Apparat - Headup Lyrics

Good you came to celebrate with us...
Fall and sway. Bring the bill
I'll answer don't worry...
On my way with gifts I save

Now, you're feeling bitterly
No one will put you down
You've gotta head up, head up
Stop thinking on me now
I wanna find out how
And I don't need to hide
Say save us for last?
I'm feeling terrified

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Apparat Headup Comments
  1. Treeshika

    * . * magicinmotion ~~

  2. mvvagner

    for YOUUUUU

  3. duncan w craig

    top three apparat masterpiece ist wunderba

    Power Gamer

    Die andern zwei?^^

    Andrea P.


  4. SpaceSnaxxx

    Outro lyrics:

    I'm feeling better now
    No one can put me down
    I've got my head up head up
    Stop thinking on you now

    I'm doing fine now
    And I don't need to hide
    Say words I'd save for less
    I won't be terrified

  5. Martina Petrac

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. soupsur

    sound effectz r mind blowing! true artist...

  7. spincr

    Its eventually a thumbs up to itself. We come from the same thing stars are formed out of. We're all one:) Thumbs up to you!

  8. Kika Mal

    I think the Lagoon Nebuleans are eternally grateful for bringing such a cosmic awesome song to their attention!!! ^_^ All thumbs up for you!

  9. Javier Pérez de Jesús

    Good you came to celebrate with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you're feeling bitterly
    no one will put you down
    you've got your head up head up
    stop thinking on you now

  10. Regina Vieira Oliveira


  11. spincr

    It seems a lot of people have taken an interest in the song. Always know others will be there for you as long as you give them a chance! Personally in need of some cheering up.

  12. spincr


    Glad you like it!