Aquilo - Best Of Us Go Down Lyrics

So long problems, I have seen enough
I have seen it tear apart and break away the trust
So long brothers, I have said enough
I have seen the best of us, go down and not come up
The best of us, go down and not come up
The best of us, go down and not come up

I should know now, I have stayed too long,
I have seen the best of us, fly high and hit the Sun
So long brothers, I have said too much
I have seen the best of us, go down and not come up

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Aquilo Best Of Us Go Down Comments
  1. Chael

    nxire used that one beautifully

  2. José Carlos Henriques de Sousa

    Cadê os Br's??

  3. talon1994

    As beautiful as this song is, it reminds me of friends I lost in Afghanistan. Which also helps with the unimaginable pain, guilt, grief, and demons I brought back. Still an amazing song.

  4. lesego khama

    I've beeeeeeen looking for this song aaaaahhhhhhhhh😭😭😭🌹

  5. Pedro Albuquerque



    wow, I thought it says "The best of us go down in alcohol" (This would be even better, lol). Anyway, the song is just great.

  7. Ben Jensen

    When no one will like your comment ....... like you own

  8. Asby

    The void is pleased with this people music.

  9. Ben Jensen

    In the background are they singing : #1 just breathe #2 oh please #3 oh babe

  10. EAB961996

    1:09 if you listen closely it sounds like puppies yapping in the background. Cannot unhear lmao

  11. Nebula Faye

    This song gives me chills...

  12. Ben Jensen

    1284th like!!!!!!! Amazing song

  13. failednewyears

    rest in peace.

  14. frog

    I like the crow noise

  15. frog

    It sounds like he's saying oh please

    Nebula Faye

    d0qpaws or ''just breathe"

  16. ashluv

    stefan and damon :(

  17. Norm j

    I love these guys omg.

  18. Darien Bowen

    Pandora though

  19. scott lee

    I wonder if its possible to get a license for this for art projects? Commercial projects?

  20. Key Jaimes

    This song makes me feel free!

  21. Sidney Childs

    I want this song playing at my funeral.

    Daniel Trujillo

    Sidney Childs damn that's deep


    Sidney Childs I play it when I miss my friends that have passed.. it's LEGIT all the best ones.

    Chris Swales

    Sidney Childs I agree with you, I want this at my funeral as well.


    Sidney Childs I can relate

  22. theunusualtwo

    How do they manage to make every single song on their EP sound great? This is amazing

  23. Alicia Castelo

    Is this in spotify?
    It's amazing

  24. New Wave Italiana

    this is an edit / remix I did of this amazing song. Thanks for watching

  25. luiz martins

    bom estilo de música!

  26. Girlgamegirl

    Just heard this song on one of the snap of Joe Jonas, and I really like it. Thanks Shazam to exist, I wouldn't have been able to find it without you ahah

  27. harlin min

    i could happily departure from this lifetime while listening to this melody

  28. code13bmb

    Yo this song was just taken off of iTunes! Possibly Spotify as well. Does anyone know why?

  29. LovelyxImperfect

    There is not a single song of theirs that I couldn't put on repeat and play forever!

  30. Mykky XIII

    This song is so gorgeous that I knew I had to remix it. If anyone wants to check it out, it's on my YouTube channel. If you could also leave feedback, that would mean a lot.

  31. Ed Moore

    These guys will be massive


    +Ed Moore will...I don't know, should....yeah, deserve....hell yeah!

  32. jon silva

    Amazing !

  33. Karolina Kalitan

    very similar to Kamp! love it.

  34. Haze Godz

    This song is beautiful

    Reminds me of a lot of cherishing moments I spent with my amazing girlfriend 😊💕

  35. Amaury Infierno

    Somebody got some more information about this guy's

    birdy thompson

    I just discovered them too. I don't know where they came from,but I know they're going places.


    +Amauryhell Ramirez they're from England. Tom & Ben. Tom is usually who you hear the most singing from but Ben does a lot of the instruments and backing vocals

  36. g57av02

    These guys are the Mutts Nuts!!

    birdy thompson

    the mutts nutts. okay ,I mean, shit,that's funny. I like it

  37. Dana Bannister

    I could listen to this for hours

    Haze Godz

    You could say that again


    +Dana Bannister I have been listening to it for hours. Like 6 hours straight, cuz I can't get over it.