Arcade Fire - We Exist Lyrics

They're walking around
Head full of sound
Acting like
We don't exist
They walk in the room
And stare right through you
Talking like
We don't exist
But we exist

Daddy it's true
I'm different from you
But tell me why they treat me like this?
If you turned away
What would I say?
Not the first betrayed by a kiss

Maybe it's true
They're staring at you
When you walk in the room
Tell 'em it's fine
Stare if you like
Just let us through
Just let us through
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na

They're down on their knees
Begging us please
Praying that we don't exist
Daddy it's fine
I'm used to 'em now
But tell me why they treat me like this?
It's cause we do it like this

Maybe it's true
They're staring at you
When you walk in the room
Tell 'em it's fine
Stare if you like
Just let us through
Just let us through
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na

Let 'em stare, let 'em stare!
If that's all they can do!
But I'd lose my heart
If I turn away from you

Oh Daddy don't turn away
You know that I'm so scared
But will you watch me drown?
You know we're going nowhere
We know that we're young
And no shit we're confused
But will you watch us drown?
What are you so afraid to lose?

Down on my knees
Begging us please
Praying that we don't exist
You're down on your knees
Begging us please
Praying that we don't exist

But we exist
We exist
We exist
We exist
Maybe if you hang together
You can make the changes in our hearts
And if you hang together, you can change us
Just where should you start?

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Arcade Fire We Exist Comments
  1. A2Z83

    Wolf Parades video was better

  2. cคหdყ мคяรнмคłłσω

    man or woman i love him

  3. The Amazing Spider-Boy

    what??? nunca abia visto a andrew trapito uwu

  4. Dasher1415

    So... I had this downloaded on iTunes, and it very recently became banned from either my country or region (IL, United States) for unclear reasons. I don't know why, and if anyone could inform me I would quite like to know.

  5. J Riri

    THEY TOOK THIS OFF SPOTIFY😞 and I don’t know why


    The same thing happened on iTunes or whatever they call the default subscription app for Apple.

    Victor Ruiz

    The entire album is back on spotify

  6. Thuã Silva


  7. Ryan Stewart


  8. Emy Nobre

    When he dances, i feel the freedom (i've got through this but not that way)

  9. Nancy Aguilar

    Say what you will this was beautifully directed and acted by Andrew.Also veryone else who was in this. And the lighting department!!

  10. Eriphoor

    Men be men. Please.......

  11. Eriphoor

    Humanity is in question. Male vs female vs trans.

  12. Vicho

    Buen video

  13. Turu Bones


  14. Daniel Johnson

    As a white male who identifies as an Apache attack helicopter, I support this song

    Knight of Power

    One joke

  15. Michael Birch

    She probably could've kicked their asses given how fit she is.

    Are u Okay?

    It's not so easy

  16. Darrell Ellis


  17. Kanwar Anand

    9.5 million? Should be at least 5x that.

  18. Haruhi Fujioka

    Subtítles in spanish please!

  19. RetroReceptionist

    Early Chris Crocker vibes


    ah the memories

  20. javier castaneda

    ♥️ Arcade🔥

  21. mastershakeme

    I see so much emotion in this... how could I *not* feel for this kid

  22. mastershakeme

    As a cis person.... I think this character has a lot of bravery. I adored the song and watching her dance ^_^

  23. Andrea Ocampo

    I love you, Andrew Garfield.

  24. An Okay Person

    Why do people care about your gender? If you wanna be a boy, go for it. Hell, they shouldn't care instead they should refer you as what you wanna be called.

  25. Pichichi Sosa

    This song kinda reminds me of Tame Impala's the less i know the better.

  26. Véro Wilfort

    Other queer music videos :
    Hayley Kiyoko - What I need
    Narcisse - Icare
    Hansom Eli - Soho
    Christine & the Queens - The Loving Cup
    Hayley Kiyoko - Feelings
    King Princess - Prophet
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    Hozier - Take Me to Church
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    King Princess - Talia
    Girl in red - girls
    Poppy Ajudha - She Is the Sum

  27. A AM

    I F<3cking love the video

  28. Melissa Lewis

    This whole video is so powerful, I hate so much the fact that spotify removed this song in my country

  29. kk dog007

    Why is he wearing a bra he doesn't need one.So silly.


    well, the character is transwoman

  30. Endelecia Lovato

    @4:21 I turned homoflexible for those dudes! 😍😍😍

  31. Paris Cloud

    How is it not wrong to exploit the sexual desires of a straight person? Kinda brought the beating on yourself. Doesn't make it right, but don't present yourself as one thing and be surprised when you're not what someone was looking for. It's like taking a bite of a cherry turnover at Arby's only to find out it's the disgusting apple turnover.

    Knight of Power

    The straight guys hit on her? Not the other way around?

  32. What are you gonna do, ban me?

    AGPs exist? No shit.

  33. Dogtown !

    Вce пидapacы дoлжны cдoxнyть мyчитeльнoй cмepтью! A нe клипы пpo ниx cнимaть

  34. izak

    I love Andrew omg

  35. Crimson Shadow745

    The amazing spider man was on tv and the first thing I thought of was this music video so had to come watch

  36. Sukhdev singh

    We exist only for them who believe in it : : : Is it you 2019 AD

  37. Chuck Baring

    New Spider-Man: Tom Holland
    What did Andrew Garfield do (when his retired)??:
    Doing the Right thing
    We Exist!

  38. Chuck Baring

    I've watch this for so many Times and it makes me MOVe!
    I also download this video
    Recommended to all!

  39. Scott Fraser

    Stunning Actually

  40. Julien Powell

    watching this after DRAG RACE UK episode 1

  41. Engelberg Raul Santander Vera

    que cancion mas HDP.. no se porque no tienen tantos likes..

  42. kinni deuw

    0:53 i spy with my big fat gay eye i saw shawn mendes pictures by the mirror

  43. Mail Garb

    Hasta el ultimo hombre, muy buen actor

  44. Valentino Benedetti

    How much damage the death’s of Gwen caused in poor Peter Parker

  45. leucos r

    the power of this song is surreal—i heard the song before the video & it made my gay, trans heart go “oh what a nice song”; i did feel slightly called out in a loving way when i looked up the meaning & it matched my thoughts, & this video only encourages that.

  46. thesongtowoody

    whats with those men? why are they wearing womens shoes? this is mental? does arcade fire want us to pervert nature and say that deviant behaviour is Good? nice try arcade fire. i'm not buying your lie or nor will i accept perverted behaviour as normal or Good if you want that go to sodom and gomorrha...if all are fooled i'm not!

  47. Hyperion

    When you absolutely, positively need to show you are mentally ill, and that you are untalented trash.

  48. Himura Kenshin

    This is why they canceled TASM....

  49. ShallowDepression

    I guess he forgot to pack his Spidey costume.

  50. Secret Caucasian Man

    I had no idea this song was about trans people.

    Are u Okay?

    The lyrics it's about a gay son and his father.

  51. NINJA's Depression

    Its fucking insane that this only has 9M views after 5 whole years.
    Do LBGT people not know about this song or something?

    Pabst Hdez

    LGBT+++++ listen to crappy music nowadays.

  52. Clemente Tamayo

    Trans people rule

  53. ruzh xyz

    yes,you exist♡

  54. Blissy

    No wonder he hasn't had a big break for over 5 years sit down gay ass

  55. Meister Savvy

    I think it would have been much more powerful if transmen were included too

  56. Karla Sanchez

    Why this beautiful song isn't on Spotify? ☹️

  57. camaleon9

    Who's are the bearded daddies at the front?

  58. Raskacio 34

    Jewtube erased my comment..............what a asshole gang. Carlos & Ivan, I wouldn't miss your wedding for anything in the world!

    Knight of Power

    Imagine being a Nazi in 2019

  59. guyyouseewhenyoudie

    I think it’s beautiful that they cast Andrew Garfield because he played Spider-Man, and they wanted kids to see that even Spider-Man loves trans people.

  60. Anthony chavelon

    I thought It was movie. I was searching ... :/

  61. C Nav

    and then this exist ...

  62. Manuel Paz

    excelente mensaje a la sociedad.

  63. Elena Martinez

    Esto es Arte !!♡

  64. Robert F

    Andrew my love ❤️

  65. Michael Davis

    How powerful👌

  66. Jordan Stone

    Brillian t video. Is that Brian Freedman in it and did he choreograph that? Wow.

  67. Kyle S

    look i love arcade fire so much (i’m here listening to this jam 5 yrs after it came out) but like the way they frame trans death as liberating is so triggering. we’re one of the most suicidal minorities which exist ... to think of trans death in the way this music video does is rly upsetting. they should have stayed in their lane (maybe hiring an actual trans person for the role would have helped?)

  68. valeria chavarria

    So wait...are you telling me they performed this song at COACHELLA WHILE playing the video and THEN he came out??!?! 😭🥺🥴

  69. Clara Oswald

    This is one of my all time most favourite songs. First I didn’t even know it was about trans people but now it makes so much sense.

  70. taringauser11

    Today in Uruguay, there was a plesbicit to take off the rights of trans citizens!
    But we broke that wall.
    We won! nobady gonna take what they earned and deserved (after years of fight) last year.
    'Cose THEY EXIST

  71. Two strudels please

    Womanhood is for women. It takes a female to be a woman.

    Knight of Power

    Transwomen are women ;)

  72. violet winspear

    pandering bullshit

  73. Quinn dobbs

    insert link to Andrew in Drag

  74. Jorge Daniel Sanchez

    Minuto 3,2 en adelante bailaria igual xD

  75. JP Bug


  76. Tom Cat

    amazing spiderman was a trans? no wonder it stop at 2 films.

  77. Michael Diaz

    Man, Gwen Stacy's death hit Peter pretty hard. Now he thinks he is Gwen.

  78. Hélène Étrange

    We have always existed, although we weren't always visible.

  79. Oil lo


  80. Rebeca Zecua

    Increíble canción....y la letra super chingona...Me encanta

  81. Jakob Puff

    Maybe Andrew Garfield wasn’t such a good peter Parker but he was damn good transvestite

  82. Ryan Willis

    Play 3:06 onwards on .75 speed. Those strings though OOOOF

  83. Ricardo Skewes


  84. Gaby Sp

    in what concert was made this video?

  85. Black Halo 22

    I can relate to this video. My uncle was bullied as a man and felt like a woman so he took that approach and his bullies found new ammunition to which my uncle took his own life. R.I.P Scott/Gina

  86. Vane Flores

    No me aparece en Spotify ;'(

  87. Spencer Read

    Happy Pride Y'all!!1

  88. Yuli Muly

    This song give some strange nostalgia.

  89. Panda

    it coud have been better if you put a real trans person you know, but still like it tho

    Olympe Jumel

    Someone can feel as a trans without doing surgery you know :)

  90. Claud

    i wish they chose an actual transgender actor to play her character

  91. Nicolas Rodriguez

    EL Hombre que Araña (@elBananero, youtube)

  92. Zuzanna Składanowska

    Happy Pride Month! 🌈😃

  93. Kelly Kouture

    Pride month. ❣️🌈

  94. sam cappaert

    Check out: Athena - Ses Etme (original video). Turkish equal quality

  95. Konner Dent

    So, can every Spider-Man pull off drag or what?

  96. Sonia Alanis

    its pride month 2019 and just needed to listen to this.
    kudos to all the people that chose their happiness and not anyone else's.

    Kickashi 2.0

    Silence, liberal


    Oh look, a pronoun that hates itself and science. Great.

    Mich M

    Well sais, your happiness should be your own and no one's else.


    Pronoun Pride is useless garbage.

    My pp very smol but

    Geez people are toxic

  97. Soy Eddgar

    Reflektor is now available on Apple Music. ❤️❤️❤️

  98. Irene G.

    Still one of my favourite music videos

  99. Stephen Murphy Wilson

    This is great.