Aquilo - Silhouette Lyrics

Stood at the coal face, stood with our backs to the sun
I can remember being nothing but fearless and young
We've become echoes, but echoes that fade away
We fall into the dark as we dive under the way (I heard you say)

The devils on your shoulder
Strangers in your head
As if you don't remember
As if you can forget
It's only been a moment
It's only been a lifetime
But tonight you're a stranger or some silhouette

Let's go out in flames so everyone knows who we are
Cause these city walls never knew that we'd make it this far
We've become echoes, but echoes that faded away
So let's dance like two shadows burning out our glory days

The devils on your shoulder
Strangers in your head
As if you don't remember
As if you can forget
It's only been a moment
It's only been a lifetime
But tonight you're a stranger or some silhouette

Just hold me
Just hold me
Just hold me
Just hold me

The devils on your shoulder
Strangers in your head
As if you don't remember
As if you can forget
It's only been a moment
It's only been a lifetime
But tonight you're a stranger or some silhouette
It's only been a moment
It's only been a lifetime
But tonight you're a stranger or some silhouette
But tonight you're a stranger or some silhouette

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Aquilo Silhouette Comments
  1. c a p r i s u n

    2:46 is the start of my favorite part omg TVD

  2. Hristina Krgovic

    Who's here after tvd delena scene?🙋

  3. Bryce Ramirez

    You know that feeling when you’re so sad that you don’t even cry anymore everything just feels heavy and you accept all the shit everyone gives to you cause you’re so used to it?

  4. Jahnavi Tomar

    Omg I love this is soooo beautiful

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm420

    It's 'coal face'. Dear me.

  6. okaii

    i've overplayed this song, i'll come back to in a couple of months and hopefully will give me that same feeling as it did when i first heard it.

  7. Sam Attar

    Every time I listen to this song, which is rare cause I need to give it its proper moment, I burst in tears.

  8. coooug

    Dark images, thoughts of an eternal slumber. Pain, a reminder of present life. Look to the stars and feel the emotions that fill the night air. The exact feeling will become yours. Buried deep, a tear flows and breath awakes you from your dark place. You will feel better, time must do it's job first. Believe in that and be patient. The hurt will make you stronger, and maybe for someone else who needs it.

  9. Kate S

    Lmao came here from a fanfic I was reading and now I'm crying even worse 😎✌️

  10. music lover

    As if my dreams are singing this to me

  11. Jack Mellor

    Am I the only one here that’s not depressed and just wants to listen to a song?

  12. Jasmine x

    I came here cause of a Steve/Bucky edit - but I’ve listened to the song like 100 times and it reminds so much of there ending:/ kinda hurts ngl

  13. Creeann jarman

    I know this is old but this song is just so packed full of emotion. When the words “some silhouette” hit you just feel the impact on your emotions. You can feel the drag of what life those two simples words have. You can almost see that silhouette that we know not of. It’s beautiful

  14. MommaManda Dawn

    😭 oo my heart & soul.... I'm here, living everyday without you & I thought I wouldn't ever make it this long/far. Yesterday would've been our 13th year anniversary of marriage & you're with her, somewhere.......

  15. Limayem Lina

    YouTube recommendations are getting a lil too personal

  16. ofee Medel

    This song reminds me of the only man I loved.


    it feels so empty but that tiny little familiar warmth feeling still lingers like a city that used to be your home but got destroyed/abandoned, everything is so familiar yet unrecognizable

    then you move out with a group of strangers your age and made friends, sitting in a bond fire scavenged for foods and resources, forming bonds and ties stronger than blood. Holding tight onto each other, preserving the last bit of warmth in this cold world arghhhhhhhhh imma cry ABO!


    Its so cute and funny the stpries that some. people put in the comments of what it feels like 😊

  19. Idk 123

    This gives me feels:(

  20. John Perez


  21. Moonlight Moony

    His voice kinda sounds like Harry Styles
    I don't know about you but i remembered Harry listening to this

  22. Private Polar Bear

    Why does this give me stucky vibes man

    Jasmine x

    -this gives me endgame-Steve leaves Bucky - sad vibes
    It kinda breaks my heart ngl:/

  23. Lilly Gsb

    I just love when YouTube is recomending me some random Music videos

  24. Aditi_gachatuber Glmm

    This song makes me feel like I am on a beach waiting for the sun to go down and thinking about your love

  25. Aditi_gachatuber Glmm

    So emotional

  26. lindsay Al'Rodges

    Just here because of Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian from The Untamed 'cuz they're my OTP and this song fits them so well

  27. Angiee martinez

    We were so perfect for each other. We spent our evenings with our backs to the sun, we would spend every second of every day together. I will never forget the way you looked at me. Like i was the only person in the room. Even with prettier girls around you're eyes went directly to me every time. I miss it, i miss us. We see each other now and its like were strangers. Like the nights of late night face times, the good morning or goodnight texts never meant anything to you. Like I never meant anything to you. You're a stranger, some silhouette.

  28. Fouzieh Derbas

    When Damon hears Elena in the vault & has flashbacks of the love of his life in a coma 💔

  29. Marty Merchan

    When I hear this song I think of my ex-girlfriend. Well, ex-fiance, actually. Befor she cheated on me, when those feelings were still true. But tonight, she's only a stranger in my head...

  30. Rita Rocha

    Ouvindo agora música da vontade de chorar de tão linda q é. ...💏💏💏💏💏💏💘

  31. Brb W

    Emotional song, powerfully sung. This is one that can bring tears to my eyes.😂☄

  32. Rylee Davis

    This song literally explains living. When I first started listening, I thought 'i mean it's not terrible' but when he said ' it's only been a moment, it's only been a lifetime' I started crying. This just explains that life is a one time thing and you've got to LIVE it. Not go thru the motions. Find love, find happiness. Find something worth living for. Never give up.

  33. kadrien dietz

    This songs makes me feel of 2 people who never got the closure they needed but they still love eachother. And as they move on they still sometimes think of eachother and the moments they had together. And when people ask about the other, they smile a sad smile and reply with "I hope they are well"

  34. Prabhnoor Kaur

    It's so beautiful...

  35. Mina nina

    I felt so missed used by him

  36. Lucy Hearfilia

    Whaou it's the best music !

  37. Fa Mi

    I’ve heard this song on repeat while attempting suicide. I just want to say that not everything gets better, but by far not everything is going to be worse. Sometimes it’s only an ok. And only an okay can be enough. So stop what you are doing and breath. Everything is going to be ok.

  38. Hh Hh

    I'm in love with my best friend and this song just brings back old memories we have, and yeah we're friends but I miss what we used to be. Close as fuck, saying whatever the hell we wanted, staying out until 11pm smoking together. I got drunk with her last night and that's the first time I actually realised how much I really need her. She's the most amazing friend I've ever met and the things we did I know I won't ever do again. Rant over. If you end up seeing this 'K' then yeah ily

    bert lme

    wooooow I need someone to love me in the exact same way that you love your bestfriend, she's really lucky but she doesn't understand yet

  39. Eᖇᘔᗩ ᔕᑕᗩᖇᒪET

    Man this is so damn good and emotional(๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧

  40. Emi vc

    I want to let go🌬

  41. samara noble

    tbh the back ground looks like blesiv/alex

  42. mark wooosh

    Why are all of you crying it's just a song geez 🙄

  43. Thesims4 Sever

    It is perfect

  44. Rhegs Xo

    This song is fire

  45. McKenna Davis

    anyone else just having one of those nights?

  46. abbey b

    Dude I have shivers

  47. Jeremy Is a goat

    The ending speaks to me

  48. abell kevin

    Alguém me ajuda?

  49. Harikrishnan adenchery


  50. Diary of Understanding

    Perfect ❤

  51. Maysaa Ws

    It's like a soul of a dead person that is trying to prove its existence again.. The memories of the dead body are slowly fading away.. Scenes from your past life are sliping from your memory, you fail to remember a thing, cause now you're no longer human, you're only, "some silhouette"

  52. Maria Lala

    This song makes me feel things that doesn't exist !!!!

  53. 爱自己Sylvia

    isn't this so perfect for another lonely night?

  54. Priyanath Gunathilake

    I would go back to those days ❤️ the exquisite memories 👥

  55. Zoey

    I found this in my recommended and when I heard it I fell in love with it ♡

  56. M J

    In loving memory of my best friend Purity. You will forever be missed

    madison geller

    M J i’m so sorry. rip Purity 😭🥰

    M J

    @madison geller very kind of you. Thank you ❤️

    Destiny Boiii

    I hope you’re healing from your loss 🥺

    M J

    @Destiny Boiii one day at a time :(

  57. Tyrafero


  58. Creative Isabela

    This always reminds me of when Damon heard Elena’s voice in the vault and they do the flashbacks when of them together!❤️😭💔 Delena Forever!!

  59. lou

    I remember the first time I heard this song, August 2017. It was 1am. I remember feeling bored and sad because summer was ending. 'Stood at the cold face…' holy shit. The music, his voice, everything. I felt like I was running through the streets at dawn, a million miles per hour, feeling completely ALIVE. I never want to let go of that feeling. This song makes me want to live.

  60. youngbloodღ

    I love him but i don't know if he love me or not its so messy

    madison geller

    Red lady never related more tbh 🥺

  61. hamma chalbi

    Hhh haw bahi 7atin taswirti fi l video

  62. animecvideos

    Naruto fans?

  63. youngbloodღ


  64. payel halder

    Fighting life.... fighting reality... fighting oblivion.... fighting insecurity....

  65. TheNotorious

    Hey you.
    Yes, you.
    Stop looking at the comments.
    Just, stop.
    Everything it's going to be okay, even it will seem hard..
    But trust me, everything will be okay..
    Im here for you & I love you (even I don't know you)
    Just don't worry, don't be sad..If you need someone to talk I'm here.. :)

    mark wooosh

    @Kayla Ann I'm evil :(

    Faith Theisgen

    I hate how you know I needed that. Get out of my head lmao


    i miss u


    I cant even remember what not feeling broken feels like...

  66. t0xic

    I miss him so much...

  67. cadi

    ahhh. Aquilo is hands down one of the most talented artists. need more recognization.

  68. Ben May

    The rain pitters and patters on the glass, as rain inside falls as well. He gazes into the emptiness now that he hasn't become the man he wanted to be and he lost his purpose in life. All he can do is remember what he's done, and what he will do. As he dreams of what could've been and should've been he sees a single ray pierce the clouds and thinks, "there may be hope after all". And he slowly rises, taking in all of what has happened and the wonderful world at his fingertips, with one last look out the window he disappears into the darkness of the night...

  69. em g

    "i can remember being nothing but foolish and young"

  70. em g

    greys brought me here but honestly IM NOT MAD

  71. Manju Reji

    #delena ❤️❤️❤️😉 so sad that the vampire diaries ended 😭😭😭😭😢💔💔😔💋

  72. E Holland

    0:00 so we can listen to this song on repeat forever

    Essence Weani

    I'm trying to spread hope for a better world, I feel there's still hope out there, outside from me. I'm reaching out because I'm a unknown jew, with a desire to save the world with unconditional love and nothing more, Like the Jewsih prophesied long ago. Please read with non-judgement and an open heart. I think it may be me, I try not to believe in things too much, but I' can't stop believing in a better world. I'm scared though, I don't know the safe way to do this, so posting to strangers on YouTube seems the best bet in modern age. (My thought processes may be hard to follow because I connect everything in my head as thought and feeling it is one, and at oneness I am the embodiment of the consciousness shared between everything. I am only human so this is the goal of every human to experience unconditional love. This love is all about you, but it is to save the world. and so it's a paradox. The energy of the masculine (logic) is also living in paradoxes many of them, a lot of them are fear based. we shouldn't have fear to this extent, it hurts us, the soul, our energy. I know what's separate from me, i can be strictly logical or just emotional. I don't think I have control though. I've lived a life outside of myself (dissociation or a weird consciousness I don't know). I've spent the majority of my time at my house The day before yesterday was the first day I looked up Judaism. I was estranged from everything. My Jewish mom, included, I contacted her and she told me a Guendther I don't know how to trace lineage and it only matters to my logical side anyway. Because of the end of days I don't think we need to be too picky about it, As this is the fate of the world, told over a long time, Time is a concept made by logic, this is how spirituality works it's unknown. You see the beauty in this? It's destiny, it's controlled destiny, it is always controlled together either by you and the universe, having no fear based restrictions to accomplish what you want, or operating in fear it's your inner universe ('mind' modern science proves the correlation actually the fabric of space is made up of the same things in our brain, I'm definitely not a scholar, accepting your weaknesses is part of this process) the fear causes a manifestation of your fears in the physical reality. I have a high school diploma, that's my qualification :) because we are made like the creator. we were made to create the unconditional love god created to experience as god (This just makes sense to me. I have a lot of theories. And I don't really know anything as I like to say. Think that there's just a whole reality of unknown out there. spirituality is a personal journey back to god.) and it's a lot of suffering from all involved. To balance all of the suffering. It's in suffering to find mercy. We find the purest bliss from god in mercy from suffering on the physical realm because god can only do so much in the physical realm. It is with our belief not in fear but the infinity of love can begin to transform our fear based traditions. (common belief someone else is supposed to make you happy. We see this tradition fails, and its actually a fear of finding true happiness and losing it, if we could play our favorite memory without it being exhausted we probably would, this is the problem. We can't be in awe all the time, just like fear we would get into cycles of distorted feminine energy, think unloving and narcissistic or what the empress is reversed meaning. all experience is derived from the maker of the reality your mind and how you physically relate everything. mercy and surrender (paradox) is how we free ourselves from our own mess. I have a theory on soulmates. we see this with creation dreamed up, imagined and made real by the thoughts, feeling, and drive you have. (don't seek suffering I'm only human this is not biblical times (I know nothing about religion don't be offended I never wish to offend or place harm on people. Because I would not harm myself, and we are all one.) That's redemption because we are one, we all need to forgive ourselves and forgive others it's the possibility of unconditional love, in the physical world. I know this is what I am here to be doing showing the way of unconditional love. I don't know about the entire worlds view on a savior, I have a few of my own ideas, though I have no one to share them with. I don't like domination or worship the relation is more like a balance. The coming together of the original belief of we are all one, yet god is infinite, because we are one god is in everyone and I'm only human, so the answer is yourself developing the consciousness of unconditional love. It's a mothers love, tough, strong, giving, unconditional, non-judgmental. My birth mom told me she's chronically ill. but she believes I have the heart to accomplish this, like she has a heart to, but she's been abused a lot of her life and she ended up being chronically ill from the exposure. So I did not know a mothers love from close but from afar. I didn't know religion and I didn't know love. (I shake as I write this) I only knew the unconditional love, but not yet for myself, I let a lot of what others thought of me impact me. My step mom is emotionally abusive, my dad is a yes man, he lets her, and he works nights, he avoids me when he is home. They want to kick me out while I've been contemplating saving the world oh boy isn't the world fair! I do have to do something though I'm just not sure what it is. saving the world with unconditional love is the objective I wanted that before I read the prophecy yesterday. Which immediately it made sense to me. I'm probably not the type of physical person anyone envisioned, a man, I was gender neutral during the time after my august 27th 1 am encounter 2018. (unrelated) My stepmom has been in my life since age 9 so I truly wasn't my own individual. My dad was angry and a single parent, so anger was always a do not go zone. But then I found rage once my body was assaulted on the 27 of august, the energy had warned me actually the full moon which moon rules me, cancer. I listened to this mans breathing, me pretending to sleep to see if I could find mercy within me to someone who does this, fear was present in him. but more importantly for me that was me experiencing bliss, redemption the opposite of fear (maybe, I need a more stable foundation before I can do anything), spiritual awakening slow at first then learning all that I've typed, in two months teaching myself. I'm in awe, because I wouldn't have done my own inner work to find god to return back to being Jewish. I'm 18 now born July 18th 2001, the events around it are insightful, and going back 70 x 7 (490) from 2001 is 1511 a lot of major events involving the Jewish, and 490 days before that same thing, and then there is the time of Jesus. I do not doubt that we are all capable of being the mashiach because we are one, it take on to rise to the occasion and the rest to follow in the path, I have no expectation, I have no judgement, no fear of death, I yearn to see life and beauty in all the world, I will love all unconditionally, with a mothering love. I resonate with Binah I had to find god through suffering. Now all I want is world peace. I am only human. I have many ideas that came to me since August 19th or 20th the Sunday of 2019, I was awakened by a soulmate I think, he didn't speak to me for days while camping and we split with two sentences shared, during the northern lights, that is the most pain I have ever felt, And so I learned how to choose love right now for myself unconditionally, Because I loved him the way I should love myself, and he couldn't find it in himself to love himself enough to stay for this love. We often feel undeserving of such love, though I'm here to tell you everyone deserves it, we were created and we desire it very deeply, all of us do, a soulmate. its only when you face yourself, you see clearly your potential for growth. Then never turn back keep growing and following your heart. After the assault I named myself Essence ( I just knew it was my name, from the analysis of the poem "She Walks in Beauty" By Lord Byron") I changed it after I lost every part of my being, I lost control, it was dark, I was on a path to self, I think it may have been a loss of complete faith because I only knew the darkness, with changing my to essence, I changed my middle name from dawn to the dawn "Aurora" sleeping beauty, a new beginning, and the northern lights. My last name I want it to be bean, stands for hit on the head, and I'm very stubborn so I needed it to wake up, and here I am.

  73. Beyond the Obvious

    This song reminds me of two broken depressed people who hook up then eventually fall for each other

  74. Riska Riska

    This when my old me meet my new me..

  75. madison geller

    came from a Ross and Rachel edit 😭

  76. Magier Family Entertainer Pierre Mardue

    Stood at the cold face
    Stood with our backs to the sun
    I can remember being nothing but fearless and young
    We've become echoes, but echoes, they fade away
    We've fallen to the dark as we dive under the waves
    (I heard you say)
    The devil's on your shoulder
    The strangers in your head
    As if you don't remember
    As if you can forget
    It's only been a moment
    It's only been a lifetime
    But tonight you're a stranger
    Some silhouette
    Let's go out in flames so everyone knows who we are
    'Cause these city walls never knew that we'd make it this far
    We've become echoes, but echoes are fading away
    So let's dance like two shadows, burning out a glory day
    Devil's on your shoulder
    Strangers in your head
    As if you don't remember
    As if you can forget
    It's only been a moment
    It's only…

  77. J _

    I don't remember this song but I know that I've heard it before

  78. Filmproduktion

    Totally underrated

  79. Mia Painter

    Someone said this is in tvd I love the vampire diaries but damn I got here from recommendations

  80. Elaine Marie

    If you're listening with a computer open up two tabs, or even if you have two devices this will work but play the video twice, one five seconds before the other. It sounds like heaven on repeat.

  81. I Love You Too

    Those 5 months without you have been HELL for me. I hope you’ll see it soon and at least talk to me. I need you in my life. I don’t need a relationship. I need you. Idc what you are to me. Just please, come back.

  82. Bruna Guedes

    Música perfeita❤️

  83. Lynn 348

    this song make me fall back to the feelings of being in my toxic relationship (not mentally abusive but hurt me a lot)

  84. Izzy Sapp

    Me and this girl named Ellie used to be best friends. We did everything together. From road trips to birthday parties to yelling at people, we were inseparable. Last year, she and I had to go to different schools because of the new school that our district built. You went to the school in your region. Ellie and I were in different regions. For an entire year, we never saw each other and I don't have a phone, so no texting. Over summer, we were on the same swim team but never spoke because of how long we'd gotten used to not needing each other. For SIX YEARS she was my best friend, and now she's gone. If we see each other in the hallway, we only nod, because we don't know what to say. I'm sorry? I miss you? I feel like shit because even when I had the chance to fix our friendship, I didn't? What can you say? So we say nothing. I'm sorry for the long comment, I just needed to say it all.
    So yeah, this song reminds me of that.

    M Hamilton

    Izzy Sapp I feel you 😔😔😔

  85. random mess that i call myself

    Sat here crying eating onion rings

    ella keogh

    random mess that i call myself How were ur onion rings?

    heck noo

    Thank YOU!

  86. Izabela Słota

    wangxian fanvid brought me here

  87. Mary Berg

    This song makes me think of fake friends and as soon as you push them away they come crawling back.

  88. Sky Cookies

    I see it as a sad or a painful friendship that isn’t as close as it used to be when they were young. Doesn’t matter with how many people who were in friendship with each other, some see each other as strangers for the first time since they became friends because of a bond that is weakening between them. At that moment, they saw each other as strangers ‘cause it’s too painful for them to actually be with someone/some people. That’s how I feel anyways. It probably has to do with a theory that I read about a different song that associates with the importance of childhood friends’ bond. (It’s fine if I’m not making any sense to some of you guys reading this).

  89. kimm cassiee

    Best accident ever.

  90. Maria

    Omg, this came in my recommended videos, I like my taste in music

  91. emily

    'as if you don't remember, as if you can't forget' gets me every time

    heck noo

    I listen to this to forget, but images flash when I close my eyes, there are no pills that can heal my soul, but the knees get a pill, the back gets a pill, the heart that is broken, it gets a pill, but how do you heal a soul, I listen to see people who died in my arms, I listen to feel her touch on my skin, and even now, decades later, she is but a memory, but I live for her, I am a good person for her, and one of her last request, one of her last wishes condemns me to this form, it imprisons me in the body, she told me not to kill myself...she says in my dreams to this day...if you don't go to will never see me again, be the man you are, not the man you want to be, and I am not gone...I am the angel on your shoulder, I am your guardian angel...and when you are finally released from your cage...I will fly you to a heaven so sacred, I cant' even tell you about it in word, it is the gloried heaven, the final heaven...the heaven of the brave...where I am forced to sit, and witness all the good my life has wrought, the good my hands have molded out of this cruel world, I see the fruits of my life, I know the tree I am...and it is a giver of life...I hope you remember me...

  92. Taelee Min

    I feel like I'm gonna road trip with my friends and we're running through a flower field as the stars are showing themselves before us as we hope everything goes right in the future before it all goes bad 💀😖💔

    Magda H.

    Exactly my thoughts when I hear this song

  93. Lucy Riggans

    Steroline 2019?

  94. Macarena

    ❤❤ best part 2:17

  95. BlackRose

    This song really beautiful

  96. Juliette Manookian

    My cat is really old pls pray for her

    Juicer Machine

    Juliette Manookian May God give him/her a very long and healthy life. Ameen ❤️

  97. Juliette Manookian

    This is amazing it is giving me goosebumps and I feel like I am going to cry it is so beautiful

  98. Love Yourself

    Delena forever in my heart ❤️

  99. Mallesh Kudur

    Brings back old, sad and beautiful memories...