Apparat - Brandenburg Lyrics

How does it feel, if I carried away?
Fragile consultation were new [?]
First time every time
If we [?] as fast as I can, if we

Blah blah

This shit is indecipherable

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Apparat Brandenburg Comments
  1. Dominic Dannies

    Ok, but why did they called it Brandenburg ?

  2. zznarcolepsy

    How does it feel if I carry the weight
    Fragile consolation but newly try
    The first time every time

    I feel weak, but run as fast as I can
    I feel weak.

    I’ll be at the rope ‘til the rope swings.

  3. lolo jamaico

    wow 360° very nice

  4. Kallisto Aquila


    Published on Mar 25, 2019*

  5. some facets of techno

    Ein kurzes Lächeln aus Stralsund

  6. Damieroqsanz

    I've always felt like his music has a message that is only meant for certain people. If his music hits your mind and soul in ways you can't explain, this is meant for you.

    Mohamedali Hamdi

    I smell some gatekeeping

  7. Andrea Martinez

    Fever Ray-ish

  8. ricks fields

    These EP youtube videos are crazy, apparat is a master

  9. Alberto Carraro

    this sound is sublime

  10. imagineophelia

    absolutely love it <3

  11. David Witulla

    Really nice I love it :)