Apparat - Dawan Lyrics

Inside armies
They come to me
Whispering of peace
In their digging
For cracks and holes
To hide, to hide
To hide, to hide

This moment, right
Out of focus
Left in space
Where no one cares
And I, signaling myself
Just to get through
For a second holds, and then it starts to slide

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Apparat Dawan Comments
  1. marichenn

    Masterpiece <3

  2. days of radiation

  3. Kasvuhoone


  4. Kacper Pulinski

    pijss :0

  5. Kacper Pulinski

    wtf i like thjis

  6. Kacper Pulinski

    first lol

  7. Jacopo Mezzanotte

    tanto love

  8. HumanTalks.

    All i hear is DMT

  9. Chkhitoooo

    LP5 is an album which you should happily spend your money for 🔁

  10. Anna Patrini


  11. Luis Gomes

    2:31 that acords... that drums...OMG

  12. пит буль

    how have you got those fancy visual computer FX???
    me and a friend of mine have taken sum a-cid so we are willing to understand it

  13. Klaudia Julia

    2:44 WHAT A TUNE ! 3:19

  14. Edgardo Gregorini

    Beautiful abstracism

  15. hulafantastica happy they are back

  16. Davide Chieregato

    that fucking chord progression... genius.

  17. Panos akg

    besttt track!!!

  18. Tcherno Byl

    Ooooh, i'm off. That's the real deal. "Ch'pu capab'"

  19. silentswan108

    Hey, anyone figure out the background lyrics kicking in around 3:10?


    It sounds something like "I [...] left you all alone", but I'm not sure. Does anybody know?

  20. Robert Lumbra

    New Apparat Album > New Modeselektor Album

  21. Ryan Narce

    hearing the bass kick in at 2:30 on this reminds me that this lad literally began making music after hearing Insomniac for the first time, which

    what a helluva inspiration

    apparat isn't always on, but when he is,


  22. rob rutledge

    Fucking Hell, this is awesome. So crisp and an absolute pleasure to listen to.

  23. Valerie Chauvey

    See you in Bratislava!

  24. lexlxel

    first two minutes of the song sound if they were sped up, just like the soundtrack of old Disney Cartoons. now I cannot unhear it.

  25. Ant Ri

    Apparat is one of the few poets of our age.

  26. Mariyeen Acheege


  27. Grapes

    This song is amazing at night. Especially in the woods.

  28. Liam_Mt

    Will I ever get tired of listening to this track ?
    Probably not ...

  29. Richard Gamrát

    Weird fishes is one of my favourite Radiohead songs, but I don't really hear much similarities with this one.

  30. Audin Sylvie

    Magnifique, somptueux <3

  31. val val

    Retour d apparat...c est appara-ment très bien...

  32. Amazing Max Stuff

    Tutorial on how to recreate the visuals in this video in Max/MSP:

  33. Suzzi 01


  34. Daybreak84

    I wish the end of this song would of kept going a little longer

  35. Kanglan Baslewice

    Taurus Tonleiter... nice!

  36. Baia Bakhtadze

    Can we like focus on Apparat and forget Moderat for a min here, no offense.

  37. A mar nasser

    روى واو. أتى وهو أر ونوع من ن ن. ىوطوطووذىذ

    ذو. وذ،ذى😪😧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👨‍👨‍👧👲🏿😈👿👣👣👣👣👣😶👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧👣👶🏼


    What a sweet visual!!!

  39. hoon4tw

    What kind of filthy jerk down votes this. I'm calling that 178 miss clicks. Disgustingly amazing.. wow.

  40. Stuart Hall

    The new album is fuck-ing in-saneeeee

  41. redjack56

    Xs👀lent 👁👁

  42. Marcelo Chorus

    que aparato jj

  43. Inga-Neomea

    Love it...

  44. Matteo

    It looks like Bloc Party!

  45. Dávid Szügyi

    Finally, came back the true creator!

  46. Jay Sea

    This is glorious

  47. Cosmin Fatul

    This one is amazing! remind's me of Moderat

    Pavel Velkovsky

    Moderat = Modeselektor + Apparat

  48. Szymon Kot

    this male voice, whose is it?


    I guess it's Sascha Ring (Apparat) himself.

  49. Sergio Lucero

    Love the freaking baseline at 2:32 good to have him back!!

    Saara-Maria Kauppi

    SO GOOOD! I'm addicted to that.

  50. fasten1978

    This bass! And Radiohead's drums. Feeling A.

  51. Romeo Romexe

    In love with your music since 2008 💚

  52. Upelio Žmogus

    beautiful album!


    Loving this!!

  54. Tim Duffie

    I missed you, Apparat, but you always come around just in time.

    taka trip

    seriously. sasha is here

  55. Sandro Mestvirishvili

    LP5 is the only place where all my favorite artists intercept, I can hear them all. Sascha is genius.


    What is LP 5?

    SB Dunk

    @MrSuigetzu The name of the album this track is on.

  56. Olexandr Kuz'menko


  57. Klangarchitektur

    Very nice!

  58. Pavol Turanec

    Brilliant masterpiece <3

  59. Martin Heine

    Einfach nur..Hammer..

  60. Colin Davis


  61. Rafal Smandek

    3 more days and new album will finally arrive :]

    Martin Heine

    i buy it;0)

  62. Christin Hesse

    my number one 💋..

  63. Petra Pan

    Daaa Apparat....I really deeply love your good. Hvala!

  64. luis miguel

    Bellisima, voy ha disfrutar mucho mucho, gracias Apparat.

  65. Adolfo Gonzalez

    💓 - Apparat is on tour!

  66. Anna Soares Official

    I love love love the drums!!!!

  67. hukiyoe7

    Welcome back

  68. Klaudiusz 1

    it's f...... masterpiece

  69. OokamiMusic


  70. Aaron Gold

    I wanna listen to this when I die, when everything fades into black nothingness.

  71. Atn b

    Can we talk about this visual? It's just incredible...

    Circuit 8

    Sure, its like something I saw in the 80's.

  72. Nico Bont

    Caviar! <3<3<3

  73. Hans Glücklich

    😎👌Da hat sich das Warten doch gelohnt 👍🙌🙌Cool! !!

  74. Dmitry Novikov

    Thom Yorke is back.

  75. Mixalakius Sozatsok

    It won't play in Greece anymore. Fuck music companies and freaking rights...

  76. Betty Holloway

    Thank you YouTube recommendations!

  77. Noah Grayer

    Greatest band ever !!!

  78. daddybuddy

    You´re genius.....

  79. cotne absandze

    ჯანდაბა, სასწაულია!

  80. Где же черт его дери Тупольски

    Diving in black water's vibe

  81. min con


  82. NWO Sackratte

    Thanks! PS: Bring back Moderat!

  83. Antinfortunistica Mantova

    drum & bass forever !!!!

  84. Fèlix

    I love how psychedelic this is tbh

  85. Jose Miguel Vivo Henarejos


  86. izabo eclair

    Amazing Apparat love this music <3♥

  87. Conrad Zoo

    Bliss. Missed this.

  88. gabriel cazali

    What we need !

  89. Ross G

    I first got into Apparat 5 or 6 years ago. The past couple of months, I've been binging. Now I get this!

    duncan w craig

    Ross G about 10 years from me now. Saw him in 2012 for devils walk tour. Mad genius.

  90. duncan w craig

    Sascha building the legacy once again. Out on his own. A legend.

  91. celia ayneto

    keep returning to this fabulous track ;)

  92. Katy Tarantino

    that momet... 3.38

  93. vermale deit

    excellent🖤 i know i know the comparsion, but: sounds very radio-headish... meant compliment like😊😆 really nice vocals!!!