APO Hiking Society - American Junk Lyrics

Leave me alone to my third world devices
I don't need your technology
You just want my natural resources
And then you leave me poor and in misery
Third world blues is what I got
Trouble, yes I've got a lot

(American Junk)
Get it out of my bloodstream
(American Junk)
Get it out of my system
(American Junk)
I can only take so much
(American Junk)
Gotta get back to who I am

You call it new music, I call it pollution
Your music I now see on my television
(American Top 40)
Why is it now I can only sing
(Oh da da da, da da da)
In English language that you people bring
Why is it now that they only play
Top 40 music on TV and radio

(American Junk)
Get it out of my bloodstream
(American Junk)
Get it out of my system
(American Junk)
I can only take so much
(American Junk)
Gotta get back to who I am

(American Junk)
Get it out of my bloodstream
(American Junk)
Get it out of my system
(American Junk)
I can only take so much
(American Junk)
Gotta get back to who I am

It's been so long since I had a glance
Of what I think I really am

(American Junk)
Get it out of my bloodstream
(American Junk)
Get it out of my system
(American Junk)
I can only take so much
(American Junk)
Gotta get back to who I am

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APO Hiking Society American Junk Comments
  1. Not_ Santi Yt

    Batang pasaway

  2. Terrencelovesfriedchicken

    Found itt

  3. Not_ Santi Yt

    Who watch today


    Santi from dbs yes haha

    Not_ Santi Yt


  4. RockStar Vlogger

    Who still watching this?
    Oct 19 2019

  5. nightcore and glmv

    Amirican junk bec. They kill our hero


    For some dont understand this the americans captured the phillipines and bring them american stuff but some pilipinos dont like them thats why its american junk

  7. Schoolgirls simulator Gamer joven


  8. Kamil Emmanuel Aresgado Estidola

    Don’t listen to the voice, listen to the lyrics and understand you inner filipino

  9. Kamil Emmanuel Aresgado Estidola

    This song is true

  10. Romans 1:20

    Right now I've actually been trying to get filipino junk out of my bloodstream to get back to who I am.

  11. Chin Antolin

    gusto ko 2 😂😂😂😂😂😂 mas gusto ko sa asian countries kaysa sa western.

    Romans 1:20

    Chin Antolin then you should stay there and tell all of your friends and family go back to the east you are not welcome in the west.

  12. Lava XD

    epols pays

  13. Ace Amalia

    very true! get out of my bloodstream.

    Romans 1:20

    Ace Amalia I need the filipino out of my bloodstream to get back to who I am, return to the east if you live in the west, the time is coming your welcome is running out here as well it is mutual.

  14. afropunk90

    terrible song

  15. Kenji Manabat

    I didn't know pinoys can be Savage

    Romans 1:20

    Gotta get back to who you are. Go back and also forget english.

    Eileen Raissa Panergalin

    Romans 1:20 ? •_• sounds harsh. .

    Romans 1:20

    That's what this song is about and what the filipinos want. Tell me, without the work here, most filipinos you know want to go back/want to retire in the Philippines? This is what I grew up hearing in the asian community, they are here not for the country but for the opportunity. There should be no equal citizenship for this mindset if you are here for labor do not petition your family and multiply here.

  16. Earl Roca

    what a hypocrites you guys are


    dude why

  17. Jason Perez

    putangina mo jim! hayup ka!

  18. Diwata Buko

    Danny is The Pidro of the Band!

  19. myPalabok

    kaya pala nag migrate sa Australia.

  20. Artyom Parner

    What happens to you now,Jim Paredes......you forgot the lyrics of this song you and the APO HS wrote?

  21. banjogsm Mac

    jim paredes baka gusto mo pa delet to hahahaha

  22. Fitzgerald Edora

    Jim Paredes, Listen to your song.haha

    John Christian Canda

    May pa-"American Junk"-"American Junk" pa siya, pero siya pala mahilig sa "Australian Junk"!

    mel saint

    Tanginang Jim Paredes plastic ang puta! Siya pala ung dinidescribe niya sa sarili niyang kanta.

    Angelo Roa

    si danny naman andun na sa america nanirahan.. how ironic.

  23. JC Lee

    See it done. . . Cant stop dancing right now hehe

  24. Chelsea Yatco

    We watched this a while ago at school sabi ng mga kaklase ko after the class AMERICAN JUNK AND SAYYYY EPOLLLL


    Sa Don Bosco school ka?

  25. Melvin Raflores

    My countrymen need to listen to more of this

  26. rey arnulfo castillo

    its funny to think the language they use english

  27. PinoyAbnoy

    ''its been so long since i had a glance of what i think i really am''

    are we spanish? king philip? american?

  28. SeraphimZGaming

    C`mon guyz we filipinos just like being who we are.We are like brothers because we were united for our freedom.And also we have almost the same kulture because of you guyz.

  29. ItsMcGuy

    well im a pilipino and we have to present this on our school so this is the song i was looking for 

  30. Ram Christian Yap

    Nice song, too bad some people stretch the topic too much going away to the real meaning of the song, and may I add that this was made like what year? 1970's or something. Where the Philippine economy was still okay, though it was already going down.

    Rod Urban

    This was composed in 1987.

  31. C. Gledhill

    filipinos? being sarcastic and cynical? the world. it must be ending :P

    Political Commentator

    Tangina Kano

  32. Bran Stark

    I believe the song is satirical of our loss of cultural identity more than anything else.

  33. Sazzafraz

    It's just talking about how lots of Filipinos prefer the American culture than their own. Don't stretch the topic.

  34. Twomix

    Blaming others for your own failures. Nice Filipino trait. 15 of the top 1000 richest people in the world lived in the Philippines (yes 15 US dollar billionaires). The money is there just not being filtered down to the poor because of rampant government corruption. Lack of reinvestment and joblessness. Rich people pay no taxes in the Philippines.

    D S

    When Duterte came into power I realized that a lot of crap really happened during the past. Corruption, elitist yellows etc.

  35. Paul Mateo

    This song has betrayed those Filipinos who loved being more western

  36. Rham Montilla

    Eh totoo nman sinabi nya "American junk, get it out of my system" Nagiging mga Cano na tayo dito eh, mg Filipino tayo, we should be reminded

  37. robinhood amatosa

    yes i agree supposed to be philippine junk ang title nang kanta not american junk... ang gobyerno natin ang sisihin natin huwag ang u.s. ni kahit fabrica nang karayum wala tayo... mag isip kayo guys bago mag comment ang kantang 'to ay nonsense!

    Eileen Raissa Panergalin

    robinhood amatosa @nenabunena

    D S

    May point ka robinhood amantosa. Bago maging presidente si Duterte ang daming kapalpakan ng mg nakaraang presidente.

  38. nenabunena

    Don't be sooo sreious, it's a fun satire of a song. I myself love American or English songs but this is true too. It's a matter of extremism isn't it? We love everything foreign to the point where we forget our own or forget to develop our own.

    Nelson Sabiniano

    Your Junk

  39. bowow0807

    @archfmbandala well i don't want to start an argument but it is only a ton of bad luck from the 60's to 2000's well from the "Marcos debt" which will be paid approximately until 2025-2030 and many other problems where it is difficult to find the real details

  40. Marlon

    come on guys. it's just a song. they're having fun!

  41. archfmbandala

    Sad to say that a lot of Filipinos are just Hypocrites. American Junk huh!! But almost of us wants to live in America to escape our country full of Junks. The Lyrics is very poor , the junk is not the technology that everybody is enjoying now from First World Countries . The junk is the Gov't. of the Philippines. I think the best Title is "Philippine Junk" and the contents of the lyrics should be all the garbage people who makes our country a junk. Haayyy CANCER NG LIPUNAN!!!

    Eileen Raissa Panergalin

    archfmbandala well, was written before, y'know songs that time reflect what's happening in the society that time

  42. MikeBlitzMag

    One of the most perfect records ever made, bar none. An anthem that very much said what needed to be said and continues to resonate well nearly three decades after the fact. Sadly, Apo Hiking Society decided to call it a career in 2010. They are greatly, greatly missed.