Apparat - A Violent Sky Lyrics

I've seen you on the road
I've seen you on the road
The place they called it home
Coming down beneath the violent sky
Coming down beneath the violent sky
Coming down beneath the violent sky
Coming down beneath the violent sky
These skies where happy kids
The music going loud
To move here under the cloud of screaming
To move here under the cloud of screaming
To move here under the cloud of screaming

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Apparat A Violent Sky Comments
  1. Ben R4m-Z

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun brought me here.
    Thanks John!

  2. AMSR _

    this musiq!!!

  3. the x is xilent

    reminds me of pets by deadmau5

  4. Rohil Ujwal

    Best to hear at night

  5. Crazed Side Studio


  6. Vaynex Haschwalth

    this song is quite very intresting i love it this is how the music i love

  7. Marzyy


  8. Lars van Koningsveld

    I don't think I will be living as I was living back then ever again.

  9. miru

    why do i love it?
    -reading The Happy Zombie Sunrise House-

  10. coklat180

    Bad education series finale brought me here. :(

  11. DuzIT

    Apparat did music for Breaking Bad, no ?

    Kevin Elezi

    yeah, when gus died 
    Apparat- Goodbye 


    Yes i Know, i've finished it :)

    Hugues Mailhos

    u spoiled me ;'(

  12. Lunar Mind

    breaking bad

  13. Dawn to Day Light Music

    3 black diamonds, for 3 tears

  14. wheatley

    Apparat means - instrument/tool/machine

  15. Peter Natsvlishvili

    dat was amaizing !!!

  16. Lautriche

    Apparat was my entrance into the world of electronic music. I always remember the days where I started listening to him and thought that this was something completely new to me. He's one of the best electronic artists to me. You should check out Blackwater from him (my favourite song !!!!!!)

  17. Bob

    Bad education


    I cried.

  18. Vandorianna


  19. HonourableBronn

    Bad Education

    Sam Wickens Music

    @john smith This kind of music i always stumble on and its amazing but i dont know the genre so hard to find different songs like it! :(


    Bad education 👌👌👌👌

    Jozef Wicks-Sharp

    @Sam Wickens Music This kind of music falls under the categories of electronic, I.D.M. and Glitch.

    Sarm 02

    Jozef Wicks-Sharp this is not electronic music m8

  20. Frank Melo

    Mosquito intro lol

  21. Ramanomicon

    apparat is the best!

  22. Nendonintendo

    Goosebumps... I love it.

  23. Nick

    My thought is that someone needs to mix this with Pets by Deadmau5

  24. Laura Žeimytė


  25. Amanda

    saving hope brought me here! <3

  26. KingChortle

    awesome song.

  27. mushroomsseason

    this song deserve a fulll official dreamy video... but the image is perfect or maybe I'm so high.

  28. Liam Skud

    bravo !!! slowyyy song

  29. LaSpaghettini


  30. The Art of Noise is Bliss

    Apparat <3

  31. Sam Jensen

    This man has some talent. I love his music . . : )

  32. ichi San


  33. Sergi Ferrer

    unless you download them all!

  34. 王子青い


  35. j b

    D: how? i cant find it on new youtube

  36. j b

    D: how? i cant find it on new youtube

  37. Manon

    Apparat :) Modeselektor :D Moderat <3

  38. darksky967

    And also that they nearly all suck

  39. underdisc

    Then you find the playlist option

  40. Roxanne Tiefenrausch

    apparats final show at berghain in berlin was just fucking amazing.

  41. telkmx

    Finding good music looks horrible.

  42. Yorick Moran

    Hey!The artist also did Goodbye.The song was in Breaking Bad.


    oh noes.

  44. Yuto

    I somehow doubt he meant to say "lol".

  45. Lilu Koyen

    i know right? im never gonna get to the end of my watch later list if i keep adding more songs from the side bar :}

  46. Jonah Meekison

    what the FUCK did you just say

  47. Vera Trieb

    <3 one of the best songs in the world



  49. Tiger Zaff

    Great song for me and my gf :)

  50. SarahBlackNight

    ...and u must to download it all! ;) like i do. i feel you! my memory on computer is almost full. XD

  51. ItsRainingTrees

    And then you forget what songs you have heard and relisten to them. IT'S A NEVER ENDING CYCLE

  52. Biboud Hugo

    just magic

  53. ninisgreekronaldo

    wow a rational person around here :O Great job stopping an unnecessary conflict there, oh and btw, great (correct) use of the word prolific, ignore the troll ;)

  54. Hello

    I will!

  55. Javi Prieto

    Whatever dude. Enjoy yourself.

  56. Hello


    Apparat has released about 1 album every two years. Thats about average.You have mis used the word prolific in order to sound smarter than you are.

  57. Javi Prieto

    Go to any dictionary and check out, or better, comment just about the videos here and not about how other people speaks or writes.

    Example: According Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 3rd definition of prolific means: "marked by abundant inventiveness or productivity "

  58. Hello

    I'm not sure you know what the word prolific means.

  59. JujYFru1T

    She mentioned this song on Twitter; that's how I found it. :)

  60. Sangrex2

    This song makes me feel like im with 2 really good friends. both laying in a grassy field looking straight up into the sky at the stars. Just remembering the good times we've had. Simply amazing.

  61. Jm131

    to get you more depressed. It keeps you in that mood, better listen to something happy ;)

  62. ladysilverhawk9

    how come?

  63. Cykomore

    Discovered Apparat a few month ago, with the last Candide Thovex's movie (wich is incredible btw), still a real pleasure to listen to.

  64. Zedge

    Das Lied isn richtiger Apparat!

  65. Javi Prieto

    Apparat is arguably one of the most prolific and creative electronic music artists of the last 10 years. Love this one...

  66. Affenscheisser

    "... at the moment"

  67. Seeven34

    So beautiful to listen...

  68. Pernicuz

    Absolutely love it! Beautiful song.

  69. JujYFru1T

    Thank you, Imogen Heap!

  70. BlackBooksStore

    reminds me of death cab for a cutie :)

  71. italation

    there's a song from apparat, light on, search it, beautiful song =) ♥

  72. BestAtNothing

    Way too short!

  73. kim duffy

    mr suicidesheep i have subscribed your music taste is impecable and your correct this song is beautifull,sounds like jared leto on vox dont knoe who it is though,

  74. kiM H1Z1

    We need more like little ants from chromebox

  75. Hubieee

    Just when I! feel depressed there is nothing better than a sweet gigot!

  76. jvhyd

    no place like space...

  77. WastedAllin

    more of that pls, if anybody can tell me about similiar songs I would appreciate it very much. :))

  78. SuprSi

    Absolutely stunning, spine-tingling watery-eye inducing magic

  79. Kitty Antix

    me too!!! i love this channel! if u need a female vocalist for any of your music, let me know! check out my videos! hopefully youll like what u see! Cheers!xx

  80. Kitty Antix

    OMG this is great!!!

  81. Fuckin A Jared

    I wish this music would be on spotify.

  82. Paweł Smoczyński


  83. lazy2care1

    so fucking true. thats why im on it 24/7

  84. FaceThaWorld

    New 2 Suicide Sheep, But This Channel Will
    Get My Play

  85. Jahedur Rahman

    I remembered now, it's called Drifta - Rearranged (feat. Emily Grace)