Arcane Roots - Off The Floor (Fade) Lyrics

A simple turn of phrase
A million mouths, a million ways
All I need is a space upon your floor
A sentiment of change
But all that's shifting is the blame
It falls a little closer to your door

I can't explain the fade
What can I say to stay?

No more waiting on the aptitude of your
ever-fading, ever asking of you more, more

I can't explain the fade
What can I say to stay?

I've been watching as the tide rolls in
To where you read between the lines for me
I think I will lay here 'til the lights turn green
I've been waiting for a sign

Again, again, again, again
Again, again, again, again
I've been watching as the tide rolls in
(Again, again, again, again)
All your worries are now hiding in sleep
(Again, again, again, again)
I've been waiting on your sign
(Again, again, again, again)
Again, again, again...

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Arcane Roots Off The Floor (Fade) Comments
  1. Matts Norfolk Steam Channel

    A band that should be way bigger than they are. Everyone Iv ever show them, love them.

  2. Sagnik Paul

    Grand Tour brought me here...

  3. Sohaib Arshad

    *The Grand Tour Brought Me Here*


    I thought it sounded familiar :O

  4. B. Stanley

    I listen to Melancholia Hymns regularly. It’s honestly one of my favorite albums. Really bums me out that they broke up 😞

  5. Codie Smith

    they had a nice yoga session

  6. Celeste Ochoa

    Sigo amando está canción como la primera vez que la escuché.

  7. Phil Mills

    Random discovery in Spotify, now I can't stop listening to this absolutely amazing song. Awesome stuff! More please!

  8. Jarek

    What with sound in this video? FAIL

  9. thegaleforcerob

    RIP THIS FUCKING BAND. CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED. Pretty much owed a Trees headline slot.

  10. gman

    pure amazingness!!!

  11. Gauvain Gaggini

    One of the best song on Earth ! Thanks for your venue in Download Paris 2018 <3

  12. Ceno Limit

    I love this song, but the part at 0:50, 1:34 and so on, always reminds me of Enter Shikaris 'Torn Apart'

    Nick Jones

    To be fair, I dont think Enter Shikari have exclusive rights to 4 beats of A# and four beats of A.

    Its not as bad as Habibti vs The only exception by paramore though. I was genuinely surpriesed by that one.


    Omg, I thought the exact same thing!
    They're both great melodies

  13. Joel Hills

    Legends !😦 why aren't you as famous as bullet or any big band because you are all three so amazing and together just wow !

  14. Данил Камчатский

    Потрясающая группа

  15. Alen Asan

    Such a great band! I hope that one day you will come in italy

  16. RedMarcMusic

    Arcane Socks, Pijame Roots

  17. Isaac Santiago


  18. Carrie Mondello

    there should b 9 milli views wtf world get with it

  19. Panos K.

    It reminds me Karnivool. Perfect!

    Jasper de Jong

    Panos K. Had the same thought. Same atmosphere!

    Joseph Ellis

    Someone mentioning Karnivool. Nice.

  20. InverT'd ~

    Damn dude

  21. Warnerchild

    no idea how this isn't the new biffy muse radiohead views wise

  22. Александр Михайлов

    wtf it's just three of them and they sound HUGE

  23. That Oreo

    Who else is here from Toska?

  24. Hans Hansen

    This is amazing!

  25. Andrei Deaconu

    Absolutely amazing. 1:05 reminds me of Leprous

  26. matNrockNroll

    WHY THE F*** IN MONO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Olly Jelley

    This one is my bad Mat, software malfunction when we exported it shifted the audio channels into a funny place and it didn't manifest itself into Mono until it was online! If you check the VEVO website, there is a Stereo version up, but impossible to switch out once the error had been made, sorry! X

  27. Arzakar

    It's Perfect!

  28. GinGer Liam

    New album is so great!

  29. Alan Alonso


  30. Gihan

    Absolutely love this!

  31. Владислав Ванюшин

    thanks for this!

  32. Joy Flower

    I love this song so much! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍻

  33. Derk Ender

    these guys are hugely underated

  34. James Houldsworth

    Dudey rhino

  35. Nick Renwick

    Can't get enough of this song. Love Love Love it.

  36. Ryan Noonan

    dead letter circus vibes with their own zest... good shit fellas

  37. Ginger Ella

    A visual feast! Well done! Can you do it again?

  38. SaraCumberdale

    When is the new album coming out??? 🖤😭

  39. oldeagle99

    A simple turn of phrase
    A million miles, a million days
    All I need's a space upon your floor

    Sing out for change
    And feed all the news to the poor
    We fall down the same
    But when you're done, pick me up off the floor
    When you're done, pick me up off the floor

    I hear them turning the lock and thread
    And creeping in to your home
    Just to tell you where to stand

    Sing out for change
    And feed all the news to the poor
    We fall down the same
    When you're done, pick me up off the floor
    And when you're done, pick me up off the floor
    When you're done, pick me up off the floor

    So can you feel it? We're moving it all for the end
    We are revolting, we are revolting
    And all the little pieces falling they kill me before I caught you

    Sing out for change
    And feed all the news to the poor
    We fall down the same
    When you're done, pick me up off the
    Sing out for change
    And feed all the news to the poor
    We fall down the same
    When you're done, pick me up off the floor
    And when you're done, pick me up off the floor
    When you're done, pick me up off the floor
    When you're done, pick me up off the floor


    "And all the little pieces falling they kill me before I caught you"... You sure that's correct? I thought it was "And all the little pieces falling they're counting the price of your head"

  40. oldeagle99

    What a great song!
    Just beautiful

  41. Margarita María Herrera

    me encAnta

  42. Thelema

    This band is so good.

  43. Kaiokenx10

    These cunts man. They capture that mood you don't want to express but live within.

  44. Fabrizio Pan

    Why is it Mono??

  45. Daniel González

    This new album can't come soon enough.

  46. MaxBitx

    This is just such an fucking awesome song, unfortunately it sounds a bit crappy on Youtube. On Spotify it sounds like from another world!

  47. Karol Salgado

    beautifully made

  48. daveyBPM

    Ran across a workshop to shazam this one, all i can say is that it's amazing!

  49. Ramon Moya

    one of the most underrated bands of the universe

  50. Coffee Sploosh

    Please tour in America soon! I don't care if it's one show in Alaska. I'll make the time to go!!

  51. shugo541

    You guys were great at Truck. The only band I really wanted to see

  52. Harryson Why

    2:03 the floor is bad music

  53. Ale Camps

    step 1. Play song
    step 2. Listen

    Repeat this 50 times a day

  54. Gonzalo Feressetian

    Insane. Would love to see you in South America one day

  55. Sir Ramone

    Everytime I hear a new song from this band it gets better and better !

  56. PiPiKaN

    La puta hostia en vinagre este tema !!!!!!! se saleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

  57. Legacy

    In the video it sounds like the drummer should have a bit more than a hi-hat, kick, and snare lol. I understand that it moves up and down, but there's so many more cymbals to it than that. I like the music regardless.

  58. chrismathewsjr

    why is it in mono

  59. ElenaElishPadovese

    soon the tablature , please :)

  60. Ilan Benitah

    Why not a stereo version? You're too oldschool for that?

  61. Sergey Kubrak

    Why mono? :(

  62. Jessy Vy

    i made a cover of this song feel free to watch lol

    Francisco Gallardo

    i couldn't find it on your channel

  63. Marco Tilburg

    sorry..i,m late )

  64. Luis Faraudo

    This band deserves way more attention.

    Rejected Gamer Sam (personal account)

    I believe the time will come. They are getting it slowly, will all build up.

    Ian Marshall

    Luis Faraudo agreed!


    Sadly they disbanded last year :(

    Luis Faraudo

    @SaidoKun Yeah, sad turn of events :(

  65. Cydonian Vlogger

    you're INSANE

    Mishell Avila

    Cydonian Vlogger Tienes un gusto espectacular!! Me encantan tus videos. ♡


    Ey,he venido a esta canción porque la recomendaste en uno de tus vídeos y en serio,es BRUTAL,gracias por traerme a esta obra de arte.

    Jay Rodriguez

    oficialmente eres en mi opinion la youtuber con mejores gustos musicales que he conocido


    Eh visto uno de tus vídeos gracias por traerme a esta obra de Arte

  66. ChrisR_art student R.

    i love this band, WOW what a song !!
    ive actually, literally loved every new song & l'm very, very hungry for their album, it's going to be epic !!!
    the video is awesome & it said his wife did it , she is an amazing photography/ video making 😊 xxxx

  67. Baptiste Brundo

    Absolutely amazing song, the album can't come faster.

  68. Losvaize

    How can I like this twice?

  69. Protectorl2

    Nice! Hello from Russia! =)

  70. Mister Bwoooar

    Layers upon layers. Amazing. So many hidden chicanes and musical easter eggs secreted in its bosom. What a song. Wow.

    Luckythirteen 13

    Mister Bwoooar like?

  71. MR Pablog31

    españoles? <3

  72. nigga hohol


  73. テケテケ坊主


  74. Ilia Kichaev

    hi-hat it's crash

  75. Артем Соломонов


  76. Andrewcore

    Amazing song!!!❤❤❤

  77. Carlos Beracierto

    Los amo. Esto es amor sincero.

    Carlos Beracierto

    jajajaja yo soy venezolano, pero vivo en Chile. Algún día vendrán a estos países :)

    Manuel García Hurtado

    Somos 6 jajajajaja

    Jeshua Reyes Carmona

    Me reporto yo también

  78. Anthony Declusin

    Every song that you have released so far for this record has been pure gold! September can't come soon enough


    I want an ass :v

  80. David Gread

    Slightly less mediocre then their last song.

  81. Mr. Charisma

    Пол это лава

  82. Dean Ince


  83. Pi Po

    Incredible! But why is it mono?


    Pi Fi probably converted it wrong before uploading to Youtube.
    Good luck it's stereo on Spotify.

    Pi Po

    Most likely. Its much better in stereo ;) Thanks!

  84. Patricia A. F.

    Damn, I love you guys. Cannot wait for the album!

  85. MR Pablog31


  86. Gianmarco Ricasoli

    This song is amazing! I love the soft intro, I love every detail! Can't wait for 15th e 30th september! ❤️❤️

  87. NeoS DarkNesS

    this next album will be epic

  88. Jessy Vy

    2:03 .......

    NeoS DarkNesS

    Jessy Vy tient comme on se retrouve

    Jessy Vy

    NeoS DarkNesS t'as vu ce refrain

  89. Luke Tyrrell

    Incredible track

  90. royalvalkyrie

    Incredible once again 👏🏻

  91. Blackie

    Cant express how much im looking forward to the new album

  92. Alex Nadt

    Guys, video is good! very good! But!!! Your live of this song is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MOOOOOOREEEE BETTER because of your passion on stage!!! And it's the very good because all of your fans will wait your live concerts!
    Thank you for your music! I'll keep waiting for the new album!

  93. Christian Bailey


  94. Tamara Alcantud

    😍😍 👏👏 💗

  95. Michellal

    Just perfect! 😍😍

  96. Pierre HELARY

    n'arretez jamais les gars!!!


    Ça aurait été trop beau

  97. Alfie Hay

    Whoever did the cinematography is amazing, beautiful shots and colour scheme

    Wani Suki

    Alfie Hay andrew's wife, sophia groves. you might as well wanna check her out

  98. Jacob

    Awesome video! The colours are beautiful! Honestly my favourite music this year has been these singles

  99. Someone is here

    I'm already in love