April Wine - Rock Myself To Sleep Lyrics

Everynight I rock myself to sleep
Everynight I rock myself to sleep
Everynight I rock myself to sleep

Thinkin' about you
Thinkin' about you

Now I wanna say
It's not the same since you went away
And it's not right
You're not here with me tonite

And it's a crime
Just a lying here wasting my precious time
I'm so lonely and I'm so blue
Thinkin' 'bout the things I could do to you

Everynight I rock myself to sleep
Everynight I rock myself to sleep
Everynight I rock myself to sleep

Thinkin' about you
Thinkin' about you

And I wanna know
Don't you see how you hurt me so
Goin' outa my head
Yeh I'm feelin' it since you left

And it's a crime
Just a lying here wasting my precious time
I'm so lonely and I'm so blue
Thinkin' 'bout the things I could do to you

Everynight I rock
Everynight I rock myself to sleep
Thinkin' about you thinkin' about you
Everynight I rock myself to sleep
Everynight I rock myself to sleep
Everynight I rock myself to sleep

Thinkin' about you
Thinkin' about you

Everynight I rock myself to sleep
Everynight I rock myself to sleep
Everynight I rock myself to sleep
Thinkin' about you thinkin' about you
Everynight I rock myself to sleep
Everynight I rock myself to sleep
Everynight I rock myself to sleep
Thinkin' about you thinkin' about you
Everynight I rock myself to sleep
Everynight I rock myself to sleep

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April Wine Rock Myself To Sleep Comments
  1. Sean Montoya

    Love this song if this song is on spotify I would drum to it.

  2. Mario Hinsche


  3. Teresa W.

    Them 80s bitches make me wet AF, excuse me while I ride Mr. Jiggles, my dildo.

  4. Gern G

    So great, I mean really so great.
    The ladies...
    All of it...
    You would have to have been there.

  5. Hey McFly

    You're so cool Brewster

  6. Josh - Viper

    Starship’s Version was sooooo Much Better. And the Girl has a Neck of a Giraffe. 🦒

  7. Chris CJC

    Memories of MTV 1985.... 21Years Old …. Time Flies ….

  8. leo leterte

    April wine is a great band

  9. steve charette

    Bad dancing? No just the most badass 80's moves ever!

  10. yuri gallegos

    She is rich , lives in a house with state of the art technology

    Hey McFly

    Probably her boyfriends apartment

  11. Mario Hinsche

    Just WOW Awesome WOW Hell Yeah

  12. Mario Hinsche

    Just Awesome WOW

  13. Ron Scott

    Call me ass-man but the 80's girls had the most beautiful, shapeliest asses I ever saw.

  14. Mario Hinsche

    Miss The 80's

  15. Mario Hinsche

    80's Girls

  16. Shawn Wagner

    I've loved this song for over 30 years but never knew there was a video for it until now.

  17. ShadowNightghost86

    Last night ago I requested this song to be played at a local strip club and the DJ played not only the song but also this video here! during while a chick was giving me a lap dance! Would anyone agree of this to be among one of the perfect songs for strippers to dance to?

  18. David Levine

    won't show the band ...because the band wasn't there.

  19. Hiroshi

    Every night I cry myself to sleep every night I cry myself to sleep thinking about you thinking about you

  20. Think About It

    Notice the advanced entertainment technology in this video, CD with video.

  21. Stacey Jesso Green

    The lead singer is so hot.

  22. Judy Gowen

    What album this from ?

  23. Mario Hinsche

    Fuck I Miss The 80's , Those Pure Beautiful Girls

  24. Imaginos Desdinova

    Best song off the Fright Night soundtrack!

  25. Mario Hinsche

    Yep , Awesome


    Le laser disc : "Le support du futur" disait-on dans les années 90....☝😆

  27. James Mcneil

    And another Canadian classic

  28. L Alba

    This song brings me back to my childhood. I'd blast this everytime CHUM 30 Countdown played it... and Toronto Rocks. Good days.
    Fkn awesome band!

  29. Russell Millett

    cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy stupid video


    La meuf est très sévèrement bonnasse !

  31. megasmacky

    This is some kind of joke right? Like a Spinal Tap sort of thing? I mean, people don't seriously listen to this shit do they?

    Lost Soul

    Why don't you go run one out to your precious Tool or 5 finger dick punch and fuck off.

  32. tickle155

    She has nice feet

  33. Darith Bluitt

    Check out that flat screen..

  34. Sky

    Oh, I love it. Good (not so old) rock ;)

  35. Luis G

    Every night I fap my self to sleep....

    Thinking about u 😶

  36. mortuus

    I prefer starships cover

  37. trinity trin

    *Every Night I Rock Myself To Sleep With April Wine!!*

  38. Raquel Figlo

    Love this video! Can’t wait to watch more! I think you will love my channel and let’s connect! 🤘


    Quoting June Cleaver "Ward.. you were a bit Hard on the Beaver!! last night"

  40. sevenmarbles

    this is my favourite rock video!

  41. Para

    What a crime

  42. Patrick Huben

    great song

  43. Michael Steele

    I was there, sure do miss it.

  44. thewanger

    There are NO other girls that compare to 80's girls.


    Oh yeah,... 70's girls.


    The girl in the video looks so much like my girlfriend from the late 90s it's unreal. I used to tell her does she look like she fell out of a poison video. One of most beautiful girls I've ever seen and damn could that girl dance

    Mario Hinsche

    So True

    Michael B

    if u like old chicks i guess

  45. thewanger

    wow the technology of the future!

  46. Jerome Lange

    Total BAD ASSERY of an AOR Tunage...Criminally UNDERRATED...

  47. millerrmann

    R.I.P. Steve Lang

  48. John Clayton Cole

    Love this song. Are they in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

  49. serge husson


  50. Jeff Decker

    Fright Night !!

  51. dave856352

    Gonna see them in 15 days from now can't wait

  52. DontWantAchannel

    Just HAD to add a comment here. Play this occasionally and it never fails to make me wince at today's zeitgeist. Holy crap I miss the 80s, before smartphones, 911, Darth Vader and his girlfriend (& Condi and the Vulcans), daily gun massacres, the Wars, the Implosion, domestic spying, the rise of incivility and all the rest.

    Love the simplicity of the instruments. Before grunge and really heavy rock. There's a sheen but guitars still have bite. Left some space between phrasing. Not full of hate. Not today's Pop and it's bleating "me me me". Just a touch risque.

    Lastly, always reminds me of Toronto with that skyline outside. It's like my own video of a high rise apartment above T-O.


    boom click boom boom click.

    Bill Keith Channel

    I remember when CD's were metal like a laserdisc. Indestructible. But the industry quickly changed to cheap manufacture throw-away replacements.

    Randy Jenkins

    You don't think gangs blasted each other away with guns in the '80s? HA that's all that happened here in LA in the '80s

    Hey McFly

    Fuckin A to that

    Lost Soul

    @Randy Jenkins Not at the rate they are today.

  53. Charles Foley

    MEEE YOOOOOOW!...what jimmyface71 said.

  54. j von d Leon

    fright night.....awesome

    Hey McFly

    You're so cool Brewster

  55. David Kidd

    Can't we have just one more cool video and song like this?

  56. jimmyface71

    Greatest... video... vixen... EVER!!!

  57. Daryl Friesen

    lead singer looks like dave stawvas lol

  58. Lost Patrol

    I used to have the Fright Night soundtrack and this was on it. first time I've seen the video for it

  59. Mario Hinsche

    Yeah....Buddy.....April Wine, RIGHT

  60. Mark Roberts

    Written by Katrina Lescanich of Katrina and the Waves...

    Give it up for Jackson Heights own, Mr. Randy Watson

    I did not know this!

    Chungas Revenge

    *_Songwriters: KIMBERLEY REW and VINCE DE LA CRUZ you're so full of shit_*

  61. Suzy McCreary

    I like all of the "futuristic" stuff. Too funny all these years later.

  62. The Official Hardcore F’n Wrestling Channel

    It's a crime this song is not available on iTunes

    Sondra Lee

    +Stephen Pirillo
    Try the Starship version of this song. I think its better. First time I've heard this version.
    I used to play the Starship version alot. Probably my favourate Starship song.

  63. Jaime Webber

    Thinking about you....

  64. Robert Gowans

    Not a true Aprilwine song since Goodwin had fired the whole band

    Anthony G

    Greenway played lead guitar on this album but it was more of a solo album

  65. Chris CJC

    Takes me back to the mid 80's, I remember this one running on MTV ..... i was 21 at the time 1985 i believe it was released... 

    Todd Sundell

    +Chris CJC That was the year!!!

    Mike K.

    +Chris CJC close, 1986. good music, rough economy but over all was better times and less stress, unlike today! my favorite song by the band! :)


    +Chris CJC Same Here ! ... 21 in 85 ... very memorable video ! and great song

  66. Rather Be Flying

    Video reminds me of Billy Idol - Cradle Of Love


    Funny you should say that, I was thinking the same thing just before I read your comment..lol.

  67. Tyler Morin

    sad to hear Myles will not be toruing but will still be making future albums with them


    @Tyler Morin Just saw April Wine in Victoria on May 13 2015. Miles couldn't hit all the notes in Roller but it was still and awesome show.

  68. slugtoe

    I saw these guys for the first time on 05/10/2014 at BMIKARTS in Versailles, Ohio and Myles can SING. He has an incredible voice. Great show.

  69. Sailordude2012

    A laserdisc, lol. I used to sell those. They couldn't have enough imagination like Robocop did and use a 3 inch CD and played the video.

  70. Larry The Garage Door Guy

    Once in awhile

  71. HipsterWhovianJedi

    This is on the Fright Night soundtrack.

  72. waitamoment

    Always loved this tune from fight night but never saw this video. Love it.

  73. Mick

    Would have been awesome if they'd had a girl in the video with a little bit of rhythm. lmao

    Rolando Luna

    Well, for some reason I don't care about the lack of rhythm :)

  74. PsychopathInFoil

    I don't care if this girl shaves or not, I'd eat her out for hours to this tune. God girls from the 80s were HOT. Wish I around back then.

    Jenn Nunya

    My husband says.. "ME TOO"!!  Oh by the way, he says he was around at that time..

    Sondra Lee

    Jenn Nunya so your husband likes Tranny's? What do you mean 'he says he was around at the time..?'

    Jenn Nunya

    He was a teenager in the 1980"s... If he had a YouTube account, I'd let him tell you.


    Its supposed to have hair on it.

  75. Fabrício Assis MG

    I was 7 or 8 years old when I saw this video on Brazilian TV (has not MTV here in Brazil on the 80's, just appear here in the 90's) and fell in love with this woman dancing on the video since was a kid and I hope it stays pretty up today!
    She's was so exciting, man!

  76. DropYourGuns

    Walking Through Fire........April Wine

  77. Mulder Scully

    Man i miss the good old days, the 80's were the best and most fun time of my life !

  78. Nathan Ramsay-Vejlens

    old style twerking..

  79. MetallicBill

    To each his own, some like their bush! hahaha

  80. MetallicBill

    I know all about them, thanks to my friend Rob, pre DVD you bought Laser optical which was analog based but later used PCM CD redbook audio, and then DTS and Dolby Digital RF surround sound

  81. MetallicBill

    You mean they're obsolete now?!? I wouldn't know. Only one of mine ever got Laser-rot

  82. MetallicBill

    April Wine is a one man band here, eh?? I like how music in this 'future' is stored on LaserDisc 45! She puts it in upside down, even in autoreverse units, the laser starts on the bottom of the disc, and a labeled surface won't play at all

  83. zzzxtreme

    Has this song appeared in any of their albums? Or only in fright night soundtrack?

  84. CajunKhan

    She's cute, but I can't help but think about the fact that she probably didn't shave or even trim. I prefer modern women who get rid of that bush.

  85. McPh1741

    Because too many chicks today are too lazy to dress hot, do the makeup, and tease their hair up. And, they think hot is having a tramp stamp, nose stud and pierced tongue. I'll take an 80's girl any day- nice tan, red lips, big hair, and slutty clothes. You never saw girls walking around the mall in pajama pants and flip flops back then. Girls that were "in" had their hair and makeup done, and were dress to kill.

  86. Oobibun3

    Why don't women look like this anymore?

  87. bailey7175

    I would rock her to sleep every nite:)

  88. bailey7175

    Damn id be rockin her every nite

  89. jeff munson

    April wine never made the charts much in the US but believe me there were a lot of rockers that loved April Wine in the US

    Lost Soul

    I am one of them.

  90. acquiesce022

    Show's you the age of this one, SEE THE SIZE OF THEIR FRIGGIN LASER DISC????
    And yeah, gotta love canuck rock!!! WE FUCKIN RULE!!

  91. Hammheadd

    Thank You For Another Classic For My Playlist...DJ RANDY

  92. kaled issa

    starship x april wine= rockkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  93. James Mcneil

    I really should read previous comments!lol 3:-/

  94. James Mcneil

    Lol i guess none noticed the laser disc player eh?

  95. James Mcneil

    APRIL WINE ROCKS!!! Good ol'CANADIAN rock 'n' roll!!!!

  96. StarvingNation

    This song is awesome. I was just checking out their chart activity in the US and I was shocked that this didn't crack the Hot 100. I remembered this to be a pretty sharp video for the early '80s and a great song. I came here to check out the vid and now I understand. It was the chick that danced like Elaine from Seinfeld that did them in. (-:

  97. kimberly ballard

    is an 80s girl..but anyway, who could hate this song OR April Wine?! Don't hate the player, hate the game. Then get some taste other then whats in your mouth:)

  98. Harley McKenzie

    -.- Just, no.

  99. adfifield

    hard to believe this was a "come-back" song