Aqua - Be A Man Lyrics

The world is quiet,
like there is no one around,
but I feel you beside me
I know the secrets,
you keep locked away inside
Don't understand why you're fighting

I know she must be special,
this new girl by your side
I seek for answers when I look into your eyes,
And it hurts like hell but, I will be strong

For once in your life, be a man
Just tell me the words, 'cause I know that you can
Don't leave me with scars that no one can heal
For once in your life - be a man

You made me love you,
love you right from the start
You're controlling my heart, babe
Don't pack your bags yet
Give me time to say goodbye (Say goodbye)
Just don't leave me wounded

No, I just hope you will regret the things you do
Come back to me,
'cause our love is the real thing
And it hurts like hell, but I will be strong..

For once in your life, be a man
Just tell me the words, 'cause I know that you can
Don't leave me with scars that no one can heal
For once in your life - be a man

I knew that I,
I fought to keep our love strong
If you leave me now,
you come running back for more, babe
And I hope for, and I wish for,
and I pray, that the words from your mouth can,
eventually make you a man...

For once in your life,
be a man...
When everything stops -

for a minute in your life,
I'll hope that,
for once in your life, be a man
(be a man)
Just tell me the words, 'cause I know that you can,
Don't leave me with scars,
that no one can heal

For once in your life - be a man
Be a man...
Tell me the words...

Once in your life...
Be a man...
Tell me the words...

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Aqua Be A Man Comments
  1. Maya Alexandra

    I'm here in January 2020. Just started singing this. I didn't even know this was an Aqua song.

  2. Радик Радик

    Моя молодость (((

  3. Franca Mackie

    Miss u aqua😢

  4. ANTON Komaroov


  5. Unorthodoxed Destiny

    OMG....had to go back in my stash...2019

  6. Nadie

    Beautyful woman

  7. Robinson Fernandes

    Top albums in 90's

  8. Mv_Amelia

    I am 13 and I love this and every aqua song I have ever heard, They are awesome!

  9. Vinoth Kumar

    Oh my my! It brings lot of beautiful past memories, Whenever I listen this song, and it always makes me cry.

  10. Mohammad Saqlain

    2008 wtf :O how i came here

  11. Tukta Beer

    2019 always love this song!

  12. La Emmily

    I still can singing this fucking song.

    Jared Long

    La Emmily เก่งจัง

  13. น้อย น้อย


  14. William P

    She is great. My favourite of hers including good morning sunshine and turn back time.
    I hope they do a tour

  15. greta kournikova

    My favourite song on the aqua album.....soft and tender and lovely.... from the pretty and angel singing voice of Lena nystrom. I wish there could have been a actual music video for this song... It would be nice for aqua if they did a collaboration album with toybox.

  16. Juliana Baldo

    What a beautiful music..

  17. Nitesh Kumar

    Beautiful voice and beautiful girl

  18. Trala Lala

    Love 😍


    once in your life be a man.


    That album of Aqua is one of the greatest album of all time.


    one of favourite song in my childhood.

  22. Samo Smith


  23. Efren 8BP

    Still 2018 May 14 😭

  24. Samo Smith

    You are truly beautiful super star 🌟💜 lovely Lene 💜

  25. Марсель Ибиниев


  26. Mr Begin

    There best song and her voice is amazing in this song..

  27. Banana Banana

    And I hope for, and I wish for,
    and I pray, that the words from your mouth can,
    eventually make you a man..

    This part is killing me.

    ANTON Komaroov

    Sounds romantic 😂

  28. Noah Shaultz

    I understand aqua is pop, but's good pop.

  29. Bethany Hall-Combs

    Good song! Most men don't know how too?!? Sub 4 a sub!!

  30. Jose Oliveira


  31. Thepomafame

    So many guys deserve that a girl tells what these lyrics say.

  32. Цветан Рошавелов

    2:07 хубава жена

  33. Magda Nascimento


  34. Daniel Belardino

    Love them! Thos song is so underrated..and kinda sad😢 I'll always love them..brings me back to my teen years. always thought them kinda an outerspace version of No Doubt. And I'm sure they were influenced by the B-52's as well.💖🎶😘😍🎶🎶🎶

  35. Джордж Сорос

    Love girl, be man

  36. Kelsey Curles


  37. Allen Kramer

    so sad cause me and my wife split up after a long relationship and brought me depression for the first time and this song is so said i love you kirstin still

  38. pons ramasubbu


  39. Adam Sukenick

    Aquarium is a great album. But I still can't stand Barbie Girl.

    Martin GGPP

    I always think that Barbie Girl was a wrong choice song, nobody would take the group seriosly..

  40. Amazigh Aselti

    Célia je ne sais pas si tu écoute toujours !!! mais moi oui !

  41. Roshan Fernandes

    evergreen song.... listening in 2016. still the best

  42. joshua jones

    This song makes me sad sometimes lol

  43. Sara Totaro


  44. Jack Shampoci

    My iphone is full of 90's songs like ; Aqua, Spice girls, S club 7, BSB, NSync, Boyzone, Westlife, 98Degrees, Bwitched, Steps, A1, 911, Blue, Savage Garden, etc. No matter how many times I listen & sing never get bored, best songs of all the times. Now...justin bieber, 1D, taylor swift, selena gomez, rihanna, katy perry, song is nothing compare to 90's.


    Jack Shampoci. don't forget everybody's favorite lesbian group T.A.T.U!!

    311 Jazzy

    Put some boyz 2 men and new edition

    Thomas Fernandes

    U forgot Michael learns to rock

    Micky Calebro

    @bengals15mo actually they aren't lesbians

  45. Scheherasad

    wonderfull song , love it, you have a great voice

  46. Yvonne Lestrange


  47. Hazyrul Nizam

    if can turn back time...i don't want grow up


    Same here!

  48. Depp99ful

    Their first CD had so many awesome songs.

  49. Depp99ful

    kids today will never know the awesomeness of Barbie Girl

    B Smith

    +Depp99ful Or 'My oh My', especially the whipping scene on the video. Her face in that scene....she's loving it.

  50. Rache B

    immortal song.. ;)

  51. Ian Livingston

    this was a great album

  52. Francisco121202

    tema del año 1997, el mejor tema del album

  53. Inasshabihah

    Aqua's best song, for me <3

  54. Caroline Maria

    Love this song...♥

  55. Stevie Jr Is a Alex Jones Guy

    I always liked aqua they're so cool since back in 90s 2000s then now.

  56. Nikki Mckay

    beautiful song loved this band and shes nice

  57. Alma Garza

    love this song and love aqua

  58. anthony pucci


  59. Mario Dell'Angelo

    what a beautiful voice and beautiful woman

    Ram Lastname

    Seriously. Also: So perfectly Nordic.

  60. notgrillo collector/ gamer

    the boys in the group R hot!! specially the blonde. I like this song too.

  61. Jason Norment

    That was The Bangles....not Aqua....wrong decade

  62. Jason Norment

    They are insecure because of BARBIE GIRL....that song left a bad taste in many mouths and because of that, they are so afraid to admit they like this band. Personally, I hate that song, but one song doesn't mean the band is shit as so many think now. I agree with you though, listen to what ya dig and everything will be good

  63. Rhiannon Starr

    Personally I like the Barbie song lol but because I came looking for the Barbie song, I found their other music and have been a fan for years now :)

  64. W Bennett

    Her Voice has the same effect as Chakra Music

  65. Keyser Söze

    I shave my legs to most of their music. I find it quite liberating! My mamma said is my favorite and I ain't gay.

    ANTON Komaroov

    Fuck off lmao

  66. nevergonnaletudown

    For some reason I can see Shania Twain singing this song in a pop/country style and making it popular.

  67. Carlos Machado


  68. LeClair

    I prefer: Im a Barbie girlz!

  69. Adonis Sun

    I do like this song since it got the soft melody and meaningful lyric, it could even be a background music of certain movie.
    Thanks for sharing one of Aqua's best songs.

  70. Stacy55ish

    Nothing wrong with Barbie Girl. It demonstrates how Aqua conveys the message of how society can be superficial with humor, and without being preachy. It's fun with something to say, and is one of the things that make this band unique.

  71. Skeever Hunter

    Eternal Flame ? :)

  72. SweetSeline777

    18 people a sissy`s

  73. thisfuckinsucks1

    do the right thing!

  74. Perian Perrierin

    thanks for putting this up!

  75. djperryboy

    It was never underrated.. it was one of the most famous bands ever in the 90's. I agree that Barbie Girl is not their best song but its neither their only hit. They released plenty of hits during the 90's. Especially from their first album. But new meat gets old too. Their songs is now at the best place it should be. It comes up now and then at special moments in movies and such things. It's not some kind of music they're playing on the radio til your ears falls of.

  76. redmr2na

    Aqua is quite possibly the most underrated 80s/90s band. They are actually good band, with some decent songs. Unfortunately they are known for their most popular, yet most aweful song. Barbie Girl really didn't show what this band could do. They got brushed aside because of it. Many cds I've boughten from bands like Aqua I've actually discovered that their much more then the one song they are known for.

  77. John P

    LOL... good one!

  78. StarWarrior008

    you will be a man when you learn how to spell.

  79. erbel velasco

    love this track! god! i'm a man! i'm a faqing MAN!

  80. Ena1405

    hmm....nic dodac nic ujac

  81. Jacob Butner

    Same here dude!

  82. Callum MacLean

    Love Aqua <3

  83. alanrevenge

    Aqua Rocks my f*cking ears! haha

  84. sometimes i scream

    I heard this song from a Dark X Daisuke (DNAngel) video.

  85. sometimes i scream

    ...Shh, it's the clean lyrics. XD

  86. Zane Khan

    I love Aqua

  87. adam grard

    shes so hot

  88. victor victorash

    best song ever from AQUA........and others

  89. MaverickM1

    @vacantcoffin My favs are Manowar, and Sabaton.
    And yesss, i like Aqua very much. Weird, but it's the truth :D

  90. Aamir Afzal

    wow what a song... she had such a beautiful voice... why do good singers stop singing...alll we hear is shitface bieber and gaga

    Sreenath Aether

    The real question is why do shitbags like you exist. Inbreeding?

    Nick Alphonso

    @Sreenath Aether ur a fucking biebeir fan ur a subhuman wast of space

    Firstname Lastname

    @Sreenath Aether she has proper ability, not justin. That's the reason.

  91. iris wigle

    This is my favourite Aqua song.

  92. linda N

    @DonWon313 and whats wrong with lesbians?

  93. Mark

    Donwon, she USED to be a coke addict (the song Aquarius should dispel any thoughts to the contrary), and for a while her body showed the ravages that drug could do to the human body, and the tricks that got played on her mind.
    Once she straightened herself out, she became one of the 25 most beautiful women living today. Too bad you can't see her photo portfolio'd be absolutely amazed how gorgeous she is.

  94. Weichen

    Thumbs up, if you listen to this song and think about russell peters "Be a Man"

  95. Oana B

    I love this song... I can die for it!!!!!!

  96. DonWon416

    why did i used tot hink she was so hot? shes not that attractive she kinda seems like a lesbo

  97. brent pal

    @vacantcoffin right there with you