Aqua - Didn't I Lyrics

Didn't I swear and
Didn't I fall for love.
Di da di da di da di da yeah!
Let's fight for love again

Didn't I swear and
Didn't I fall for love.
Didn't I - fall for love
Di da di da di da di da yeah!
Fall for love
Let's fight for love again.

Didn't I swear and
Didn't I fall for love.
Didn't I - fall for love
Di da di da di da di da yeah!
Fall for love
Let's fight for love again.

Haey ad id ad id ad id ad id

Every little problem has it's way out baby,
anything can happen if you don't take care.
Don't you know we gonna sort everything together,
anything can happen if you don't prepare.

I saw it comming from deep inside,
will be crawling from your high.

Didn't I swear and
Didn't I fall for love.
Didn't I - fall for love
Di da di da di da di da yeah!
Fight for love again
Let's fight for love again.

Couldn't you feel it now,
couldn't you heal it baby
on and on I still be thinking

Didn't I swear and
Didn't I fall for love.
Didn't I - fall for love
Di da di da di da di da yeah!

Haey ad id ad id ad id ad id

Nothing gonna chance the way I feel about you,
hope and pray - just one day love grow strong.
Nothing gotta turn out just the way you want it,
I know whats up but baby don't get me wrong.

I saw it comming from deep inside,
will be crawling from your high.

Didn't I swear and
Didn't I fall for love.
Didn't I -
Haey ad id ad id ad id ad id
Fight for love again
Let's fight for love again.
Couldn't you feel it now,
couldn't you heel it baby
on and on I still be thinking.

Didn't I swear and
Didn't I fall for love.
Didn't I - fall for love
Di da di da di da di da yeah!

Haey ad id ad id ad id ad id

Didn't I swear and
Didn't I fall for love.
Didn't I - fall for love

Haey ad id ad id ad id ad id

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Aqua Didn't I Comments
  1. Sebastian Valencia-Santiago

    Didn’t I play song 5 times today

  2. Marta Zuccarin

    La migliore degli Aqua

  3. Laurelindo

    Does this count as an "original" song for this album that was there from the start on Scandinavian albums, or was it added later as a bonus track?


    I guess it's on the South Korea bonus tracks...I know I didn't get this song in the USA when I bought the album when it first debuted.

  4. Shay XY


  5. 感謝817促進五筒

    Still Listening.

  6. Hans Christian Rodríguez

    Great son from my favourite dance band. 'Aquarium' was the second album I bought when I was a child :-)

  7. Jahid Pazi

    Assume song

  8. Nicola Kelly

    Going back to my teenage age brilliant album love aqua

  9. Nathan Hale

    This is the first time I hear this Aqua's song ... It sounds so 90's, it feels so nostalgic


    That's because it was made in 1997. It wasn't released on international versions of the album; only Europe & Japan got the version of Aquarium with this track on it.

  10. laly w

    como adoro este tema. por fin lo encontre

  11. Viral media

    going 2 b 2019 2moro. still aqua booms my subwoofer

  12. Laurelindo

    This track was listed as track 12 on the Japanese release right after "Calling You", if anyone is wondering.


    plus the bonus tracks but I could only find them on the original Aquarium Album like the real original the hardest one to find today


    It's even in the European Xmas Limited Edition with a cardboard sleeve

  13. jockelman100

    lenes voice is brilliant


    The best way I can describe Lene's voice is that it is very cute and very charming.

  14. nourhan nourhan


  15. Mads Andersen

    Scandinavian promotional single released with the documentary Around the World, "Didn't I" .........NOT the album Aquarium

  16. Eduardo Rogatti


  17. Edson T

    Gostava muito ali por 2001

    Nathan Hale

    I think you are wrong, this is older, 1995 or so

  18. Gianni Virgadamo

    Questo brano che io trovo molto bello è stato incluso non in questo album ma la versione Aquarium christmas limitated edition in copertina loro vestiti da babbo natale.

  19. Migan

    la mejor

  20. Jakub Murček

    have the cd since it was released ... a week ago i have ordered an Reissue LP Aquarium album and saw this was on it as well ... wanted to play it but i told myself i wait for the LP and then play it ... amazing track so happy its on the record

  21. MelodicGhostWriter

    AMAZING! FORGOT all about this WOW

  22. Annalisa Celli

    quanti ricordi meravigliosi.......3>

  23. B-man The Champ

    Comeon "Heat of the Night" wasn't THAT bad.

  24. GoldenFrog

    Brilliant track. Why this wasn't included on the standard album is ridiculous. If anything, they should've taken off "In The Heat Of The Night" (which is the ONLY bad song off the album) and replaced it with this amazing song. Oh well. Thank god we're now in the age where we can make our own playlists.


    I tried listening to "Dr. Jones", "Didn't I" and "Be A Man" one after another in that order, and that actually sounds like a pretty good song structure.
    "Didn't I" sounds perfect right after "Dr. Jones", and "Be A Man" is in turn a great song after "Didn't I", so it could definitely work.


    heat of the night is perfect you fucking idiot

  25. Ivana Tuck

    De di de di didnt I de di de di yah!

  26. Stephanie568

    This is my first time hearing this song O_o My uncle had the Aquarium sound track and I don't remember this song on his CD(and I borrowed it like all the time XD) Still awesome though!


    It's in the Aquarium Xmas limited edition

  27. Gianfranco Rico Cravioto

    esta canción es aburrida en comparación de las de 1997

    Hans Christian Rodríguez

    Es que esta canción es del 97

  28. mohaimen hadjiamen

    aqua the best ever in these world

  29. Fernando De Angelis Nogarolli

    Foi o aqua que mudou a minha vida a 14 anos atras DEMAIS!!! I LOVE AQUA

  30. Jef Kearns

    @Marius070784 I don't know ... I got it in Canada and it didn't look like an import.

  31. Stuart Thorogood

    I wonder why it wasn't released on the album. It's great.


    Maybe they thought that "Calling You" was a better way to end the album. But in that case they could have just placed "Didn't I" between "Turn Back Time" and "Calling You", that would have sounded good as well.

  32. duck711118

    This one is great!

  33. Pablov Rex

    @Marius070784 it was included in the Mexican christmas edition as well ¬¬

  34. The810

    @factrzero Why would you miss them? They are still here - new album is coming out in less than month!

  35. entheogenic

    Awesome song

  36. SPRX22

    @supervegito2277 Hells yeah!

  37. factrzero

    I miss my life and this band. Sigh!

  38. fjosken

    Best years of my life <3

  39. BGH122

    @princesaha36 I know, I deeply regret visiting this page. Even worse, I've had to return to this page to respond to your asinine comment.

  40. SuperVegitoFAN

    @zazzerproductions ÆØÅ!!!!

    new catchphraise for our country.

  41. Metisp

    @filmmakersomeday If you're in the States, it wasn't released on the version of "Aquarium" that was released here.

  42. Leonardo Fibonacci

    @rebeccajoy51 Worst song ever and I already 72

  43. linda N

    @jaks695 dont be a jackass, Jaks...oh wait let me guess you dont know how not to be, shes probably smarter than you even if she is younger

  44. AndMa1992

    alzate il volume e tutti in pistaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  45. Rebecca-Joy Pearson

    @jaks695 Of course I know what that words mean as I am now nearly in year 10... I am 14 now so don't patronize me.

  46. Christopher Falbe

    @rebeccajoy51 thats what i thougt when i was 12

  47. SuperConker

    @techwiz81 It was supposed to be on the normal version of the "Aquarium" album, but that never happened.
    It was later released as a bonus track on the "Limited Christmas Edition" of Aquarium (only released in Argentina).

  48. Tina Bekkholt

    @techwiz81 It is from the japanese version of Aquarium, never released outside exept from when they released the movie; "Aqua-Around The World", when "Didn't I" came as a single when you bought the movie.

  49. Rebecca-Joy Pearson

    @VioletS2Dream Im 14 now and i still think this is a great song, they are just so unique and different! Which is why i love them x

  50. VioletS2Dream

    @rebeccajoy51 I fell in love with Aqua when I was 13:) That was 10 years ago and I still think they are the best!

  51. Arthur Rey

    Fuckin great song period

  52. prince saha

    @BGH122 dude i never told u to listen 2 this song it is u who came to this page i never invited u...

  53. BGH122

    What an abortion of a band.

  54. Stanley Zbornak

    ???? I dont even know this song ???

  55. bolo boletto

    ke ricordi w gli aqua!!!

  56. RuleOfInsanity

    be nice if I could find it on the iTunes store but it doesn't have Aquarium *pouts*

  57. RuleOfInsanity

    @PrincessRosalinaRock strangely enough this CD has a habit of disappearing or showing up broken, the radio station that my dad volunteerd at had it but it was split in two :(

  58. Mutomatic

    it was in an "special edition collector" album, with some remixes and the track "didn't I"

  59. Rebecca-Joy Pearson

    @miniwaggie i know im 13 noww nearly 14

  60. miniwaggie

    @rebeccajoy51 this is amazing shit, but you aint fuckin 12 and listenin to this shit. gtfo!

  61. Gerbil Worl

    I was old enough to remember aqua but i don't :( They weren't very popular in the us.
    Only song of there's i knew until about last year was Barbie girl.

  62. RuneNekotar

    @YESHUAISMERCIFUL It was a special track in some countries. I didn't get it either :(

  63. bytez

    aquarium album was awesome... I use to own tapes back then and man those songs were blasting delicious!

  64. JungleListSoldier

    This is great why wasn't it a hit?

  65. leonard mx

    this should be a single!!!

  66. leonard mx

    @shahidncm denmark :)

  67. Luis Perez

    where I can I download this song? I can't find it anywhere!!!

    Abinaya Raja

    Luis Perez hope u found the song

  68. Rebecca-Joy Pearson

    excuse me but havnt u got a negative attitude?

  69. Patrick McDonnell

    dude yo have no idea the history behind this band

  70. Rebecca-Joy Pearson

    im 13?? lol and fine miss moody

  71. Anisa Lopez

    @rebeccajoy51 no offence but nobody realy cares how old you are :0

  72. ariana

    @handrew722 is there a new album? i just know about my mamma said and another two lol i just forgot

  73. rossco010

    @rebeccajoy51 Haha, these were out when i was like 12... glad the younger slags love Aqua... :)

  74. Luve Apostle


  75. Helye Álnév

    @handrew722 You are right, after my comment I did find out about that as well and I actually like the new songs :) Can't wait for the new album :)

  76. Helye Álnév

    @handrew722 they are not back :( the band has split apart in 2001. But ther music brings back those times for sure :)

  77. Clematis Larix

    Ahhh, got it ^^

  78. Angelkitty2014

    what is the name of their 2010 album

  79. Jamie Cormier

    wow I have never heard this song before aswell...its great as usual!!...I can't wait for their 2010 album!

  80. Cecilia Nguyen

    simply the best! :')

  81. Mordavus

    That would explain why I never heard of this song before! I own the Aquarium album and this song isn't on it at all.

  82. Rebecca-Joy Pearson

    BEST SONG EVER and im only 12

  83. RagingUtai

    there best song! brings back memories to when i was their bigest fan in australia :)

  84. swimrobot

    aqua rockzzzzzzzzz

  85. Ion Ion Ionescu

    yep , i have this cd too and this song is not there

  86. jatojo

    Another brilliant Aqua song. Has a twist of melancholy to it - which is nice.

  87. Morten Bærenholdt

    Danish q:

  88. Alexikisikia


  89. pianogooroo

    wow, this was the first cd I ever owned. I sure loved it back in 6th grade.... not so much any more. It was fun listening to it again though.

  90. Rumkanon

    en af de bedste fra AQUA

  91. Allen3697

    I love the song.

  92. maipigenDK

    no I dont' think so actually - they usually provided chorus and wrote most if not all of the songs. At least if I recall correctly.
    Hope that helps

  93. chris crips

    viruss19 (2 weeks ago) Show Hide

    get an audio recorder an record it to your computer if you cant find it anywhere

    /YEA right! you we're so genious, why not everybody do that and will don't get help from nobody!...F*** and HATERS!!...