Aqua - Turn Back Time Lyrics

Give me time to reason,
give me time to think it through
Passing through the season,
where I cheated you

I will always have a cross to wear,
but the bolt reminds me I was there

So give me strength,
to face this test tonight

If only I could turn back time
If only I had said what I still hide
If only I could turn back time
I would stay for the night. For the night...

Claim your right to science
Claim your right to see the truth
Though my pangs of conscience,
Will drill a hole in you

I seen it coming like a thief in the night,
I seen it coming from the flash of your light

So give me strength,
to face this test tonight

If only I could turn back time
If only I had said what I still hide
If only I could turn back time..
I would stay for the night

The bolt reminds me I was there
the bolt reminds me I was there

If only I could turn back time
If only I had said what I still hide
If only I could turn back time
I would stay for the night

[repeat chorus until fades out]

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Aqua Turn Back Time Comments
  1. masa najljepsa maca

    My fav one

  2. Ada Wong Salvatore

    Give me time to reason, give me time to think it through..

  3. Juris Embergs

    Varg Veum

  4. Reform Christopher

    The 1990s was the last time we had a shared culture. Political enemies in the current Internet Age were friends with each other back then, and had a lot in common. Nostalgia can be a sanity-restorer.

  5. Bombah Deputta

    If only i could turn back time... i miss the 90s so much

  6. Rommel Cruz

    Aqua has some great songs, this one is on top! Musically beautiful...

  7. Ricardo Soares

    Aqua ▶️🎧👍

  8. Meluzyna7

    If only I could... <3 This is one of my favorite songs from the '90s ! ;-)

  9. Ninja Kitty

    Turn back time by aqua from 1998’s movie soundtrack sliding doors

  10. Numba1 Heathen

    A million times better than "Barbie Girl"!

  11. sabrinapaulas

    Very Ace of Base. This was their best song.

  12. ForestofTooMuchFood

    Just before they broke up the band.

  13. W D

    Sliding Doors is so perfect

  14. Tomasz z Krakowa

    Wow, let's Cambridge Department of Music...

  15. VADYM Pley

    Гамно я отвечаю

  16. Colin McMahon


    Had been, already.


    It's not easy At All.

    Only a parrot would give meblip like that, and had already

    Same problem. BrrrRRRrrR

  17. 사람축복받은

    This song reminds me of my stay in was 1998 ...lovely..

  18. Dexter Reyes

    If only I could turn back time. I have a few regrets going back. And I remember them clearly. I was too shy to say "I like you" and show my true feelings to that person. To her. And I know she liked me back but I was too shy, too afraid. A coward. Ever since, I never let anything so painful like that happen to me. I try to. If only I could...

  19. Playback Lopez

    My favorite song..

  20. Justice leage

    Who still listening this in 2020 ?


    Me while thinking my mistakes 😂

    Neris AĞIRLAR


    Knight12 dream

    who cares ?

  21. Sondang FKM Simanjuntak

    17 January 2020, anyone? If we can turn back time to this era

  22. MKT

    if only i can turn back time when i use to listen to the whole album as a kid on the VCD in my parents room ... i miss those days 😥
    2020 ❤❤

  23. Random Life

    1998 ang jologs neto. 2020 kakamiss to, san na kaya sila?

  24. tmc dev

    I’m really turn back time i miss old days 😭

  25. Pepe Pert

    If only I could turn back time.. Time machine please! Back to 90s 😢

  26. Luna Noriega Trani

    2020 ❤

  27. k54090

    The best musician from scandinavia besides ace of base

  28. Edill Vieira

    AQUA FOREVER 2020,2021,.......2050.

  29. ya mei

    with no reason

  30. G.Phillips

    I think of my friend when hearing this song. Her and I used to love each other, and would be together almost everyday. We did pretty much everything together, and even dated briefly back in 1999, but called it off because both of us had some issues to work out due to bad past relationships. I got over mine but it took her awhile to trust again. I waited but decided to move on months after. I hurt her bad and eventually lost contact with her for almost 5 years. To this day (2020) I still love her, and she still loves me to the point where we should probably not be alone. The song "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain reminds me of her also, and vise versa. She would always play that song for me when we were together. I miss her so much!

  31. MagiK

    Pepperpotts?!?? :)

  32. ya mei

    hey look she is my girl

  33. XT Squad

    Oh so love this song... we danced this 20yrs ago...

  34. Karen Smith

    If only I could turn back time 😢

  35. masa najljepsa maca

    My favorite song i always back to listen it .... acqua perfect .... sienna tiggy

  36. Vlog da Gabi

    *05/01/2020* 🇧🇷
    *Mais alguém aqui???*

    Davi Guimarães

    Meus 15 anos que nao voltam mais....

  37. Cairoden Cairoden

    January 2020 who's with me come on

  38. Jamie Forsyth

    She actually had a decent singing voice in this song. This track will certainly be forgotten because all people will remember is the goofy Barbie Girl type songs.

    Ro Tyler

    underrated song. The movie it's from isn't too bad either.Sliding doors.

  39. Edenic Ananya

    My favourite

  40. Jason De Guzman

    2020 anyone?

  41. Michael Genji

    Who's here in 2020? Loooool

    Vlog da Gabi

    Simmm 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  42. candy sweet

    January 2020 💓

  43. Anna Pinna


  44. Andrew Rentuaya

    Welcome 2020

  45. FourSeasonsHD

    Beautiful singing. And there could be a slight Bond vibe also.

  46. LeafMoonYT

    Hearing this at the radio today. :)

  47. Austin

    why is this on top of my youtube list

  48. Bernadette Layron

    One of my fav in my childhood days 90's before 2019 ends 🎆🎇

  49. J J M Gavin

    I wish more than anything to turn back time and do everything differently 🙁

  50. Jono Lono


  51. Sahra Tank

    beautiful woman and singer !

  52. Andrew Rentuaya

    When i listen to their other songs this particular song has a sad undertone...

  53. Peso

    HUllum kuumo

  54. Drajat Achmad Imransyah A

    Pepper Poots 10 years before Iron Man / Avengers Era.

  55. Owen McCafferty

    They still around? I thought they were one hit wonders?

  56. Jonathan Avis

    From the film Sliding Doors

  57. Septon Sephgreiafield

    December 2019 anyone ?

    This is a non-profit survey.

    Septon Sephgreiafield

    December 23, 2019 Monday

    Gabriel jason

    Septon Sephgreiafield meee...!!

  58. Jello Spade

    Wow, they can serious songs too?

  59. Juliana A

    Is it the London tube?

  60. Katherin Emili

    I'm sorry is that pepper pots

  61. John Byron Kagahastian

    december 22 2019 still listening to this

    Septon Sephgreiafield

    December 23, 2019 Monday

    Chris Quinn

    December 24th 2019 Christmas eve🎄🎄🎄

  62. Indri Indriani

    this song is eternal❤

  63. A.K Nightfall

    One of the Best songs ever.

  64. Albert Pringle

    Siding Doors

  65. champ joseph ybanez Vicera

    Back in 90's when Techno was a hit...😆

  66. Sanjay Kumar

    Oh, those good old days, lucky to have been around at that time, miss you Sangu...

  67. Sanjay Kumar

    Oh, those good old days, lucky to have been around at that time, miss you Sangu...

  68. Stephen Roberts

    Great song 👌

  69. Elena Vikhreva

    "Что имеем - не храним, потерявши, плачем?"?

  70. Mojamoja Mujaden

    its 2019 i love all aqua songs but this one is one of a kind


    Back 58me time in

  72. Nu mariposa

    Me encanta la película de este tema ,,,que recuerdos aqua,...

  73. Summer Salt

    this song is so different from aqua's other songs but man, this is their best!

  74. SE Jeong 세정

    I wish time could turn back, so I am here 😭

    Gendur Fahrudana

    SE Jeong 세정 me too,,

  75. Usjuli Cabadillonga

    shes cute

  76. Paulus Jodhi

    Aqua turn back time and Gregorian once in a lifetime are my fav song ever. Has been listening since 1998 when i was in high School😘😘

  77. Elizabeth Kani

    i love this song!! it brings a lot of memories from 90's im 37 now its brings me in my teenage years.

  78. outsiders

    What a beautiful song!!


    A lot of Aqua's songs are genuinely good.
    It isn't just some "nostalgia" thing, you could play these songs to anyone from any generation and they would almost always love it.

  79. The No. 1 Judge

    has a roxette feel to it

  80. Steven Mair


  81. Angelique Rose Sclafani

    I’m not familiar with the movie, but I saw the guy from the Mummy

  82. senwork

    Who love this after Dec 2019 ?

    Евгений Федоров

    Январь 2020

    Marat Bilyalov

    Good song

    John Nielsen

    Just heard it in my car, now here - beautiful voice and song. 👍😃

  83. Sherwinson Basuel

    From what movie is this?

  84. Duy Nam Nguyen

    At first when i heard this song on the radio, I could not believe this is an Aqua's song because it doesnt have rapid kick and bass like all of their eurodance song. But i still amazed with Lene's voice and the song still hooked me up like instantly <3

  85. Matthew Angelo

    2019 holla!

  86. Aaron Sebastian

    This is a very nostalgic song .

  87. Soup Castle

    Once again great music for a crap movie

  88. Larry Lopez

    Such a nostalgic song.

    I remember back then the only way you could listen to your favorite songs was to buy a cassette tape or wait patiently on FM radio.

  89. Vinay K

    *"If only I could turn back time,
    *"If only I had said what I still hide."*

    Евгений Федоров

    Things will never be the same...

  90. thegazette

    I had this album in high school and this was my favorite Aqua song.

  91. Kelly Morgan

    Great group

  92. Richard Jentetics


  93. Bella Grace

    2019 and I"m here... I miss listening to this song..😊 My favorite from Aqua..

  94. hIMANsHU kHANwAL

    Best song by this band

  95. roman sanchez

    I like this song if only I could turn back time I love aqua😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  96. poe

    90s was the best for kids.


    О, я помню этот мотив в детстве и этот клип по телику....