Apparat - Arcadia Lyrics

What's the point of waiting for life to come
I could go further and no one's surprised
Your plans collapse, run off or fall apart
Your plans collapse, run off or fall apart

What's the point of waiting for life to come
I could go further and no one's surprised
Your plans collapse, run off or fall apart
Your plans collapse, run off or fall apart

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Apparat Arcadia Comments
  1. Same 666

    Lasselostaaaar duocan

  2. Philip Lanrete

    Уже третий или четвертый раз включаю этот трек, и смотрю на эти образы... А сейчас включил потому, что читая книгу, загуглил понятие Прана Видья.
    Синхрония в действии.— Вот какой абзац мне напомнил об этом треке:
    "Цель всех йогических и других духовных практик— высвобождение великой космической силы, или кундалини шакти, которая лежит, свернувшись в три с половиной оборота, в муладхара чакре. Процесс пробуждения этой силы, или праны, описан в традиционных текстах как «Полет птицы, поднимающейся от земли к небесам, на привязи из золотой нити». Земля - это муладхара чакра, небеса— аджна чакра, птица— махапрана, а золотая нить— канал сушумна нади, который проходит через центр позвоночника. Управляя праной, запасая и расширяя ее в теле, можно пробудить спящую прана шакти. В этом основная цель йогических наук пранаямы (увеличения объема праны) и прана видьи (познания праны)."


    2019 here?

    Clarity Dark

    Yeah, 2020
    And... Would you give me a chance? I also do IDM:

  4. Deva Ground

    Brillant, brillant

  5. Göksel Baloğlu

    I actually came here from a porn.

  6. DreadfullMind

    This video is stolen from the owl, i love you but ive chosen darkness

  7. Stan Stan

    apparat is love forever

  8. k.e.

    reminds me of newgrounds for some reason

  9. xWolf YT

    I’m here because of missalice94 if y’all know what that means...

    Nicholas van Orton

    i know mate, i know. i also was curious, Shazam´ed it and landed here

    xWolf YT

    Tenrik Hwardzik ayyyyyy

  10. Michał Kostecki

    This is so brilliant...

  11. Pew Pew

    Wait the eyes
    Are they the black hole image
    Did they somehow predict what a black hole looked like

  12. Gino Yuri Arroyo Casas

    Es pec ta cu lar!!!!!!!

  13. ESH OLEN


  14. Ascension646

    Its been a long time. Pretty sure a lot of people can see themselves as that crow trying ever so hard to fly away, but tied down by a metaphorical cord.

  15. ded et max ; les aventuriers du rc...

    vous devriez faire un clip avec kiasmos sérieux !!

  16. visicircle

    turns out the devils were really angels. Freeing you...

  17. Zili Ohneland

    groovt <3

  18. Julio E. Isaias Rodriguez Glez.

    violento violento... que coool......!!! paradisimo loco....

  19. Boris Medarski

    SICK AS FUCK! ...the video is hard to watch

  20. The Confessor


  21. Craneck Braz

    Kind of old, and I discoreved this marterpiece just today!

  22. Seven_teen_inch_goblin_ears

    Who else came here because they saw that one comment on Pornhub?

    Dumb Bot

    Miss Alice vid fuck she’s hot


    count me in


    Ahhh fuck😂

    Anonymous Beast

    Which vid man? :(

    Alex West

    @Anonymous Beast a yoga pants video by miss alice

  23. christian oppelt


  24. ReedyBlu

    I uhm.. came here from a porn video

    Alex West

    Same here 😂

  25. Lovell W

    Saha 'involver 2' brought me here - love this!

  26. Jakub Pajer

    Never noticed that, but the video is fucking depressing man!

  27. Alonso de Hojeda

    Garbage. (I meant the music)

  28. manoSworld gkagkaoudakismanos

    Apparat is so intelligent musician and his performances so deeply intense underground

  29. Damien Simper

    The Birds remind me...

  30. Yuūki

    timeless and forever

  31. Dom Cruz

    I have searched this video for so long.
    And this just ends up in my recommendation.
    I fucking love YouTube.

  32. Rossella Cravero

    sso fucking great!! Apparat:3

  33. Abyss noises

    3:20 What a change!! Genius....

  34. canal lunus

    What's the point of waiting
    For life to come
    I could go further

    And no one's surprised
    Your plans collapse, run off or fall apart...

    What's the point of waiting
    For life to come
    I could go further
    And no one's surprïsed
    Your plans collapse, run off or fall apart...

  35. Evil Vhs

    Is the sound quality supposed to be this bad? Hideous.

    Dom Cruz

    You can just upload another song in HD. Try it out.

  36. Galien73

    Animal Condition Today.

  37. Lucija Pušnik


  38. Mike Carpenter

    This goes well with Hearing Damage by Thom Yorke

  39. icbm36

    anyone here know missalice94 ? :))

  40. Craven Wyvern

    While this video was made for another song, I actually like it better on this one? It feels more...desperate. The shaking and fast pace makes the crow seem like it's really fighting to get away, and the owl, tethered or not, genuinely feels like it's just watching, apathetic and hopless already. It feeps more...raw and harsh, with this song compared to the other one.

  41. Eleonora Fo

    🖤 👏

  42. ChicChicken

    This is how depression feels.

    Brian Eckes' 7 Minute Sermon Series

    I know right. I take it spiritually. Me, a Christian, fighting for the Light and trying desperately to live in the Light all the while 'tied' to my sinful nature and also resisting Satan. Well, thats how I interpret this video, but it can certainly have a multitude of meanings for sure. I also suffered for years with clinical depression so I get your interpretation as well.

  43. Salvatore Piscopo

    I love this song. I think he was influenced by the song "And It Rained All Night" (Thom Yorke). Great work!

  44. The Manhunter

    We are all puppets, but hopefully more of us shall see the strings.

  45. pedro kyburz

    toll gemacht und auf den Punkt gebracht...wau

  46. Isaí Muñoz

    El inicio de la canción me recuerda a una de Boards of Canada.

  47. Dagmar Hergottová

    voice in my soul - pain from my first love

  48. Dr. Peter Venkman a.k.a Original Ad-Buster

    ganz stark.

  49. David Santamaria

    Apparat con texto en español, ers un crack BOGO ,gracias por la resubida/subida de la cancion.

  50. Baker Mayfield #6HUNNIT #DAN6EROUS

    I still have no idea what language this song is in.


    english :D
    ''Your plans collapse, run off or fall apart''.

  51. Derek Lotspeich

    This is like the world no matter how much u try to escape your still here and the chain to your life is keeping you here but you can break that chain if you try

  52. Marta Lina Thomassen

    Better to drop dead trying than be empty as the owls eyes ...

  53. Sid

    The owl is content with being in the darkness, nothing wise about it. If the owl chose it could help the crow releive but i chooses not to as it is happy for itself and hence stays there.
    Real life example of people who would watch / shoot videos of a live crime happening rather than helping up!

  54. zuzana vetrovska


  55. Nicola Capogrosso


  56. defC

    incredible song, felt some very intense emotions especially on the first listen. just beautiful.

  57. je vous merde tous


  58. M Brontë

    You just want this bird to get away....excellent song and video

  59. Annie Samuel

    I love this song. And I love the Telefon Tel Aviv remix more. :D

  60. Fernando Guardo

    Una producción creativa de enorme intensidad. Anoche vi surcar en el cielo una enorme lechuza blanca, tan libre como mi pensamiento.

  61. Andrew Turner

    Categorised as "comedy" I see. 😄

    Boris Medarski

    do you come from soundcloud :D ?

    Andrew Turner

    Boris Medarski I was born in SoundCloud but raised in YouTube.

    Boris Medarski

    by "Uncle Hashtag" ;D ?

  62. Paola Figueroa

    Why does the owl do nothing?

    Annie Samuel

    Sounds simple but really such a deep question!

  63. a name

    What's the point of anything, Mr. Yorke? Anyone else who wants to make a comment on this, I do care about, but for some reason a lesser degree. idk these things.

  64. Jimmy George

    great music....

  65. Jimmy George

    why not help the owl ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Pedro Solano

    The crow represents premonition
    The owl represent disguised powers

  67. Melody

    We're both traped in here. It makes no sense to keep trying to escape... But I understand.
    And I will wait patiently while I watch you trying.

  68. Phaust Heinert

    Dude, this video belongs to another song. Credit it! It's I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - "The Owl" otherwise I'll report it with its source.

    Grimble Grumble

    "citizens arrest"
    chillout hombre, just PM uploader and ask him to update the description.

    but thanks for the heads up, I've been looking for the original for some time now.

    Grimble Grumble

    It's been done before. I wouldn't worry too much about it if I were you.

    Neo Matrix

    Haha, you must have been one of those kids at school that would always tell on everyone.

  69. Henri Tormos

    trop beau ...

  70. Carlotta Tiddia

    Sempre nel cuore

  71. Auxend

  72. Gary Binkley

    back here from first hearing this a few years ago, still wanting to cut that cable on his leg

  73. mollieangel

    ultimate desperation equalled out by strength and hope. beautiful.


    You're name is the best. Love to be in Mollies wonderland.

  74. Wildboubou

    Already in my playlist "The Best One" ♥♥♥

  75. thomas balink

    ....oh, what a track !

  76. Soldier 76

    Shit like this is happening to animals everyday in real life and we can stop it. Live more sustainable life and leave a smaller footprint, make the world miss you were gone not glad you were gone !!!!

    Mr X

    well said friend. its not only the bird, all organic life on the planet.

    Tru blood

    you completely missed the metaphorical point of the video. lmao

    Tom Sprayer

    ... I have an owl... but it needed help because it couldn't a survive in the wild

  77. guitarlizard19

    How much I feel like this bird in life

  78. Wol in the glass

    OWL 👌

  79. Activity Grrrl

    *Hey, this video isn't from the band I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - "The Owl"??*

    Víctor Vila Ramírez

    This video is 7 years old, that one is 3.


    Wrong, the video was released in 2006/2007 created by Emannuel Ho for I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness. It was most likely reuploaded for quality.

  80. Dania Almosuli

    this is brilliant.

  81. fnx fnx

    no bullshit. it's just desperation at it's best. love it, we all feel that shit somehow

  82. Margarita Grishina

    I kept wanting the raven to break free

  83. Максим Нерпин

    как по мне,есть несколько интерпретаций видео,но мне мне по душе одна,где нужно остановиться ,просмотреть на себя и оборвать ( перекусить),то ,что тебя сдерживает.

    Philip Lanrete

    Тоже так подумалось. А ещё такая мысль: клип получился, как сцена, изображающая компульсивное поведение. И речи об остановке и не идёт. Это выглядит глупо со стороны, но обычно неосознанно изнутри, как в кошмарном или многих других снах, где "я"—марионетка происходящего... Такие мысли.

  84. Максим Нерпин

    с виду так просто,но в нем столько смысла...

    Philip Lanrete

    Тоже так подумалось.

  85. Liliana Ortiz Sánchez

    s como volar sobre la gran ciudad. Pararse sobre los edificios y ser y seguir siendo testigo de la destrucción de la naturaleza.

  86. Athena Amazonia

    The owl is the Government.

  87. Sebastian Ressler

    Legendäres Video!

  88. crowbird213

    I heard this in a trendy burger boutique last night. Wow. I can't believe I forgot about this act. They were so inspiring to me at one time. Happy to have been reminded of them.


    +crowbird213 where was this burger joint you speak of? Could only wish for such trendy bars over here. And indeed still remember picking up Walls back in the day. Can't believe 8 years passed so soon. :|


    +Batuso88 flip burger- Atlanta.

  89. Prashant Negi

    the struggle is real

  90. samuel mencia

    ¿ Qué sentido tiene esperar
    Para iniciar una nueva vida.
    Puedo ir más allá.
    Y nadie se sorprende el hecho de que
    Tus planes se derrumban, huyan o deshacen...

  91. Mario Terzoli

    It seems to me as though the raven represents humanities desperation to "make it". So caught up in the strive for meaningless "things". The string is a shackle that we all have around our ankles. The perceived light is whatever it is we attempt to achieve in our lifetime... money, riches, fame etc. The owl, while menacing, is at peace. He is steady and grounded. He understands that there is no escape. He knows that what lies beyond the light is a trap and the strive for it is dangerous. 

    Jim Bean

    +Mario Terzoli thinking you are free chasing women and booze trying to find enlightenment through a stitched on window, the owl sit's in stillness having amazing vision and seeing in the dark, the light rests within his eyes, the seat of the soul the house of the trinity


    +Jim Bean "the owl sit's in stillness having amazing vision and seeing in the dark".

    Vulcan Princess

    +Mario Terzoli Similar to platos allegory of the cave. The owl is menacing because reality is a menace to our minds, and we frantically, fanatically, fantastycally attempt to escape regardless, like the crow.

    Toby Brunt

    +Mario Terzoli It says about you how you read it.

    Travis Franks

    I see it as the raven shackled down by the world of the owl's making. Owls prefers darkness, they're nocturnal. The raven is desperately trying to reach the window of light, while the owl watches on, dispassionately. The owl has its darkness, and it has the raven where it wants.

  92. Cla Glue

    This song is making love with my soul and thoughts.
    Ty apparat

  93. Tina Boyd

    Great song!  Cool animation for the beat.

  94. sina heydari


  95. MrYoda40

    His best song up till now...