Aquilo - Calling Me Lyrics

A light piece of glass
Begins to fall, it makes me wonder
How do I make use of this?
I stumble around to find that
This is all I've got
I stumble around to find that
This is all I need

Oh, and the wake up is calling me home
And the wake up is calling me home
And the wake up is calling me home
And the wake up is calling me

A sudden thought of disbelief
Clouds my every conscience
But how do we seek refuge here?
I panic a bit to find out that
This is all I've got
I panic a bit to find out that
This is all I need

Oh, and the wake up is calling me home
And the wake up is calling me home
And the wake up is calling me home
And the wake up is calling me

How could I misstep?
Trouble might speak back
How could I misstep?
Trouble might speak back

Oh, and the wake up is calling me home
And the wake up is calling me home
And the wake up is calling me home
And the wake up is calling me

Oh, and the wake up is calling me home
And the wake up is calling me home
And the wake up is calling me home
And the wake up is calling me

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Aquilo Calling Me Comments
  1. 1k subs with 2 bad videos

    We hate the cishets but crush on them anyway😩

  2. Rousse sing

    Uff what a great voice

  3. kewalS rT

    What a tune ;) hello from Poland !!

  4. Kayla Norman

    I hate that such a normal, platonic touch is what made the other guy pop off. Like...okay?

  5. Jose Robert Rosas Carranza

    The Good Doctor ahahaha

  6. Amine Marsh

    love is love 🏳️‍🌈

  7. Robin Pandey

    0:52 thought that was Hardwell for a sec

  8. Ziyanda Zwane

    Wow... These people are just jealous... Have you seen your face??? You can't go out looking that adorable...

  9. Cod mouse

    The fact aquilo means "that" in Portuguese hits me hard

  10. Sharad Majumdar

    You don't dab on your haters, you pirouette around them.

  11. Ulf Utstrand

    ...its a long way down...................................

  12. Corey Lord

    The people that bully and hate LGBTs are the most emotional and envious.

  13. Alexis’ shame death's destuction

    YES BABE DANCE ON THESE FOOLS. But also I hope you find love and friendship and oh my lord ;^;

  14. Jasmine

    Omg I’m four years late but I LOVE this

  15. carbohydrate

    LGBTQ people are so strong.

  16. Thirsty B*tch

    i danced around my bullies and they avoided me until graduation, bitches cant handle my dance moves

  17. Gonzalo Arvietti

    SEE A LITTLE LIGHT by BELINDA male version

  18. The Husbands Toches

    4 years and we still listen to this. Anyone else? (Dic 2019)

  19. Remy


    Who is the dancer?

  20. Palmer Thompson

    Why can’t songs like this be on the radio

  21. Ortsac_Alanis

    Vc queria lágrimas Aquilo? então toma

  22. darkluna700

    it is a danco. thats it 3e3. lollllllllllllllllllllllll++++++++++++++++ (96)+++++++

  23. Tonn A.B.

    Eu queria Aquilo.. '-'

  24. 猫ちゃん

    I really want to hug him tightly 😭💕

  25. JeremyS

    2:51 He really snatched that bander.

  26. ButterMilk armidilo

    Ah yes gay sweater weather

  27. Diego Dillan

    I see a cute boy on the thumbnail, I click.

  28. Regis Freitas

    Algum br?

  29. Darkish Bright

    Why do im feeling weird listening to this kind of music. Maybe im used of listening to k pop music. Emotional song isnt just my type.

    Velvetyspring official

    I'm an upbeat songs listener type of person, even when I'm sad ( it's weird I know) but damn some of these emotional songs out there are just too good to ignore!

  30. Tre’ Blaze

    yasssss this song is awesome and i love the freeform dance at the end he seemed sooooo liberated

  31. miloradvlaovic

    Da' fu*k are those three twats always doing outside on that bench? Is their as*es homeless?

  32. Kat E

    Can anyone lip read what the bullies are saying?

  33. Tohardtocreatename

    Someone from 2019? New songs pls

    Christopher Talley

    In need of more queer friendly videos?


    Christopher Talley yes

  34. Liban Dalak

    It is very difficult to be alone among all✊

  35. DANNY

    Que bonito canta😍

  36. wanessa

    this is so underrated i'm so lucky to have found this <3

  37. jack xBox360



    meu amigo mre recomendou muito bom

  39. chaz atoms

    how do i not these artist...amazing

  40. J. J.

    Ballet is an art. There's no need for any required genders when it comes to art.

  41. Profit Fires

    The metaphor of the video you wouldn't understand take lsd.or mdma and watch the video it perfectly it will amaze you this is one.of.the best metaphorical videos great concept people think it's but.uts so.much.more

  42. Ktip Bomb

    This song is so beautiful

  43. Animatizando

    Aquilo means "That" in Portuguese

  44. This Boi Loves P!nk

    We all know “that look” he just gave him at 1:25 😂

  45. Arám Al-Kurdy

    I wish I could freeze bullies like that in reality

  46. Lucca Radhuany

    cade os BR que clicaram por que perceberam que o nome dele é um Pronome Demonstrativo?

  47. Fabiana Miranda

    Melhor música e vídeo 😭😍

  48. sofia

    being a dance gay is the hardest am i right

  49. Santiago Morales

    imlate, 2019 someone?

  50. Zestful Zeitgeist

    good music, awful video.

  51. jeffry Tao

    1:47 was where my heart broke

  52. Hampton Kashikyri

    ~^< ❤ >^ and ~ ^< ❤ >^~ WE ARE THE SANCTUARY, THE HEALING PLACE..

  53. marie Saint clair

    I love this song 💕❤️

  54. Lu Moon

    o choro com certeza é livre

  55. Anngell Mochi

    Como eu nunca tinha escutado essa música? Hino

  56. Nikki Notes

    The memory’s of that push literally broke my mind
    A year ago my crush and I went to the dance with our friends and something happened and he just started crying, he pushed me away and let everyone else help him
    I hate it, having a straight crush. He seems to hate only me.
    It sucks being in love😔

  57. Hannah

    Now we know how James Charles feels

  58. The Uno Life


  59. sheddinglove s

    You there is my favorite to i cant belive its been 5 to 3 years since its came out you are definitely underrated i hope you gaine more followers

  60. Kamy Loka

    Melhor música e vídeo 😢❤️

  61. Chechita Vlogs

    I never thought about this.

  62. Manuele Sabina

    Que perfeição

  63. Karen Carney

    Im a bicurious woman...and this video turned me into *an instant gay man* from within. Powerful music video. Great melody. As they say in Polish, 'nas'trovia!'

  64. Vladimir Bratus - Vladivostok

    chfpe dcgjvbyf. gfybyf? ,ktfnm

  65. Alexandre Therezo

    por onde anda essa dupla gente?

  66. MLG

    so many years later and I'm still quite moved by the music and movement, thank you!

  67. Shawn Ray Heyrosa

    This reminds me of The OA. Great show. Great music video. 💚💚

  68. Hunter Woodard

    Anyone know the actor dancing?

  69. Alex Gouveia

    This guy is Fionn Whitehead??

  70. Adam Whitbread

    I thought he was gonna round house kick one of them at first

  71. Leila Hemestretch

    Do you think "The Wake Up" is the name of the dance club?

  72. GRIZZLY bear

    .. beautiful song 👍

  73. Fernando Amorim Gouveia


  74. Namir Kitsune

    i love this song :)

  75. MLG

    still, so beautiful and inspiring

  76. Fernando Amorim Gouveia


  77. Jonathan Gough

    He is so hotttttt

  78. lh dollbaby

    Looooove it!!!¡!

  79. vai lá bebê

    Essa banda é brasileira ou só tem o nome em português?

    Sad Cat

    É só o nome mesmo

  80. Fernando Amorim Gouveia

    Melhor vídeo 💙💙💙💙💙

  81. Niqui B


  82. archangela D'Souza

    at 2:51 I actually thought he was gonna kick tem

  83. rosé stan

    the message behind it is so fucking gorgeous

  84. beareatsyourass

    im 4 years late but wow this music is so beautiful :)

  85. Vinny

    he kind of looked like mr beast in the thumbnail


    Like it beautiful song

  87. Aishah Hanani

    sad queer boy,
    you're not alone.

  88. Junior Andrade

    pqp nega melhor banda

  89. Revoked Chant Label & Gadboa

    was in love with a man -

  90. UB ART Gallery

    miss you guys... Still waiting for new songs

  91. Harper B

    I have figuratively watched this video 100 times. I still love it.

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    Galera escutem na velocidade 0.75x socooorrooo

  93. Garrett Kolling

    Now is no time at all...

  94. Ronieli Pereira

    I met this duo in 2019, I'm in love.
    Someone in January!

  95. Ronieli Pereira

    Muy Bueno

  96. Alcha Pratama

    1:50 gay in denial