Apink - Fairytale Love (사랑동화; Sarangdonghwa) Lyrics


Eoril jeok bodeon
Yeppeun donghwa sok yaegi
Cheoeumeuro baeun sarangiraneun geon
Manyang seolleeotjyo
Naegedo geureon sarangi
Chajawa jul geotman gatatjyo

Need you jeongmal geuttaeneun mollatjyo
Need you yeongwonhal julman aratjyo
Gyeote inneun geudae sojunghan juldo moreugo
Maeil tujeongman burin geot gatayo
Geurae naneun ijeya arayo
Geu sarangboda keunakeun apeumeul
Uri yaegin ireoke kkeutna
Seulpeuge gieokdwae beoryeotjyo
My love

Ige aninde naega aldeon sarangeun
Kkum sogin geotcheoreom donghwain geotcheoreom
Geureon jul aratjyo

Sarangeul algien neomu
Eoryeosseonna bwayo geuttaeneun

Need you jeongmal geuttaeneun mollatjyo
Need you yeongwonhal julman aratjyo
Gyeote inneun geudae sojunghan juldo moreugo
Maeil tujeongman burin geot gatayo
My love

Geurae naneun ijeya arayo
Geudae neomu sojunghaetdaneun geol
Gaseumeuro baeun geu sarangi geudaeran geol
Geuge neoran geol ije kkaedarayo
Ijen dorikil sudo eomnayo
It's too late geudaen nae yeope eomneyo
Areumdaun uri iyagin
Ajikdo gaseume inneunde
My love


어릴 적 보던
예쁜 동화 속 얘기
처음으로 배운 사랑이라는
건 마냥 설레었죠
내게도 그런 사랑이
찾아와 줄 것만 같았죠

Need you 정말 그때는 몰랐죠
Need you 영원할 줄만 알았죠
곁에 있는 그대 소중한 줄도 모르고
매일 투정만 부린 것 같아요
그래 나는 이제야 알아요
그 사랑보다 크나큰 아픔을
우리 얘긴 이렇게 끝나
슬프게 기억돼 버렸죠
My love

이게 아닌데 내가 알던 사랑은
꿈 속인 것처럼 동화인 것처럼
그런 줄 알았죠

사랑을 알기엔 너무
어렸었나 봐요 그때는

Need you 정말 그때는 몰랐죠
Need you 영원할 줄만 알았죠
곁에 있는 그대 소중한 줄도 모르고
매일 투정만 부린 것 같아요
My love

그래 나는 이제야 알아요
그대 너무 소중했다는 걸
가슴으로 배운 그 사랑이 그대란 걸
그게 너란 걸 이제 깨달아요
이젠 돌이킬 수도 없나요
It's too late 그댄 내 옆에 없네요
아름다운 우리 이야긴
아직도 가슴에 있는데
My love

[English translation:]

From my childhood
The beautiful fairy tales
The love that I learned for the first time
Was all about the fluttering feelings
I thought that kind of love
Would come to me too

Need you, I really didn't know back then
Need you, I thought we'd last forever
I didn't know how precious you were
And only complained every day
Now I finally know
That the pain is greater than that love
Our story has ended like that
Becoming a sad memory
My love

This isn't the love I used to know
What I dreamed of, in the fairytales
I thought it was like that

I guess I was too young
To know love back then

Need you, I really didn't know back then
Need you, I thought we'd last forever
I didn't know how precious you were
And only complained every day
My love

Now I finally know
That you're so precious
You're the love that I learned with my heart
That is what I finally realized
Now I can't turn things back
It's too late, you're not by my side
But our beautiful story
Is still in my heart
My love

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    Well..you know that this video is a bit old? xD You should check newer videos ^^


    +TaTa MyMy well no she still sounds terrible to this day. Like have you seen a fancam of them singing luv? The girls have to back her up when there was no music playing.


    +Tina TheKoolster Well actually I saw it ^^ It seemed like she was redy to sing, but was distracted, when namjoo said something, so it seems like she forgot that it was her part until Hayoung backed her up and she remembered ^^

    ujunglike !

    Don't say thats shes terrible. There is always room for improvement. Chorong is shy and she needs encouragement so she would feel more confident. and soon enough, she will improve. Plus she is a good song writer. I love all the songs she wrote. During the fancam on LUV she was nervous and did not have confidence. So dont say that she is terrible. She is a shy person.

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