Aquilina, Lauren - King Lyrics

You're alone, you're on your own, so what?
Have you gone blind?
Have you forgotten what you have and what is yours?
Glass half empty, glass half full
Well either way you won't be going thirsty
Count your blessings not your flaws

You've got it all
You lost your mind in the sound
There's so much more
You can reclaim your crown
You're in control
Rid of the monsters inside your head
Put all your faults to bed
You can be king again

You don't get what all this is about
You're too wrapped up in your self doubt
You've got that young blood, set it free

You've got it all
You lost your mind in the sound
There's so much more
You can reclaim your crown
You're in control
Rid of the monsters inside your head
Put all your faults to bed
You can be king

There's method in my madness
There's no logic in your sadness
You don't gain a single thing from misery
Take it from me

You've got it all
You lost your mind in the sound
There's so much more
You can reclaim your crown
You're in control
Rid of the monsters inside your head
Put all your faults to bed
You can be king

You've got it all
You lost your mind in the sound
There's so much more
You can reclaim your crown
You're in control
Rid of the monsters inside your head
Put all your faults to bed
You can be king again

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Aquilina, Lauren King Comments
  1. ULTRA NOVA The Galaxy Warrior

    This song reminds me of my friendship with my old neighbor.. she was popular and she moved... she recently moved back but for the time she was gone.. I lived bad luck...
    Friends moving/leaving
    I kept thinking about her and always cried...
    I miss Ryan...

  2. Viktor Nikiforov

    do you ever feel really lonely even if loads of people and friends are around you? they talk to me, we laugh at jokes and smile a lot but i just can’t stop feeling really lonely...

  3. Sally Superwoman

    *You are broken, unhinged, and out of place...*

    ***But so are shooting stars***

  4. Hed wig

    Thanks to my friend, Becca from Scholastic for recommending me this!

  5. uwu edits

    I cried to this song I don't know why..? (╥﹏╥)

  6. m g

    Don’t look at me this song always makes me tear up

  7. JACK

    I love this song so much‼︎😂😂😂

  8. Leomel Fatalla

    Put all your faults to bed, You can be king again.

  9. Zümrüt Orhan

    "Probably, I won't be able to look forward for summer for a long time, and my chest will hurt too."

    -Takegawa Hotaru

  10. Kaye Celyn Cheng

    Hotaru x gin

  11. crave

    This remind me of Edmund from Narnia, his redemption and how he matured in the films and books

  12. Sam Naokwegijig

    I hate this song just kidding I love this song

  13. Erise Stoneheart

    This is one of my favourite songs!

  14. Hairless_Monkeys

    I want all the replies to this comment to be song recommendations

  15. Wolfie Skies

    I know I’m like 2 years late but here is my story...

    My life was fine until I moved to Maryland and left all my friends...It almost costed my best friend’s (to this day) and my friendship and it did cost my dog’s life...during school, all the work didn’t help so in the end, I got anxiety but it has helped me realize that, “I can be a Queen once again!”, so I ended up gaining so more life experience and it has helped in the long run. (You probably won’t read this...I just wanted to get it out of my system...)

  16. Sai Divakar

    Please change the title from"KING"to"YOU CAN BE KING AGAIN".
    you're losing your audience.

  17. Sara Abbood

    Tedros and Agatha in a nutshell

  18. Dhimas W.N

    Thanks a lot for this song. It heal me so much. Thank you

  19. Janelle Woodard

    i been dealing with depression for the past 8 years i am 17 now and the past 3 years have been hardest years for me i am still very suicidal i cut myself everyday my mind just been too much for me to handle i been in two mental hospitals in the past 2 years because of a suicide attempt and i tried killing myself again two weeks ago people say that they are there for me but they barely even talk to me i feel like i am alone my family just gave up and said that there is no hope for me my dad got sick of it and gave me his gun to kill myself right then and there after that my dad said that i should go kill myself and he wouldn't care i just can't handle this anymore i feel like letting go completely i want to die i don't want to keep living i gave up on everything.......


    @Janelle Woodard Snapchat?

    Janelle Woodard

    @L_Lambsonburn yes i have twitter @JanelleWoodar14 profile pic is my black dog with light brown eyes


    @Janelle Woodard found u, ur dog cute btw

    Janelle Woodard

    @L_Lambsonburn thanks sorry for late reply i computer stopped working for awhile


    Janelle Woodard That’s not a problem, I’ve messaged u on Twitter

  20. itznot_krystals

    *is speechless because of how this will effect depressed people in great way and is a great no awesome song*

  21. Jackie Elliott

    This song reminds me of Marco and Jean from attack on Titan

  22. 《Its Yumiko》


    They're on the screen, idiot

  23. Julia Kiely

    This song has made me cry for hours....

  24. _ fiersa _

    Hotarubi amv

  25. Lunar Eclipse

    >(^-^)> have a hug, you look like you need one.

  26. Ravenn Blöøm

    Captions Lyrics.
    Your Your Your Your
    Swords have you come right
    have you forgotten
    what you have and what is yours
    Clothes -tea
    gloves are for
    well in the way you wont be going thirsty come your being sings no your float.
    You've got it all you lost your mind in the sound theres so much more you can recline your crowd you're in control rid of all the monsters in some the origin
    Put all your faults to build
    You can be king again
    You dont get water so about your two verbs self doubt you've got that it is free
    You've got it
    You lost your mind in the south
    theres so much more you can recall
    you're in control rid of the monsters in your head
    You can be king
    The i
    In your sevens you dont gain us bingo
    take it from me
    You've got it all you lost your mind in the south there is so much more
    You can be clear your crap you're in control rid of the monsters inside your head
    put all your faults to build.
    You can be king
    You've got it I'll show my
    Theres so much more you can recline
    Control rid of the more servings are
    Oh your phones too
    You can be king again

  27. KayleeGachaStudios :3

    A friend of mine on Roblox suggested this to me and so now I'm here.
    Also, it sounds amazing.

  28. Isabella Evans

    One night, my closest and most trusted friend, who I told everything, who I trusted more than anyone, stopped talking to me.
    After weeks of pestering through text she finally texted me why she wouldn't talk to me
    "Your too depressed"
    That betrayal almost sent me over the edge, but I guess i'm still too cowardly.
    It's okay because I still have hope.
    Sorry i'm too depressed for you Kayla, wish you the best and I promise i'll try to get better

  29. Resty Cortez


  30. Min Marian

    I feel like singing this to wonho..

  31. Kitty Meow

    I always knew this was a sad song from the melody, but when I watched this video, I broke down because it perfectly described the emptiness and loneliness that I feel on a daily basis due to anxiety and depression.

  32. zandra marie

    i remember hotarubi no moni e =<<

  33. Christina Lubumad


  34. Nancy Singh Maurya

    My ears - this is beauty....

  35. Rochelle Stevens

    you have the prettiest voice whoever you are ❤

    Himanshu Singh

    U r right 😄💙💛

  36. Mari

    My girlfriend sent this to me whenever I was stressed, sad, anything negative..She says she’s not good with words so she gives me this song, nothing else in this world could ease me more.

  37. scarlett horae

    this is literally s4 arthur and you can't change my mind

  38. scarlett horae

    That song arthur pendragon's anthem

  39. ardhi nugraha wahid

    Founding this song after several years, derp.. 😣😣😣

  40. random anime fan

    *it* *was* *a* *very* *short* *summer* *...*

  41. Joyce Pascua

    Hi, may I ask what app do you use to create lyrics video . pls, thank you

  42. Purple Mushishi

    The lyrics is so powerful 😢

  43. Farking Beach

    "Come here hotaru, i can finally touch you"

    Still here 2019


    Same broh:) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year<3

    Farking Beach

    Thx bruh:)

  44. Shinjini Bose

    My broken heart is wrapped up in sadness...

  45. FaitheuPurple Chan

    I always repeat my mistakes....
    I just want to be strong and fight my negative side of myself but sometimes its hard😣😭

  46. syafiq sanusi

    *_Here before 10M views_*

  47. Kenyce

    3 years ago I used to have no social life, chatting on online chatting rooms I became friends with so many lovely strangers. We used to Skype. Used to play this on loop back then. I truly miss them everyone, I hope they're doing the best in life. This song just floods in memories

  48. Tiniya

    I found this song like 2 months ago, didn't liked it that much. Just now, I watched HOTARUBI NO MORI E and fell in love with this song. If you want to see something simple and refreshing, watch this movie. You won't regret it 😉

  49. Luna

    I feel so much better now after hearing this song again

  50. yeet Yeet

    Hey! I found you! I’ve been looking for ages. You have no idea. How you been? You doing okay? You know I’m always here for you, right? It’s alright if you aren’t alright! Just take a deep breath and calm down. Easy does it, bud. It’s okay. It’ll all turn out alright. I’m so glad the world gets to have you in it. Like, could you even imagine if it didn’t? It would just be so much worse. I’m so happy you’re here, haha! Anyways, have a good day! See you again soon!

  51. predator king

    I was in a really dark place at one moment in my life....but i was lucky to be more stubborn than a badger so i fought and i wasn't gonna let some sadness ruin MY LIFE!!! Remember that some of you aren't that lucky...i know that....but have hope and be stubborn....regain your life

  52. Lex System

    you know that feeling where you feel like you aren't allowed to feel sad?

  53. 으르브


  54. Ariya Fayt

    Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in isolation and music helps me feel like I'm not alone even if I sometimes am

  55. Sarah Othman

    I am crying this song is so beautiful l love it and if you love it to put like 😢😢😢💔

  56. Bonnie

    This song makes me emotional. Normally I feel emotionless and I don’t really cry.. but this song kinda shows a side of me that I don’t like

  57. Sliced Grapes

    Oh god, I mever seen the anime but that one video made me cry and I'm gonna cry again

  58. Enlightened and Forgiven

    Quite a while ago I went out with a narcissist and it destroyed me, this song was "our song" you could say, when she broke up with me (for the third time and third heartbreak) I stopped listening to this song, until recently (I hadn't listened to it for almost two years. Now I believe it was this song that cured the mental injuries I had had from those 7 months with her. Thank you, so much.

  59. titiksha sharma

    Such great lyrics
    Such a beautiful voice ❤️
    I don't get it why it's so underrated

  60. Froilan fir Flores

    The meaning of the song make your self confidence & make you better! out of you sell, achive your goals'", how hard just keep it up and achive your crown that monster on your head meaning so mucchhh problem!! 😍
    Ok im done!! thanks me later lauren aquilla plssss visit here site i love the song smooth relaxing chill..... and have meaning .......

  61. Bakahoe _Katsushit

    Why is everyone here depressed and or have anxiety?

  62. Naomi

    I listened to this and said I wouldn’t cry

    I failed

  63. LaLxisaa

    Why does a lyric video have more views than the actual song that's so frustrating

  64. PotatoSlaps

    Make this song louder than your problems

  65. Your worst nightmare

    i dont know whats the meaning of the song but i like it :P

  66. WolfDritten L

    Damn this song makes me's so beautiful ;3; I can't believe I forgot about it...
    Good luck to everyone else dealing with mental orders and crap like anxiety and depression!! <3 <3

  67. Dream Desk

    You’re so British

  68. bruh69

    Was thinking about seven deadly sins and one thing led to another and I found this song again after like 3 years

  69. blah

    This song calms me a lot <3 thank you lauren

  70. Hewa hunja

    Best song🤩

  71. Bubbles Utonium

    A Diabolik Lovers fanfiction lead me here. I loved it so much.

  72. Kat Uvanile

    For all of you who are suffering from depression, I hope you all find the love and support you need. You are loved 💕 You are beautiful 💕 You are the best you can be, and the reason why people might not like you is because they want to BE you 💕💕 Stay strong, fight hard, never give up! 💕💕💕💕

    And for those of you going around and saying all these comments about people being suicidal are fake:
    Shut your damn mouth!
    Think about it. Most of the people here have depression, have tried to end their life!! Respect the fact that they were strong enough to make it out alive! Go live your rotten little life and have a damn good day ._.

  73. Fiona _

    I am always listening to this after I cried, because it helps me to hype myself up.
    Its really weird. After I cry, I listen to this song and dance like a fool in my room, until I feel better and it really works😂

  74. Alaa M.

    You're in control
    Rid of the monsters in your head

    *Not exactly how depression works but Ok Boomer*

    Alaa M.

    I actually like the song but that's what I thought the first time I heard that

  75. editor nt

    i just watch star butterfly vs. the forces of evil then it lead me to this.

  76. Mac Tac

    "Count your blessings not your flaws"
    I felt that

  77. Lilly Kubo

    how come i wanna wear a crown now

  78. laura wysocki

    Why does this song remind me of The Lion King 😂

  79. Delcy Medrano

    She ugly

  80. Gacha Miri

    After all the decisions you've made, you'll still end up reading this comment :))

  81. Rizalulhaq

    Ooo poor Hotaru😭😭😭😭

  82. so what?

    Fuck it

  83. Jelly on Toast

    *Hotarubi no mori e*
    Only legends know this anime and why is has something to do with this song :(

  84. Dark Angel 4289 Gaming Channel

    This song kind of motivates me but the meaning hits a cold heart

  85. Amirah Hassan

    This was made to make me cry

  86. pheejeypi

    Thd moment I heard Tagu-taguan by Moira it reminded me of this song.

  87. Authy Bonita

    WAITTTT Lauren sanggggg this!????? 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  88. Negaaative

    When I listen to this song I think about my boyfriend who lives 200km away from me, is bullied in His school, cuts and has suicidal thoughts because of His family. I told Him that He's my king and he'll get through this and showed this song. He liked it and its still hard as hell but we keep going and one day we will win.

    Just my story...

  89. kawii bugs

    This reminds me of the throne of glass series. Anyone else?

  90. IHasARareName Æged?

    Rewatched this at least 10 times or more now 😁


    This really is a great song.

  92. Azoz Marwni

    من راندر انستا

  93. Rushingwater

    Wait, I’ve listened to this before? When?

  94. Opfi Pip

    There is only one true KING worth of this title: Jesus Christ

  95. Guess_my_name

    When I can’t find the words to tell my friends/family they are strong and will regain control over their lives again, I remember this song. The words are just so powerful and give me hope and the will to not give up ...
    “You don’t gain a single thing from misery ...”

  96. spinel gem

    I just wanna say something:

    You may be sad now but give it time things will get better soon, I know you feel like your trapped like you'll never be happy again, but you will, healing takes time so try to bear with it just a little longer.

    You are not alone.
    You are loved.
    You will be happy again.

    Don't lose hope.


  97. Emicorn

    I lovw this song!