Sanatarium solo

  33. Ulaş Utku

    I miss 2011.

  34. King 4_$$hole

    Am I the only one who doesn't know what the fuck hangar 18 is, and is only here because I like Arch Enemy?


    King 4_$$hole same here, m8 🤘

  35. DasIllu

    Apex Meta l!

  36. Rici Kapp

    And the cover is slayer

  37. Minneapolis Trap Authority


  38. Jack Kress

    Hangar 18

  39. Vincent Pinard

    That solo tho... Fuckin amazing

  40. Morphogenesis13

    this song sucks, the world is yours is the best (:


    new arch enemy to me sounds unbearably cheesy and happy. This at least has some authenticity in it.

  41. Manda Adams


  42. David Johnston

    Iron Maiden 2.0

  43. Draiver c:

    What kind if Hangar 18 is this? lmL

    Sushovan Shakya

    Played by a Swedish ginger and sang by a German blonde.


    The recent live versions of Hangar 18

  44. AndrewMorrow

    Megadeth riffs are everywhere in Arch Enemy.. There's another with bits and pieces of the Tornado of souls Solos.. Can't remember which song though.. Anyone??

  45. Clorox Bleach

    Hangar 18 anyone??? It's still good though.

    The Ghoul

    Clorox Bleach hanger 666

  46. Abyss

    That riff could be great for a black metal song

  47. Alex Harris

    where does he say suck my fuck?

  48. Pubtomfoolery

    Yep, I was brought here because of "Most ripped off metal music"... can't believe I didn't see it sooner! I love both tracks. Suprised Mustaine hasn't sued lol


    Pubtomfoolery thats retarded. Dave mustaine sue somebody for taking a bit of ibspurstion from his work? Maybe you're that kind of rat, but not my man mustaine

  49. Tristan Howard

    Atheists aren't going to do wrong. It is the religious that do that. We need a leader to lead us into an unholy war to destroy them before they destroy the whole purpose of humanity which is to pass on superior genes.


    allahu akbar

    ravelord Nito


  50. Death Metal And Beyond

    Hanger 18

  51. RomanAtwoodVlogs c

    wow this song really sucks

  52. RomanAtwoodVlogs c

    hangar 18 i know too much

  53. drew rosecrans

    killer song insane riffs,  fave song!! come back angela!!

  54. TelePhotoLens

    Holy fuck those guitars :O

  55. Георгий

    Соло как будто в Ералаше слышал


    Георгий какой выпуск

  56. WFCsports

    Welcome to our fortress tall...

  57. Xeper Official

    What does Amott uses for his solos ? I mean the effects?


    probably pedals but which pedals




    george19912345678 delay not reverb.

  58. Donald O'Brien

    FSM approved.

  59. Tush Leon

    Hangar 18?


    Dont you sass me boy! Its Hanger 19.5 FYI.

    Kenny B

    I know right

    Luke Green

    blatently lol

    ᴠ҉ᴀ҉ɴ҉ᴇ҉ɢ҉ʀ҉ᴏ҉ᴄ҉ʜ҉ ᴠ҉ᴇ҉ɴ҉ᴏ҉ᴍ҉ Δ

    Death Hangar 666

    Andy Howard

    You know too much already

  60. Abnormaalwitte

    sounds like tha damn power rangers got an uberremix :D

  61. Dynamo Joe

    When this album was released and I heard this song, it prompted me to get the logo on the cover, tattoo'd on my chest.
    After a flurry of emails back and forth with Angela about my tat, she confirmed to make a page on their new site for "fan's tats" and then mentioned AE was coming to Milwaukee Metalfest 2002.
    My chest tattoo was the very first one Arch Enemy put on their website.
    I have a picture of Angela getting me in a headlock, pointing to my tattoo. haha....metalfest, good times. Jack Koshick sucks, he ruined that great fest.

  62. Daniel San

    The best song recorded by Arch Enemy in the 21st century, side by side with Shadows and Dust, in my opinion. Absolutely fantastic, spectacular, extraordinary!!! One of my favorite Melodic Death Metal songs of all time!

    Daniel San

    @***** Enemy Within is absolutely extraordinary, too!!! By the way, I think Enemy Within is the second best opening track in all Arch Enemy career, losing only to Beast of Man, from the album Stigmata.

    chekunzy sin

    +Daniel San End Of the Line is better for me :!

  63. Tom van Sas

    Remember, Dave Mustaine was one of Michael's influences.

  64. nomadnick726

    Anyone else think this song shoulda been in rocksmith??


    I honestly don't know what that is
    I think this song should be everywhere!


    Rocksmith is a learning experience video game for beginners to advance guitar players n ifs hella fun n great to play n learn songs from various musicians. Think of it like rockband or guitar hero but u actually use ur own guitar instead of a small plastic toy

  65. Mark Kowski71

    Best Arch Enemy song ever

    Erica Cortina

    Ever heard of Hangar 18 and Don't call MEGADETH A RIPOFF THEY RIPPED IT OF

    The Ghoul

    Mark Kowski71 hanger 666

    Sushovan Shakya

    You mean Megadeth


    O povo chato do caralho

    Alex V

    @Erica Cortina Ok but its still an awesome song so idc who ripped off who

  66. Emi Fleitas

    listen "a visit from the dead" by king diamond. that is a SOLO!!!!!

  67. Alexis Coca

    This solo is amazing !!!!!!

  68. sophia verbree

    I love this song

  69. Yuri Pinheiro

    Remember Hangar 18...

    Loquendo BK

    -eres un-


    This is him now feel old yet?

    Rempseä Heinämies

    Kuhtalainen kopio tossaja.



  71. Skyn Musstash

    i thought this was a cover of Hangar 18 at first


    @Skyn Musstash reminds me more of she wolf to be honest.

    Danny Le Chu

    +Kaelpie The chorus of She Wolf was played in C and Arch Enemy is tuned to C Standard that's probably why.


    The entire melody is familiar not just the tuning

    Danny Le Chu

    @Kaelpie Same scale also 

  72. Devilfish6666

    Still one of the best, if not THE best AE song of all time

  73. H. Zuiderveen

    i like this music. Gaaf man!

  74. yves jacquot

    in métal we trust!!

    Louis Castelyn

    Hell fucking yeah! Horns up!

    sophia verbree

    @yves jacquot indeed

    Antti Palosaari

    In metal we rust.

    yves jacquot

    @Antti Palosaari yes\mm/


    I'm going to posted to the community right now.

  75. Jelmer van der Zaag

    Nice solo!

  76. Jacob Nates

    Tried finding this song and a porn site came up. What in the world.

    The Dark Archer

    and this song is like a burning orgy 


    the internet has failed you

    Red-Light Muzak

    @Jacob Nates same thing happened to me...i'm glad i found the site to be honest

    Jacob Kilman

    cause there's a porn star named burning angel

  77. Sir Owl

    like to 666 !!!!

    Sir Owl

    @Isaac Newton Hail Isaac Newton !!!

  78. David Haag

    you guys all suck. where are your videos? And for the dipshit bellow, learn how to spell before you criticize anyone

  79. Alexander -AlterEgo-

    tryuing to find the old stuff their new stuff id shit

    you see my bost arch youre shit

  80. vomitedshit

    a song from metallica

  81. Ryan Kearney

    Congrats. You have made it to a great song by Arch Enemy! It includes one of my favorite solos ever. :D
    However, I swear to the man in the sky that if you comment on the beginning sounding similar to anything, anything at all, your anus will suddenly turn inside out. :|

  82. Mark Davies

    Hangar 18 ?

  83. vomitedshit

    dave mustaine is currently meeting with attorneys concerning this very song!!

  84. WashingtonMonster86

    Ok yeah it resembles hangar 18, big fucking deal. Both songs are great and beyond the 10 second mark completely different. Suck it!

    Matthew Brown

    WashingtonMonster86 only the first riff is like Hanger. I am a huge Megadeth fan... and I never cared when I heard this. If anything it made me happy, as this was the time in which metal was finally turning around and becoming musically cool again as opposed to it being dominated by people with rapper personas. Only the best.

    Alex V

    @Matthew Brown Exactly.. Why get mad about awesome metal.. Were a rare breed as it is... Rare breed with the best taste

  85. claudiopeth

    Temazo q una vez fue mi ringtone en mi celu xD

  86. ronnie sityar

    Nice and loud ;)

  87. ronnie sityar

    Nice and loud ;)

  88. Grubscrew

    The only reason I actually came to this video just now was to check the comments and make sure I wasn't the only one. XD

  89. MrLupazi

    i liked your commend, though i cant see the answerd commend ;)

  90. MetalMaiden1994

    Alright dude, calm down, don't get all sassy just because your wearing a little eyeliner.

  91. CyruzMol

    burning hangar.

  92. suzukinmasa


  93. Axel Redsteel

    The opening is inspired by Hangar 18, however, it has it's own touch, I LOVE IT!

  94. 89Wrathchild

    The opening sequence reminds me of Hangar 18 by Megadeth. Coincidentally, it was the last song I listened to, so it was fresh in my mind.

  95. Amara Mason

    Great song :)

  96. Trylant

    Excuse me but down the line somewhere...all riffs were inspired by something. Even the shit YOU have made isn't completely original. So by default this statement isn't fair!