Aquilo - I Could Fight On A Wall Lyrics

I could fight in a war
It's not something I would choose
But it's something I could prove to you
And I would fight on a wall
Even though I'd fall and bruise
It's still something I would do for you

A subtle change in the wind
I know something's going to move, Something I could never blame on you
Well I should find a friend
They say people come in two
And no ones quite like you it's true
They say people come in two
But no ones quite like you it's true

A line in the sand
Show them what you mean
A line in the sand
To show them what you see
A line in the sand
To show them what you need
A line in the sand
To show them what you see
A line in the sand to show that you need

Give it all away and find the words tonight
Because I'm trying darling
I'm trying not to fight

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Aquilo I Could Fight On A Wall Comments
  1. Shadow Lady

    Can sombody recommend songs and artists similar to this please

  2. Blast

    Damn this music just give all of us a unique feeling.

  3. Nistha Goyal


  4. louisa

    I remember listening to this while painting at home. I can’t believe it was 2 years ago. That sounds really long ago..

  5. ana

    ainda não superei

  6. Elif K.


  7. kittituch13

    Emotional song i love it

  8. Luu Ly **

    This take my soul

  9. Don’t have a name

    Love this song so much ❤️😍from France 🇫🇷

  10. Chris The God

    Greys Anatomy 💙

  11. Kumaran Anand

    Suits brought me here 😃

  12. paladin monocles

    But no one’s quite like you, it’s true


  13. Sindi Ziu

    This song gives me memories I've never had...

  14. eLLe hEleNe

    You guys are so good , love from France ❤️

  15. A L I S H Y A

    This vibe😩❤

  16. Mattia Toni


  17. Jonathan Gough

    OMG the twink is hot

  18. SHADY

    While you are fighting on the wall, please kick Trump off of it


    Amoooooooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. allira 02

    such a beautiful song 🥰🥰🥰

  21. Lucas Souto

    Pq tem tanto br aqui? ksks

  22. Marissa Schroeder

    rip train

    Dancing lions den. 6294

    Rip them

  23. Retro Wanderlust

    The first seconds gave me like a tinkerbell vibe lol

  24. Larissa Santos

    essa musica aparece em um filme só lembro qual, se alguém souber por favor comente

  25. Sofa Gabuldani

    there are 103 carriage

  26. Isa Frencis

    This song never fails to make me cry

  27. Ina Rosadi

    imagine your on a roadtrip with your best friend in the whole world, in the middle of nowhere, hearing this song and staring at the stars

  28. Cherfan Cherfan

    I subscribed❤

  29. Vinny

    Que paz imensa na minha alma !

  30. hessah

    Iam her not because of #suits I also love your song ❤💙💜👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  31. Harper B

    Whoever disliked this song........why?

  32. Luiza Oliveira

    Cada música é um sonho
    É uma uma viagem que meu corpo e alma faz
    Sinto-me renovada
    De alma limpa, com energia boa
    Cada toque do som, da voz da doce canção faz meu coração acelerar e assim volta a pulsar....
    By: Eu ❤ Obrigada por existir Aquilo 🧘🏼‍♀️✨

  33. dana al bakri

    my fav song of yours ever since i discovered you guys <3

  34. Matheus Queiroz

    só to aqui por causa de Greys Anatomy kkkk

  35. slayking hj

    Who is here after Grey's anatomy

  36. Main Everything

    hermosa canción

  37. Igor Rafael

    Vocês são maravilhosos! <3

  38. Jahni Samarista

    Listen to Bon Iver you guys, you'll say Aquilos copied them.

  39. Jahni Samarista

    Bon Iver

  40. Agustín Díaz

    Algunas de sus canciones me han hecho llorar, una hermosa banda

  41. 15,000 subs with no videos challenge

    My old co-worker introduced me to this band. She was perfect and even though she had a boyfriend I wished I could've had her for myself. I wish I still knew her but life has a way of carrying everyone in different directions. Oh well.. here's to good music and a great future!

  42. phyllis

    So beautiful ❤❤

  43. sanghyuk gab


  44. N.T .L.V.R

    Definition of perfection

  45. dmrs

    Yo: sus tonos son tan tristes.
    También Yo: me encanta.

  46. Lucas Stipp

    wheres this place?

  47. Tom Carneiro

    Heard it on Grey's Anatomy. :D

  48. Sarah D

    Thanks Grey's Anatomy! Beautiful song!

  49. Kareen Wayvines

    Beautiful song!!!

    Grey's Anatomy brought me here Season 14 Episode 13 ending song

  50. Carl Vincent Manmano

    TBH I came here because of Greys Anatomy and it was worth it

  51. godlovesugly

    Thank you Grey's Anatomy for introducing me to this amazing song 🙏🏽 so peaceful

  52. fureyize

    Grey’s Anatomy brought me here 😍

  53. Italiana 7

    What is this song about to you guys?

  54. grski.

    just discovered! this is sick!

  55. shaylen sanders

    This song is so enchanting

  56. RyleyNeedsALife

    I honestly appreciate these two so much, they help me with so much, the music calms me, helps me feel happy. ☺️❤️

  57. mohamed fawzy

    is that train when he will pass ? XD so long

  58. Zina

    Lovely music! These guys definitely know who Bon Iver is :-)

  59. Dr. Deth

    Hate this Bon Iverish emasculated vocals

  60. Chaitanya Majji



    AQUILO, come to RIO!

  62. Lucy Kim

    Meu Deus!!! O tanto de comentários de BR 😍
    Eu vou chorar de emoção 😊❤

  63. Potato head

    I feel like Iam standing there and watching them go.

  64. Raildes Silva

    Minha insuportável dor de dente deu uma trégua, depois dessa musica. ♡

  65. 안신영

    I'm so lucky to have found them on YouTube

  66. Poeira Estelar

    Aaah mais uma pra playlist ❤

  67. Rutu Shah

    Beautiful song♥️♥️ love it

  68. Danny P


  69. Glecia Dias

    Amei, Banda top 😍

  70. John Macleod

    This is the first song I'd heard by Aquilo and was highly delighted by quality lyrics vocals and production.

  71. lulu

    view todo dia

  72. vic b

    I love these lovers!  their last CD from Amazon is worn out on my player!

  73. Ben Jensen

    Great song, I love the simple yet awesome video!

  74. Marco Martínez Alvarado

    Great! I listen from Costa Rica. Lots of good vibes for you guys.

  75. vjr1ok

    Yet again another beautiful song, reminds me of another favourite of mine....Bon Iver. Well done guys👍🏻

    Harper B

    vjr1ok omg i love Bon Iver too! My favorite is Roslyn

  76. Bruno Vicente

    Please come to Brazil! ❤

  77. Rhythmgame

    Esses dois ♡
    Pensei que só tinha eu de br aquiii

  78. Ashleigh L

    uhm yesss! 💜💜

  79. John Macleod

    Radio one excel again by finding a griuptand song as wonderful as Aquilo are.

  80. John Mark Tuno

    They say people come in two
    But no one's quite like you, its true.

    I love this so much!

  81. Raiane Bueno

    Aquilo, suas músicas me dá paz, todas maravilhosas e se Deus quiser, quando vierem para o Brasil, darei um jeito de conhecer vcs. 😍😍😍

  82. Cassia Batista

    Brasil comendo feio nos comentários 💛

  83. Ryan Kuhn

    How is your voice that amazing

  84. BingeBitch

    They continue to deliver the best music

  85. rain51db

    Best music videos.

  86. Punit Verma

    Breathtaking as always <3

  87. Michelle Bennett

    Straight up sounded like Bon Iver

  88. jorge magaña


  89. Bruna Voltan


  90. Bruna Voltan

    Obrigada minha santa da música boa

  91. Bruna Voltan

    Heart bleeding

  92. 아카시아나무

    Love you guys:)
    From south Korea🇰🇷

  93. onigiribozu


  94. Rafaela Diniz