Aquilo - I Don't Want To See It Lyrics

I don't want to see it coming closer
Cause I can't take another word about her
Send me back to another place
Show me how I can live this way

Cause I don't really want to see it
See it take control of me
Cause I don't really want to see it
See it make a fool of me

Cause I can't tell if this is getting harder
My mind's on hold but you're just getting stronger
So tell me, tell me, tell me, does it hurt in a different way?
And all this time I've been told, I'm nothing
But I'll just persevere
And I, I wait

Cause I don't really want to see it
See it take control of me
Cause I don't really want to see it
See it make a fool of me

And are we bound to our own reflection?
Or do we just let it go, go, go, go?
And are we bound to our own reflection?
Or do we just let it go, go, go, go?

And are we bound to our own reflection?
Or do we just let it go, go, go, go?
And are we bound to our own reflection?
Or do we just let it go, go, go, go?

Cause I don't really want to see it
See it take control of me
Cause I don't really want to see it
See it make a fool of me

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Aquilo I Don't Want To See It Comments
  1. KfelineK

    I'm so lucky I found them

  2. Sol Lemus

    👍 where the lyrics are 😏

  3. Wadee Aldahb


  4. Angela M

    Oh my word! I heard this on Pandora last night after listening to the other version for weeks. This is just FANTASTIC!!!!

  5. Made in Brazil

    Eu não estive tão bem hoje,mais essa música me fez sentir melhor..

  6. Rajesh Singh

    Sunny Deol Hindi Sunny Deol Indian in Hindi movie in Hindi movie Sunny Deol picture Indian

  7. haildusk -

    his voice is as clear as crystal..

  8. Wicked Rebel

    Sorry for errors but here

    I dont want
    to see it coming closer
    cuz I cant take
    another word about her.
    send me back
    to another place
    show me how
    I could live this way

    I dont really wanna see it
    see it take control of me
    cuz I dont really wanna see it
    see it make a fool of me

    cuz I cant tell
    if this getting harder
    my minds on hold
    but your just getting stronger
    mmmmm tell me , tell me, tell me
    does it hurt
    in a different way.
    and all this time
    Ive been told Im nothing
    but I just perservere
    and I , I wait

    and are we bound to
    our own affliction
    or do we just ler it go go go go


  9. Lyndsay Brandon


  10. Flávio cabrall

    They're great friends too, I think! The friendship between them each other it seems truly . Furthermore they're great singers. God bless them.

  11. Isabella Luna

    When you just get lost in haunting perfection...

  12. Robert Goodman


  13. Nikki Mashups

    they're so talented! deserve so much more recognition

  14. Juliana Marcelino Baus


  15. Lago Brian

    Aquilo : *sings a shopping list*

    me: gets it on itunes

  16. Art by Tam

    absolutely love..

  17. Thay Sprenger

    Isso é tão maravilhoso que chega a doer.

  18. ngvildi

    Honestly how

  19. Вадим Романов

    Russia listens to you guys.

  20. Dorydae

    When are you coming to Australia?

  21. Angel U.K

    Beautiful x

  22. Paula K

    Give me chills....

  23. Riyan Kenneth

    Love this soo badly.......

  24. Fola Kehinde

    Beautiful vocalist.

  25. Ana Victória Amorim

    Até hoje não encontrei uma música deles que eu pudesse dizer que não me agradou. COME TO BRAZIL, AQUILO! ❤️

  26. Everaldo Santos

    esses caras são muito bons....gosto de todas as musicas ....These guys are very good .... I like all the songs

  27. Jess O'Neill

    Out of curiosity, how come there's so many Portuguese fans?

    Esther Menezes

    * Brazilians fans :D

    Alex J Miranda

    "Aquilo" in portuguese means "That". But I don't think it explains something haha. I don't know, maybe we have good taste for music. .-.

    Alex J Miranda

    and yeah, we're brazilians

    Esther Menezes

    Alex J Miranda, eu vi em um comentário de um dos vídeos da banda que ela se chama "Aquilo" devido um deus da mitologia romana.

    Esther Menezes

    Mas eu também achei que era algo ligado ao nosso idioma ahsuhahs, essa banda é genial, e realmente, nós somos brasileiros com bom gosto! :)

  28. Gabriel Bordem

    Nossa apaxonado por esses caras, essa music traz uma Sensaçao tão boa... eles tem que vim pro br fazer uma turne

  29. Juliana Feitoza

    af amo tanto

  30. Mary B

    Wow amazing

  31. Jamerson Santos

    Curte pessoal:

  32. Letícia Gonçalves

    amoooo todas... orgasmos múltiplos de satisfação RS😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

    Gonzalo Gallego

    porno gay

  33. N B


  34. Letícia Gonçalves


  35. Tammy Kouri

    More music from these guys please!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Alexandre Borcem

    gente esse caras são perfeitos..........olha amava coldplay,mas esse caras ....

  37. Tammy Kouri

    OMGGG how old is this guy! His music is sooo sexy. I'm a huge fan!!!

    Liyah D.

    Tammy Kouri it's actually two guys...

  38. Yasmin de Paula

    Thank you guys for your work, you have no idea how much your music inspires me. I already love you 💙

  39. Patrícia Gomes

    wonderfull 😍

  40. Kiki Kiki

    Absolutely incredible talent! Just saw you guys on Soundcloud and it's really rare to hear real music with all this tech music! Please keep posting I garuntee you'll be stars in a blink of an eye !

  41. Melanie

    You guys are amazing 💗

  42. Robson Roberto

    Depois que ouvi You There no comercial da Unilever, fui logo procurar quem cantava...e logo me apaixonei pelas músicas ❤

    Emilaine Barbosa

    somos dois ❤

    Nah Frnds

    Compartilhamos a mesma história. Impossível não se apaixonar!!!

    Maria Hyuuga

    somos três :3

    N B

    eu tbem!

  43. Iammind gamutchat

    Send me back to another place

  44. Vilma Rosa

    e música da fuga da árvore fantástica ,sublime, maravilha.

  45. T R

    that's beautiful

  46. Joey Blair

    omg, simply just beautiful.

  47. Joey Blair

    omg, simply just beautiful.

  48. Andressa Floriano

    Essa música é mágica, que sensação maravilhosa ao escuta-la. Está na lista das minhas favoritas ❤

  49. Rafaela Sá

    💙 é realmente profundo o que cantam e como cantam

    Andressa Floriano

    Perfeita 😍

    jamilly alves

    e pra fuder os coraçoes !!::(

  50. janine sleiman


  51. CA_TRV

    I love how you guys are honest with your mixes with no post. Keep it guys

  52. lucero Sanki

    these guys will get big soon i can feel it

    Alex Bruzon

    +BubblegumTina Strongly agree


    they deserve more subs, and more fame. they are perfect

    Dani Wells

    @Jean Rendon v

  53. S B


  54. Marlon Castro

    Guys, I came here only to thanks. Thanks for your talent, thanks for your music, thanks for making this amazing music that I didn't have any words to describe. Not only for THIS song, but all the musics from you that I've been listening these days. Congratulations, and please, keep doing more songs like this

  55. jihane jiji

    this is so beautiful .. u guys are amazing

  56. Silk Rhythms


  57. Azul Cruz

    jodeeeerrrr. Me encantan, así de fácil

  58. Carlee Armstrong

    literally the voice of a fucking angel

  59. BingeBitch

    Nice guitar, and great harmony👌🏻

  60. E Pugh

    I can't fucking love you enough

  61. sarah a.

    Ben 😭

  62. Pilar Aguirre

    I love this young man's voice....... Oh my goodness.... absolutely amazing.

  63. Aby Morgan


  64. birdy thompson

    yeah. I love it too

  65. billy williams

    OMG these boys are so great i can't say enough about them and the voice run right through me im so glad i found them i love it so much gives me peace

  66. Svenja Mcrobert


  67. casperbabygirl

    Your awesome guys!!

  68. enrique zuniga

    AMAZING, a mixture of vintage, modern, powerful, beautiful music art works.

  69. Manon Marijs

    i saw them live last friday, they were SO GOOD!

    yamil rincon

    @Manon Marijs where?... i uk or usa?

    Manon Marijs

    @yamil rincon In Amsterdam at PITCH festival

  70. Zeeba1981


  71. Natasha Lawrie

    This is sooooo good. Just amazing! :))))))

  72. Louis G

    every once in a while, a new artist comes along that blows you away. damn.

  73. Larry Grinter

    It doesn't even sound like they're trying. Its like they are just sitting in a room by themselves just getting lost in the song! I could watch this every day until the end of time!

  74. Larry Grinter

    This is my favorite video on YouTube! I would LOVE to see them live! So perfect!

  75. Jesús Ceballos

    One word PERFECTION! this need more views and that guys need to be famous... don't know how found this video but when I' heard it, just fall in love with the song.

  76. Fichot François

    THX Aquilo

  77. roydb100

    Mmmm so smooth, great for late night listening by the fire

    Stephanie Barton

    Same. Late night summers BBQs, fire, breathtaking ❤✌🎶🎵🎼🎹

  78. beautiful galaxy

    your voices are absolutly amazing . The first time I heard you I was! I really think that you're gonna be successful and I hope that everybody in the world will have the opportunity to hear you . Don't change because I love you guys.  BIG KISSES FROM FRANCE <3

  79. David Miller

    This stuff is incredible guys. You guys are going to get huge if you get in front of the right ppl. Get ready for a wild ride, my friends!!

  80. Rosario Perez

    I heard "Human" and was totally blown away, as well as sold in your incredible talent! Your soft and lovely sound was so refreshing to hear yesterday. I bought just about every song on iTunes! Played all your songs for the whole day. You know when you really enjoy listening to amazing music, you end up making your own playlist and call it "LOVE!" Can't wait to more. 💗

  81. Dana Bannister

    such a chill and sexy vibe 💜

  82. karolina Tobon Cataño


  83. karolina Tobon Cataño


  84. R C

    these guys are amazing!!just perfect!!!! 

  85. LGM Mitch

    this is perfect!

  86. Bethany Pal

    I'm not going to lie... I am kinda falling in love with you guys

  87. Riyan Kenneth

    I'm a Dub-step fan but guys you are amazing...something Different..and i love it....

  88. Sarah James

    i want to make sweet love with their voices


    Sarah James geez ya freak! :p


    Sarah James only their voices?

  89. It's RU

    I'm in love with this song <3

  90. HDirt

    What a Great song!

  91. Michelle Alarcon

    such great music

  92. josephena bright

    Such Beautiful Music...

  93. Gustavo Cárdenas

    That deep... congratulations!!!