Arcade Fire - Everything_Now (Continued) Lyrics

I'm in the black again
Can't make it back again
We can just pretend
We'll make it home again
From everything now

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Arcade Fire Everything_Now (Continued) Comments
  1. jax 6

    GTA VI?

  2. Hunter Samis

    This song makes me think of drifting off into space.

  3. Javier Santamaría

    1:30 remembers me Linger by the Cranberries :3

  4. Why does this channel exist -

    The beggining is my favirote part

  5. sharpshooter33

    Slow can be good too. They melody is so powerful

  6. SaucyySam _


  7. nikola vukovic

    this song and tv on the radio - killer crane

  8. Faysal Shahi

    Pure art 👏👌

  9. Sofía Figueroa

    Es simplemente perfecto 💜💛

  10. Huntz Solo

    I have this song on repeat, cause it’s that good

  11. Gato Mira

    Esta rico este tema

  12. 8bitdee

    Thank you so much Arcade Fire for putting up the whole album on youtube so I can save my money from spending it on this disappointing thing you call album. I wish I could get my time back that I wasted though. Wasted Hours, indeed.
      I screamed at the top of my lungs and jumped from my couch from joy when I watched you live win album of the year for The Suburbs and all my friends who were like "who's Arcade Fire?" I immediately directed them to one of your songs. This, however, I wouldn't recommend it to a single person in the world.

    Robert Max

    Everything now is awesome. The suburbs is awesome
    Your opinion is not

  13. Miguel Zazueta

    AF is an ocean and I just can't help getting drowned in it

  14. BigKnudsen

    Nach all den Tiefen und Höhen dieses Albums entschleunigt und entschuldigt dieser Track fürs allererste Hören

  15. XPL0RR

    the strings

  16. Mads Rosenberg

    Amazing closing of an album! Those strings are stunning, and i love the loop effect. I might even like this better than "Everything Now"' which is a song I really enjoy.

  17. Nicolas Carvalhêdo

    This song is my favorite of the álbum

  18. Malienus

    Is it just me or the orchestral piece starting from 1:10 gives... hope? Like a wide shot from a movie, zooming out of a large, plastic, fake city towards the sky...

    Schanza Bukhari

    Malienus yes!!!!

    Schanza Bukhari

    Malienus I imagine a camera running over lush green meadows, then mountains and a setting sun, and up to the sky. Then an almost silhoute of a person looking at all this from a window and smiling slightly.

  19. Sandra De Iuliis

    minute 1:03 - Win says "evything" now :D hahhaa

  20. Crick & Bunny

    I love that display with lyrics for every song. This darkest one is especially nice

  21. moveomusic

    this is so damn fucking magic!!!

  22. Dustin Miller

    I love this band but I think I hate this album.

  23. Ale Rodriguez


  24. Roberto V.


  25. Roberto V.


  26. John Bucholz

    best track on the album!

  27. Danitza Berríos

    Me encantaaaaaaaaa 💜

  28. Darlis Ramos

    ¡Vaya! <3

  29. Julyan Axel

    Puta merda... Que isso <3

  30. Xavi Campoverde

    I think this the best song of the year

    Anson Hartzler

    The Silence by Manchester Orchestra is better.

  31. misschelz1

    hmm.. mixed feelings about this album.. but with that said p sure my fav track is everything now

  32. J Achtemeier

    B O W I E / / A E S T H E T I C

  33. PheePea

    this is really pretty

  34. maria

    que coisa linda porra

  35. leonkennedy74

    This is the best track on the album.

  36. Karma Koma

    Goosebumps indeed.

  37. Daniel Aranda

    I love that the album itself is a loop. Now, please go to Everything_Now (continued)


    Daniel Aranda Gotta have that Infinite Content.

    Bag of Chips

    OOOoooooh. now the ending doesnt give me a sad. coldplay does that sort of thing too. B-)

  38. Pedro Gomez

    Is this the beginning or the end?

    Pedro Gomez

    Is this the end of Arcade Fire?

    Elra Beechum

    Pedro Gomez The album ITSELF is infinite content, so it can be the beginning AND the end

  39. BASE420

    Now I've finished the album, I'd have to say the album is overall underwhelming, though of course that doesn't mean its bad. While some of the songs intrumentals can be... challenging at times, perhaps the most jarring part of this album is the lyrics. They really are about as poignant as a teen in their bedroom smoking pot and making sweeping statements about the state of society, and the information overload that the album claims to have taken place.
    There is little poetry and creativity in the lyrics, and yet scarcely any depth to the issues raised. If you aren't saying "Wow this gets me, that's just so me!" throughout each song, it really does leave a lot to be desired.
    I'm not writing this just to bash the band, Arcade Fire has always been held closely to my heart and I just wanted to give my thoughts.


    it's just like the previous album. You're bored.

    My advice would be to listen others artists for a while and then come back to that album. I'm convinced you will be more sensible to the music and the simple lyrics accompanying them. It's quite lyrical.

    and yes, of course, teens, by being the most over-dramatic period of ageing, are quite poignant in their bedroom smoking pot and refusing the state of society.

    (by the way, the state of society is quite jarring, I think I will refuse it for a time ^_- )

    Victor Ruiz

    K, grandpa. People are saying that because literally a whole generation can identify with the lyrics. The situations they talk about in this album are genuine problems that should not be underestimated by pretentious people who think teens don't suffer just because their depression, or in less extreme cases, sadness is a meaningless overreaction. Yes, it is an overreaction, yes it is not deep nor wise, yes it is even a bit ridiculous; that doesn't mean it's less painful or less intense for the ones that feel it.

    Victor Ruiz

    Although I can agree that a few songs were somehow underwhelming.

    Team Cyborg

    wow looks like your not satisfied,the album is about how nobody is satisfied anymore and you are living proof of that.

    Andy Rols

    BASE420 it's artistic is what it is. Take from it what you will and leave what you won't.

  40. TomJoeSHOW

    Excited for the new album but really impressed with these videos, can someone please time-lapse the whole lot and see how they interlock :p

    Drunken Master II

    They don't interlock. I've made a playlist with them in the album order. They're all following each other for the time of the day (sun position) but they skip time between each songs.

  41. Yarely Garibaldi


  42. Anthony Dabor

    I wish this song was longer. think it's better than the single


    I like both. Especially how they contrast each other.

  43. Jamie Cullen



    It's because this album doesn't ever end, it's like a circle. You have to listen to this and suddenly restart from the intro

    Sophia Simmons

    MrLuca9100 infinite content, maybe?

    Jamie Cullen

    never thought of that


    It's a loop. I also think they are going to release a deluxe edition with a few more songs in it, that way the ending would be a start of another song.


    All the songs if listened in order of the album actually all have transitions and the beginning and end of the album loop perfectly. Also I noticed that these audio videos are all going through a day and night cycle, small detail but thought it was interesting and cool.

  44. Rony Weasley

    Eu amei isso demais

  45. Kung-Fu Kenny Family

    This song had me reminiscing 😢 , Catchy joint🔥

  46. waterglass21

    Love this band!!

  47. cjay rivera

    I 💖 arcade fire

  48. Carlos Alberto Medellín De León

    Fakin' awesomeeeeeeee

  49. yulunga


  50. Blackslashband

    1:10 <3

    Leonardo Semensato

    ~goosebumps intensifies~


    yes, really fantastic


    From 1:10 to the end, the best of the album, i'm sad that kind of music is only on the 13th and 1th

  51. HoboWolf

    Trust it to Arcade Fire to know HOW to make an album.


    HoboWolf Seriously? Did you hear Chemistry?


    I like Chemistry. It's nothing like any of their old songs, that's true, but it's still good as a song. It's certainly not Arcade Fire at their best, but it's not a bad song, not at all. It's Arcade Fire experimenting with a new sound, with major influences from reggae.

    Chicoria da Sociedade

    Chemistry is awesome, so dancy

    Gera Overijssel

    ARCADE FIRE dares to be different ! Recognizable and innovative. Again surprisingly, very beautiful and a miraculously creative project!
    in my opinion...congratulations!!

  52. eggbot eggboy


  53. Lauren McComb

    gotta be that dickhead, FIRST!!!