Arcade Fire - Une Annee Sans Lumiere Lyrics

Hey! The streetlights all burnt out.
Une année sans lumière
Je monte un cheval
Qui porte des oeillères

Hey, my eyes are shooting sparks,
La nuit, mes yeux t'éclairent
Ne dis pas a ton père
Qu'il porte des oeillères

Hey, your old man should know,
If you see a shadow,
There's something there.

So hey! My eyes are shooting sparks,
La nuit, mes yeux t'éclairent
Ne dis pas a ton père
Qu'il porte des oeillères

Hey, your old man should know,
If you see a shadow,
There's something there.

Hey, give it to her.
She's in love, give her!
She's in love, come on give it to her!
Give it to her, come on give it to her!
Give it to her, come on give it to her!

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Arcade Fire Une Annee Sans Lumiere Comments
  1. Aashim Tyagi

    Doc + Bean, DQD 96

  2. Crimsom King

    I love the 2:45 feeling

  3. Louis Guimont

    Une année sans lumiére...?? Lumière.

  4. Cristhopher Anderson Torre Gutierrez

    De mis favoritas de la majestuosa FUNERAL!!!!

  5. Daniel G.

    New song? 😅

  6. Nathan Bartuky

    Happy 15th birthday to one of the best indie rock albums of the century.

  7. Camilo Carías

    Funeral sigue estando muy dentro de mi corazón.

  8. yellerhead

    Happy birthday baby <3

  9. Oalc López

    My favourite album of Arcade Fire, and probably my favourite album ever. ❤

  10. craigpei

    One of their most c'est toujours bon quand ils ajoutent des paroles françaises.

  11. Winston Guitar

    When Funeral was released, that's how you knew it was gonna be a good century after all.

    Chameleon Chris

    Winston Guitar long time no see!

  12. Ingrid J

    Pour mon anniversaire ! Mercii. Je vous aime fort fort.

  13. DisastrousDoughnut

    Oh snap! All these Funeral uploads... 15th anniversary celebration soon!

  14. Mateus Valle


  15. kadek nicky

    With love from Jakarta

  16. crushingdreams

    still an amazing album

  17. Sithu Toe Naing

    I clicked the notification, I did not read the text. I'm hoping for new songs or a new album announcement. Instead, I get this. Nostalgia feeling... Thank you for brightening my day.

  18. Las Cosas que Dejamos

    Aaaaaayyyy dios que bello lpm !!! Los quiero chicos, desde argentina!!!

  19. Jared Halpain

    This song means so much to me. Thank you, Arcade Fire

  20. Isidora Miller

    (L) ! .

  21. Mary-morgane Durand


  22. Biagio Borgese

    It's impossible to me listening to Funeral and at some point not to crying. This is not just an album, it's a wonderful piece of our life shaped by one of the greatest band on this planet. I love you Arcade Fire and thanks for all.

    Jukka Ollikainen

    Do you remember a guy that's been in such a late song. I think he shared your opinion. All the best from Finland!

  23. L8dyAriel

    What a beautiful song to listen to on such a sad day. Love from New York on September 11th to all of us who still are left behind feeling the echos of this morning that day. As if it was yesterday. TY AF.

  24. Lu Vieira


  25. Isidro Madrigal

    Merci beaucoup pour nous offrir une chanson en français. Vous êtes génial tantôt en français tantôt en anglais. La meilleure bande canadienne 🇨🇦

  26. Jacob W.

    One of the greatest albums ever created.

  27. nivs plis


  28. Roberto El’Demarco

    Oh heeeeeelllllllll yeah babbbbbbyyyyyyyy


    Tears in my eyes... Thank you Arcade Fire for all good moments you seven gave me!

  30. Jellÿ Froot

    ♥️♥️ one of my favourite songs from Arcade Fire

  31. tasmanian devil ™

    How is this already 15 years old what the heck happened :'(

  32. SilverSkies64 Make It Painless


  33. Roy André

    Nostalgic and sweet vibes :'( so beautiful

  34. formerunicorn


  35. Fredi


  36. Francis Eloi


  37. Angelo

    Back to Peru.

  38. Angela Marcela

    Simplemente hermoso 🖤
    Saludos desde Colombia 💙

  39. Juntapuchos

    Landscape very Van gogh

  40. Moon Man

    sans undertale

  41. TanitoAstronauta1989

    Un año sin luz...

  42. Alan Ramo0ss

    Desde Jalisco México ☺️

  43. Leo Luna

    This is the most underrated AF song and I will die on this hill

    Your dad

    It's not underrated, you just never hear anyone talk about it cus no one can be bothered to type out the title. :>

  44. ʝօɦռƈʏ ɮʀǟռǟ

    Soy el único q habla español

    Alan Ramo0ss

    Yo también

  45. Cemile Timurkaynak Özdemir


  46. Sergej Lovrekovic

    yes yes yes 15 years! <3

  47. Oliver Sanchez


  48. philippe laboille

    ça fait toujours plaisir, quelques mots en français, super morceaux, merci les Arcades Fire.

  49. Enrique Huarcaya Pasache

    <3 <3 <3 Me hicieron la tarde. Abrazos desde Perú :D

  50. Alberto Cortez


  51. That One Guy

    Miss this Arcade Fire

    Everything Now Corp.

    The version of Arcade Fire that DIDN'T release Everything Now? You may be mistaken there sir

    That One Guy

    @Everything Now Corp. couldn't vibe with it, sorry

    John Oregon

    @Everything Now Corp. I think everything now is their only bad album personally

  52. Luis E. Alonso

    Los escucho desde Guatemala. Ustedes son mi banda favorita y quiero que sepan que siempre voy a esparcir su música para que las personas conozcan de la hermosa música que hacen.

  53. Rachel Linquist

    What a sweet surprise to pop up on my notifications today! I’m working on learning this song on piano and have fallen deeply in love with it.

  54. Jonathan Barcelos

    I love you, folks! 💕

  55. Savannah Dean

    one of my favorites <3

  56. canal ONDAS

    My absolute fave off the album, happy XV ♡

  57. FSAyfkm

    15th anniversary?

  58. Iván Romero

    Their best album

  59. Gizmo Ramirez

    YES! THANK YOU FOR THIS 🔥👍👍✌❤🎶⛅⛅ #arcadefireforever #happy15

  60. Miguel Gomes

    Funeral still in my top 10 debuts albuns ever, really amazing album

  61. lil gowon


  62. Antonino Scionti

    I love you Arcade Fire thanks for all the beautiful emotions and memories you gave me

  63. The Goobs

    Classic Arcade fire vibes.

  64. Eliot Borràs

    Thanks ❤️

  65. Vako LaFleur

    Notification squad baby!

  66. Troutsy

    Greatest album of all time. Album #6 when???

    Rionach Reid

    It can't come soon enough!

    Morgan Veitch

    i just hope they learn the appropriate lessons from the dud that was everything now

  67. noemi martinez


  68. Destroucs



  69. Enderfoo

    such a great album :) happy 15!

  70. the sleeping bag

    Oh fuck

  71. why isaac

    Funeral is a masterpiece

  72. Rubin Shehi

    Good evening everybody