Aquilo - Thin Lyrics

Don't look so concerned
You can paint a bigger picture
When you're so far off the ground
Well it's okay if you're another one to learn
You've been smoking in the kitchen
Drinking wine that's not your own

We saw it coming
You've been dancing on your own too long, the joker of the night
You know we're all not here for nothing
Like a fire in the distance
I can see but I can't help

So nothings changed
You've been lying through your teeth again
The lion's lost it's mane
You've been cornered into something you can't win
What's the point in having something
If that something makes you thin?

We saw it coming,
You've been dancing on your own too long, the joker of the night
You know we're all not here for nothing
Like a fire in the distance
I can see but I can't help

We know you, you're not yourself
Fed up now, we'll get there soon
Take a bow
Take a bow
Take a bow
Take a bow

We know you, you're not yourself
Fed up now, we'll get there soon
Take a bow
Take a bow
Take a bow
Take a bow

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Aquilo Thin Comments
  1. agat787

    Another wonderful song discovered thanks to Skam. I love it.

  2. Tomás Roso

    This music is so fking good, what a mood

  3. Yuu

    Doing bon Iver better than bon Iver

  4. Leya Luna

    Is this about anorexia?

  5. Bernardo Escobar

    this sht heals your soul

  6. Nish

    I want 10 hours of @1:06


    This have literally no sense, but sounds great ;)

  8. 한진주

    Sooooo goooooood

  9. Mostafa Aldelfie

    I just get dumped by my crush and I am feeling awful but thank you aquilo for this song cause it’s literally made me feels better

  10. Garrett

    That beautiful noise that starts at like 1:10 reminds me of another song and I can’t remember it. It’s driving me nuts. Any help?

  11. Kawana Turner

    I'm so in love wit this song 😍I just love his music

  12. jesus santiago Argoty

    2018 octubre

  13. Josh Elias

    Great song. Super meh video.

  14. kim abbott

    Amazing vocals. I'M SO HAPPY to have the privilege of hearing this

  15. Karen Khrislley

    Senhor, como eu não conhecia essa maravilha antes?

  16. Jacques Swart


  17. A P R A T I M M U K H E R J E E

    Awesome blossom

  18. Neearest

    1:09 2:09 what kind of genre is this?

  19. Wagner Medeiros

    Meu duo favorito secreto <3

  20. Jahni Samarista

    Bon Iver

  21. sahit jain

    you guys deserve at least a million view man, loved it!

  22. jesus santiago Argoty

    Amo está canción 😍

  23. Callum Allen

    I have been lookin for this type of music for a long time amazing

  24. Tristen Snyder

    Anyone know where this was filmed? Some of the recent videos look exactly like the area I used to live in.

  25. jenna jarm

    This song reminds me a lot of asgeir. The style of this song is very similar to his music style.

  26. 인잉수

    I really love this song

  27. Mercy Mburu

    This song has healing power.

  28. gerson vitor

    que delicia de musica, mano amo de mais essa pegada leve e tranquila. amo de mais Aquilo!

  29. Sophia G

    There are a few songs that you listen to and you just know these are the ones. Making you so damn happy with every single beat. Thank you guys, you‘re amazing!

  30. Florencia Libertus

    Thank you for your beautiful music

  31. A-mont RoSo

    노래참좋은데 안유명해지나

  32. Pao Café

    Maioria dos BR(inclusive eu) so conhece o aquilo por causa da Unilever

  33. vic b

    oops. I mean So Close to Magic.

  34. vic b

    I sure hope these guys make another holiday video/song like last year-Almost Magic.  so dreamy.

  35. Wes Vieirah

    Esses dois mandam muito bem. Que dupla!

  36. Khushi Bagri

    This deserves so much more recognition and appreciation :')

  37. Daddy Blue Jay

    They are like a mix of EDEN and Bon Iver, so basically, I love it


    Come to RIO!

  39. Natalia Maceda

    Perfeito !!! Ei migos, vcs me criticar por amar esse tipo de Música, e não funk; relaxe nada contra seus gêneros musicais, porém Funk não é minha Praia. 🎶🎶💕 Aquilo Forever 💞

  40. Monika Zaworska


  41. lemuel padio

    This makes me what to go on a road trip with hours of driving.

    Maria Fernanda

    Long late night drives lol

  42. not_today_satan

    i n   l o v e.

  43. luiza


  44. Thomas Scoville

    I like this, but you owe a helluva lot to Bon Iver.

  45. An k


  46. Graciela Perez

    If you guys ever get a chance to see them live do it they never disappoint Ben is the sweetest guy and so is Tom love these lads

  47. BeeTheLee

    THIN AQUILO lyrics on my channel

  48. Mariana Sousa

    Ai como eu amo essa musica

  49. JCcovers

    So many fricking goosebumps!

  50. mariana gil cortes

    Been on repeat for days! 😍🙌

  51. Aziemah Bujang

    What's the theory or your take of this song's meaning? I'm curious :)

  52. dend

    Maan, i just can't lost Aquilo musics anymore ;-;

  53. Josh Dunstan

    I am completely in love with this song

  54. Letho Kunene

    chloe grace moretz?

  55. vic b

    Simply terrific.

  56. Tapuz Gordon

    This is my favorite bon iver song

  57. Jahin Mahbub

    Who's here from Chloe Grace Moretz's Instagram story ?

  58. connor fajardo

    this song is definitely about drug addiction, probably some one he loves.

  59. Andrea Castellón


  60. Von Ray


  61. Patrycja Szuszkiewicz

    💕 M A S T E R P I E C E 💕

  62. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Thin" debuted at #27 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week:

  63. Suchismita Sinha

    I am a little less anxious now after listening to this song <3. Thank you guys !!!

  64. Sally Anderson

    Love from Malaysia ♥

  65. Felix Penzi

    amazing! as ordinary

  66. Nessa

    I haven't heard a song that I didn't like from you guys💕

  67. Esme Vega

    yassssss <3

  68. Juan Pablo Barrera Gonzalez

    So good Aquilo!! Congrats

  69. Zuzanna Sledz

    this is sooo good

  70. Danielle A.

    Cada música um tiro. Lolla perdeu a oportunidade de trazer vcs

  71. kodaliner

    It reminds me Bon Iver and Vancouver Sleep Clinic and I love that

  72. Rodrigo

    Meus nene tão de volta, não acredito ❤️ que orgulho!

  73. Esther Lima

    Aquilo desperta uma coisa tão boa em mim, não sei explicar a sensação que me habita sempre que ouço as músicas.

  74. Mai ryuzaki

    I cant wait to see you guys tomorrow! Literally on my bucket list. Im so excited!

  75. Cainã Bezerra

    eu amo vocês

  76. Carly Mc

    Can't wait to see you in LA!!

  77. Bathna33

    Not my favorite, but I love you guys so much that I want to support you in possible way. 😍 ♥

  78. ai msl

    Omg yessssss

  79. John Macleod

    I feel dreamy heavenly relaxed placid and calm,songs like this one make me want to bathe in its magic forever.

  80. onetruefive


  81. Flávio Emídio

    Música linda 💜

  82. Franklin Vieira

    Como consegue ser tão bom?! Acertam todas. Sou fã D+ 😍💯❤

  83. Cantando & Rimando

    Que calmaria maravilhosa

  84. Jordan Duarte

    Brasil 🇧🇷

  85. Vick Souza

    Br dominando 💛💚

  86. Luiz Claudio

    Sensacional. Melhor banda desde coldplay. 😆😆😆

  87. bb vxv

    i love this song its so nice and calming.<3

  88. Lacinhode Borboleta

    Que sarro, só Br nos comentários.

  89. saraa amber

    Bon iver vibes anyone?

    God, i love this...

    Thomas Scoville

    Yes. Love it. Love Bon Iver. But I'm sorry, they've heard of Bon Iver in Brasil. Not an excuse.

  90. Sérgio Gomes


  91. Samantha x

    Aquilo's songs sound best when it's just you alone with your headphones on, eyes closed, preferably at sunset or midnight.


    Samantha x making homework at your desk knowing that you'll be stressed out if you didn't listen to aquilo

    Stelios Daf

    My exact thoughts!

    Steph R

    Music from HAMMOCK gives me that feeling too :)

  92. nalorie


  93. Ana Beatriz


  94. Ana Beatriz

    Aquilo é muito bom!! Obrigada or existir, precisamos de mais musicas assim! ❤

  95. Glambert 9

    Wow 😻

  96. anhédonie

    me : 0:01 omg i love this song

  97. Pegasus

    I have been fan of them since before they become famous with the song sorry , there’s just something in their music and letter that give me so many emotions.