Aqualung - Over Lyrics

Don't say its not over
When you know it isn't true
You know its a useless thing to do

This must be love
Theres no overseen calamity
No accindental tragedy

Get off me
Get off me oh, your breaking my heart
Get off me girl you know you are

I knew, this would, happen
I saw it coming miles away
I couldn't get out of the way

So she kisses me, and she thinks shes seeing tears in my eyes,
Thinks I'm trying not to cry

Get off me
Get off me oh your breaking my heart
Get off me girl you know you are

Don't touch me oh I don't need anybody
Get of me girl...girl...girl...girl, girl

Don't you say you love me
When you know it isn't true
You know its a useless thing

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Aqualung Over Comments
  1. Johan Ericson

    This story reminds me of Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX... If you read the news and stories put out by other media it's Elon that is inventing and designing everything his companies make. Kind of sad that the true engineers and scientists are not put in the spotlight. Don't want to discredit Musk or Cousteau, just saying that there are more people involved.

    Anyways, great video as always!

  2. owen mougenot

    Hi Alec.I thought that the removeable exhaust made it easier to change the duck bill valve without removing the clips? I see that there was not one in that reg? Without wagon wheel valves in the mouthpiece it would be difficult to clear the water in the hoses. Did anyone ever play around with the idea of a purge cord or lever to the regulator body in the back?take care Owen m

  3. b st john

    Can you do a video on the first single hose regulators?

    Guido Mennen

    Already there :)

  4. PROSTO4Tabal

    this is best kind of videos of your channel, just excellent

  5. Mark Stengel

    Hi Alec, I do enjoy the vintage US Divers Aqua Lung Regulator history. Very nice condition, the chrome and the double rubber hose, just wonderful. Enjoyed SCUBA Episode. Happy Holidays🎅🎄

  6. Pete The Handyman

    Awesome Alec,I love learning about dive history! Thanks for all your great videos this year
    Happy holidays sir

  7. Alain Dumesny

    always interested in the real story :) when the jacques Cousteau "L'Odyssée" story (with Lambert Wilson) came out 2 years ago I bought it (on amazon france) for my Dad to see it, and he even said that real life was very different from that movie, having been a long time diver back then and gone with Cousteau team on a dive a few times... I brought it back and enjoy watching it.

  8. diver dave

    YES the clips are still made by Tinnerman !

  9. kev clements

    Wow a full history lesson, very informative keep up the good work.