April Wine - Tell Me Why Lyrics

Well, I gave you everything I had
But, you left me sittin' here all alone
Did you have to treat me so bad?
All I do, girl, is hang my head and moan

Tell me why you cry, and why you lied to me
Tell me why you cried, baby
Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me

If it's somethin' that I might have said
Just tell me, girl, and I'll apologize
If you don't I really can't go on
Holdin' back the tears, holdin' back the tears from my eyes

Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me
Tell me why you cried, baby
Just tell me why'd you cry, and why'd you lie to me

Well, I beg you on my bended knees
Baby, please-please, listen to what I say
If there's anything that I could do
Just tell me, girl, 'cause I'm so in love with you

Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me
Tell me why you cried, baby
Just tell me why'd you cry, and why'd you lie to me

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April Wine Tell Me Why Comments
  1. Mario Hinsche

    Jonie from the 80's tho

  2. Jonah BigFish

    love that old bumper jack. use that many times jacking up the old 56 chevy. when the days just seemed easier and happier.

  3. Eric hahn-hill

    So underrated

  4. John Smith

    She's a keeper! 😉

  5. John Smith

    Is rhis the f.u.c.k girl video model?

  6. John Smith

    Love this band since 1978!

  7. Mario Hinsche

    Just Awesome

  8. cornbread burgess

    Harder faster was when I got my first drink of the wine,great band keep on rocken men

  9. Mario Hinsche

    Just WOW Awesome WOW Hell Yeah Awesome

  10. Lynn Swain

    Myles is so damn cute and this girl pisses me off that she's dissing him like this! Makes me want to smack her.

  11. MyTJoMoon

    "Here, baby. You handle the flat tire. I'll just stand back and sing."


    When women knew their role.

  12. David Smith

    Call me a heretic but I like the AW version better than the Beatles.

  13. Capillas del Recuerdo - Puebla

    pocas veces me gusta mas un cover que la original, pero de verdad esta version suena mejor que la de sus creadores

  14. Jennral Lee

    Best video ever❤️❤️❤️

  15. stellastarr69

    Who was the woman in this video?

  16. Paul Coady

    Welcome to Nova Scotia music, loved them in concert, met the girl of my dreams there

    Roland Blalock

    The girl of my dreams probably could change a tire in 2 minutes, cook, mow the lawn do the laundry.....ahhh yeeeaahh....😁

  17. Daniel King

    Colorado plates on that car I wonder where exactly this was filmed.

  18. Terry Dee

    Poor Myles

  19. raymiebarnes71

    Memory's. Pure bliss.

  20. Tim Gelder

    This is one of a few Beatle songs made better. They should have played it as a ballad. I wonder if the Beatles considered it.That being said this video is STUPID

  21. Vladimir Putzinski

    Found some new music sounds like classic rock. Finally! Band is GLITTER DOGS
    Loved this tune! Two albums on Spotify, iTunes!!

  22. Caroline Dordolo

    Just reading the comments...i had no idea the Beatles did this song, mind you they were kind of before my time...and i never really cared for them anyways...i just listened to their original....not even close! So glad i grew up in an era of great Canadian bands...

  23. Anita Panzine

    beautiful, beautiful......best of april wine

  24. John Sinclair

    The twist Greenway can put on voice and guitar on "Please Mr. Postman" - also as priceless as a fab 4 cover. Anne Murray however, beat him to the radio and racks. April Wine should do a tour called "Covering Canada" and do their favourites not their originals?

  25. Kayla Schulz

    Do you see the tire being changed

    Roland Blalock

    Yesss....she's so efficient and good with her hands, changes the tire in under 3 minutes, while the guy stands there complaining....can she cook as well? I think im in love...😂😂

  26. Kayla Schulz

    Do you see the red car

  27. Kayla Schulz

    See getting jacked up

  28. Kayla Schulz

    See the flat tire

  29. Anthony somewhere

    Why lies no tears. Anthony

  30. Jeannette Itinger

    Myles Goodwyn was so cute

    Jennral Lee

    Jeannette Itinger but so mechanically un inclined!!!

  31. Bruce Wayne

    ... the video & car don't match - which is why t is so d--m good ... better than the Beatles, YES .. luv this band

  32. sploofmonkey

    I guess if the guy just sings but makes the lady change the tire, you can understand why she would cry.

  33. Kalpana Belliappa

    Too good

  34. Macedon Macedonia

    This girl have a great ass :P

  35. Roro Perez

    Muy buena

  36. Stephen Dailey

    Very pretty song and video!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Marcia D

    Rather hear Beatles..but good job...

  38. badgreeb beatle fan

    this is a great flavour well done

  39. ThisIs ReadyMade

    This is horrible! Sounds like crap. Not that April Wine is bad, but jeez.


    I suggest you get your hearing checked!

    G E

    I then it's amazing.

  40. John Kugelfischer

    IS  THE SAME GIRL FROM THE "IF YOU SAY KAY" VIDEO??????????????? I SWEAR, THAT MONA LISA SMILE DRIVES ME WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!           Wow!   If you guys like this one, you gotta see that video.  She's gorgeous!

  41. Mark Perry

    Hope no train shows up....

  42. Danrley dos Santos Dias

    Linda canção.

  43. Bob De Witt

    She changed that tire in just over three minutes...impressive.

    Roland Blalock

    Were is this woman, she changes tires while the guy stands there complaining,i think im in love,....can she run a mower also?...😁

  44. serge husson

    un supere groups

  45. Cathy McCoy

    Nice version, very nice

  46. My Videos

    They certainly had a lot of different members come and go. Just check out the history of this band. But still managed to keep the same sound unlike other bands.

    Sherman Peters

    Myles Goodwyn ;)

    MKS Land

    I feel they began departure from their guitar driven rock sound after Nature Of The Beast and their later eighties stuff sounded to me to be too much influenced by popular music, synths etc.

  47. Brian Cutting

    Another Great Canadian Band

    Terry Dee

    One of the best!

    John Smith

    Its insane!

  48. Nick Benchman

    love April Wine ..but the video and the song don't mix


    +Nicky Kingdest nice lookin woman tho

  49. Kevin Gunn Gunn

    my girlfriend can't even change her mind.

    Mario Hinsche

    Girlfriend just suck , selfish people

  50. Randy Hoopaugh

    I had a Peavey T-40 bass like that one at that time.....


    T40? Was the guitar version a 60,or did they have T60 basses too? I played a 60 for years. heavy,but the truest intonation I ever had in an electric. lots of guys modded the pups,but I loved how they sounded right out of the injection molded case,lol.

  51. passion jackels

    Looks like Cutlass convertible 1967...Just had one (white) in my area for sale--wanted $17,500

  52. passion jackels

    Quite a rework of one of my favorite Fab Four tunes....
    Very good!

  53. puppies1958

    How else are you going to be able check out that ass!

  54. tony womack

    Fore real change a tire in all white cloths not even get dirty I have to learn how to do that LOL

  55. tony womack

    LOL funny if there is any thing I can do''''' help her change the dang tire ....

  56. Jay L Keene

    Haha, I liked that... and she ditches him, she's got four other guys she'll be doing...

  57. Joe p

    tell me why she had to wear that  outfit?  lol.

  58. tony womack

    April wine sang that song better than the Beatles

    ThisIs ReadyMade

    Hell no.

    Terry Dee

    I totally agree with you, 100 % better.

    Terry Dee

    I asked my mother to listen to both versions, she is in her 70's and was a Beatles fan, she said April Wine plays it so much better!

    Mattski Messy Marvin

    The Beatles were pieces of shit. Everyone knows that! AW had dozens more better songs too.

  59. Derrick Mims

    He made her change the tire. Not only was she the only girl in a car full of apparently capable guys, but to add insult to injury she was wearing all white. 

    Good job, Lady, for driving off without him at the end! He earned it. 


    @Derrick Mims bit sexist there.

    Bryon Bean

    +Derrick Mims Well apparently she cried and lied to him, so bros before hoes buddy, bros before hoes.

    Jon Welner

    +Derrick Mims way to ruin the video as i read/watch

    My Videos

    +Derrick Mims This was on my mind the whole time watching this. Why was this hot lady changing the the darn tire.

    Derrick Mims

    @Jon Welner Sorry for the spoilers. LOL

  60. Josh Pratt

    Seeing these guys tommorrow cant wait

  61. Rather Be Flying

    What a great band they were, one of my all time favorites...lots of good songs and awesome guitar work.

  62. Awakened Won

    Tell me why you let me, your girlfriend, change the damn tire, while you and your lazy ass friends sat around and watched...lol


    Best line. Right here! :)

    Sherman Peters

    Looks like they all had their hands full...except Mercer, but hey, the guy was a monster on the drums...all the time. I can imagine he's enjoying the break :D


    Because she wouldn't tell him why.......

  63. Mike Rundberg

    tell me why you didnt put what album this is from

    Cameron Ahlstrom

    its from power play

  64. Kurt Prinz

    This is  a remarkable cover... soulful, sensuous, and heart wrenching... I'm an original Beatles fan... but I know when a better version has been bested over the original....
    And this is one.


    Not even close.

    Terry Dee

    Definitely better.

    Terry Dee

    It's so much better than the Beatles

  65. hellifantpwny

    To be honest, I don't even know hahaha

  66. hellifantpwny

    Im 14 and I LOVE this band so much. I live only 25 kms away from where this band started in Halifax, NS. I love the genre too. Fuck modern music. Except Daft Punk ;) I wish more people my age appreciated this type of music as much as I do, I feel like an alien listening to it while all my friends play all that shitty music.


    Now those were women's jeans.

  67. Hitlerssweettooth

    43 years for them and still going.... Classic Rock at it's best.... Makes me proud that they are Canadian and I hope one day the younger generation will discover them...and we can be forgiven for producing that Bieber chick....

  68. RoryAddict

    man, I truly love this classic! thanks for putting it up!
    Janis, Singapore

  69. theoriginalbillholt

    I'm chuckling. I was watching, letting the song kinda pass, and suddenly said "Ooo! That's a nice ass!". Then your comment is the first one I see. Said the same thing about the 'squat shot', too. Good term. Must be a universal 'guy thing'. Ha!

  70. mike jones

    Who's the BLONDE lady with the beautiful ASS? Love the "squat shot" too!

  71. Gary Vuorela

    Hi Guys,Good old Beatle song.well done.GARY V.

  72. patriotsdesign

    Geez, If I stood there singing to my girlfriend while she's changing out a flat tire, at some point I'm sure she would probably kick me in the balls.

  73. Amy Mayfield

    Smooth rock.Yeah baby!!

  74. Sean Haggan

    Love April wine I listen to everything and the best way to deal with almost anything is with humour I think it's funny she's changing the tire I wouldn't no where to start but I'd definitely help

    Roland Blalock

    You must be a millennial.

  75. Sean Haggan

    What's the scouter say about that gwynith chicks hate meter it's over 9000 lo

  76. TheHumbuckerboy

    Totally different from The Beatles version .This is a good version in it's own right .I have always enjoyed listening to Gary Moffet's excellent lead work on this recording .

  77. Agent Spooky

    I agree completely. APRIL WINE sound awsome.

  78. leem119

    WOW! The song is ok. But the comments... Wow someone needs a time out!

  79. Magnus

    So what do you do exactly? Do you sit on the fucking computer all day over-analyzing shit that shouldn't have been analyzed in the first place. Are you weeding out the evils that men around the world have somehow unknowingly committed. Are you trying to destroy men completely, and be the top dog. You should just stop. I'm all up for equality, but what you're doing is just so fucking absurd. Oh, and I'm Canadian ;D

  80. Magnus

    first of all, chill the fuck out. smoke some dope or something. Second, if your pathetic attempts at trolling are trying to razzle my ronnies, they remain unrazzled. I've dealt with whiny, self-righteous, holier-than-thou, commiefuckinglesbianfeminists, and you are by far the most plain, stupid, and ignorant of the bunch. Considering they're all fucking stupid, that's quite a feat you've accomplished. Your the stupidest of the stupid. Have fun. :D

  81. Magnus

    Pretty sure this was the intention of the video, to make him look like he was the cause of the mishaps in the relationships. Also, it's not some feminist rising up video. It's about heartbreak. Keep that scorned lesbian shit on Tumblr.

    Roland Blalock

    Carpet muncher crying sexism because the guy is standing there with a tire iron singing while the hot chick gets the jack in place.....typical carpet muncher response....lol

  82. SonOfCheepThrill

    awesome song n nice funny video...

  83. rin3guy

    This is a 1982 cover of a great early Beatles tune. Unfortunately neither the Beatles' version nor April Wine's was ever released as a single and so never charted.

  84. Logjam5

    This is known as a waltz song, back in the day.

  85. Carroll Macdonald

    I've seen these guys live a couple of times... what a great show! The drummer blew you away with his drum solos... Great Band!

  86. Phil Cassada

    Awesome band, seen them in Rapid City SD. in 82...Killer show. Wish they would tour in the US. They are still a working band in Canada.

  87. Ms70sFlowerchild

    this band is far too underrated. They sound fantastic.

  88. Elizabeth Grace


    The guys were from Halifax, yes, but they moved to & recorded all of their music in Montreal. So you & drunksniper are technically both right :)

  89. Hot80s

    0:07 TABARNACHE!

  90. Debra Minier

    Love this !!

  91. brandy170

    my ex took me to April Wine concerts i sure miss April Wine

  92. Magnus

    @drunksniper they were from nova scotia.

  93. vgman100

    I'm sorry.... just aweful

  94. MetallicBill

    @drunksniper I've never heard of the Beatles, who are they?!? This song is not a hit in America, least not on our FM radio that I ever heard. Funny vid though

    OG willa

    You've never heard of the Beatles? The greatest band in the history of music and YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF THEM??? Tell me you are not this clueless.

  95. Vienneau Marcel

    Wel Wel Well, I'm sorry m8 but i have never heard the Beattles or Beatles sing this song, so...just for the card, Go Montreal Rock Band and this was a true April wine hit. Point a la ligne.

    OG willa

    You've never heard of the Beatles? Only the most famous, most beloved, greatest band in music history and you have never heard of them? You need to do yourself a favor and start with their first album 'Please Please Me' and listen to it 10 times at least and then go on to their second album and so forth until you have listened to ALL of their studio albums. Once you have done this you will have gotten a priceless musical education for which you will be forever grateful.

  96. Michael

    @RaymondFRevalee Sorry, but the Beatles aren't better simply because they're the beatles. This version has so much more heart and feeling to it. You're wrong, simple as that. Normally I wouldn't call someone wrong on something that's opinion based, but this isn't opinion, it's fact.

    OG willa

    While I agree that this song has a lot of heart and feeling--It's beautiful, really. And in some ways it is even more enjoyable than the Beatles original classic. However, no cover could ever truly be better than an original Beatles song. So in fact, YOU are wrong, simple as that.

  97. Michael

    Didn't know this was a beatles song. I love the beatles but I listened to this song by them and it doesn't compare remotely.

  98. mickey macd

    Am Canadian and love this song. Even though most of their songs were written by Myles Goodwin or other members of the band (except Elton John's Bad Side Of The Moon) this was a Beatles song. Didn't know that of course when it was out. I was too young at the time for the Beatles one and the beatles one wasn't popular enought to be played on the radio that often in the 70s