April Wine - Fast Train Lyrics

I read the colors this mornin'
I read the colors today
About a man who left from nowhere to be someone
And every day he has to pay in every way

I met a man from new york city
He spoke of things I've yet to find
A good man driven from his homeland
Tryin' to find some piece of mind

It's a fast train

It's a fast train
It's a fast train
It's a fast train

It's a fast train
It's a fast train
It's a fast train
It's a fast train
It's a fast train
It's a fast train
It's a fast train
It's a fast train
It's a fast train

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April Wine Fast Train Comments
  1. Vince Gedeon

    This song is absolutely awesome 🤟😍😍😍😍😍😍🤟

  2. Wayne Thera

    I read somewhere that this was there first song they released. Man sounds so polished. Great well written song, and musically top notch too.

  3. Dale Hutchinson

    26 people missed the train.

  4. Susy D

    Classic solid gold all these years and it still makes my heart ache

  5. Cory Savicky


  6. Bruce Wayne

    ... not many better !!!

  7. Boro

    Could be a song about Industrial Revolution.

  8. Alex Pigeau

    I am 11 and i like this song.

    Bill Jones

    Good taste youngster!

    Jeffrey Biscoe

    Now your 12

    Vince Gedeon

    This song is great Rock On🤟😍🤟

  9. Larry Smith

    Great Song.

  10. Happy Miles

    Used to have this on LP. Loved it.

  11. Eric Champagne

    sa fait reflechir fidel d'etre canadien!

  12. Brenda McKenzie

    Oowatanite jerryco

    Brenda McKenzie


    Brenda McKenzie


    Brenda McKenzie


  13. Emmi 525


  14. BikeRidinManiac

    its a  run a way  train   -   stupid I no  this song just reminds me of the  movie    runaway train  -  jon voight   - eric  Roberts

    Chris Donnelly

    do you have brain damage?

    peter daigle

    off his meds

    Bill Jones

    BikeRidinManiac Clever comment! Forget the A-holes who don't get it.

  15. will bernier

    wicked  tune

  16. JCVS26

    the timing of the drummer at 1:00 ...Saweet..! always been an underrated band IMO

    Matt Piercey

    Rodney King Jerry didn't play with the band until Electric Jewels. This is actually Ritchie Henman on drums.

    John Arizona

    Canadian bands never got the full stage. RUSH is a perfect example of epicness and should have hit the bell way more than they did.

    captain deinonychus

    Love the bass when that 2nd verse drum pattern kicks in too


    @Matt Piercey Richie Henmans great nephew here, glad to see someone recognizes him!

    Matt Piercey

    @Marx That's great! Two years ago I got there debut album autographed by Myles and Jim Henman at an acoustic tour they were doing.

  17. David Pristupa

    Bachman Turner Over Drive have very similar riffs used in this song in their song Let It Ride.


    Makes sense... since Jim Clench (bass and sang some lead vocal in April Wine) played in both bands.

    Bob Schneider

    @zen Although wasn't in the band yet at the time, which makes it even more interesting. 🙂


    Yeah and nowadays it’s called
    Copyright where WE WILL SUE YOu, fuckin snowflakes

  18. judy joseph

    Another great song by a great band so underrated.


    Not Underrated in Canada During the 70s ... you heard them all the time on AM radio ...... and everyone had an April Wine Album or two!

  19. cobra

    One of April Wine's under rated songs.  

    Vince Gedeon

    Amazing Song

  20. Stop Trolling

    So apparently this train is fast

    Bill Jones

    2nd that! LOL

  21. lookasailboat7

    for all you dubstep guys.. it drops at 1:50

  22. zzzdogutube

    Thumbs ^

    Cyprus Kill

    zzzdogutube to be labeled breast.