Apex Theory - Apossibly Lyrics

Can you please explain
The reasons why you were so
Afraid of consequence
When we first said hello

Can you please explain
The reasons why you were so
Afraid of consequence
When we first said hello

Where am i going?
What concerned you was being true
In the nearest bathtub with hot water
Soaking me into you
The withstand time of mine
The will to never under mind
You're growing and
I feel strong all ways

Can you please explain
The reasons why you were so
Afraid of consequence
When we first said hello

Can you please explain
The reasons why you were so
Afraid of consequence
When we first said hello

Pigeons circle my roof
Ten to a hundred times a day
Nothing stops them from feeding
On our grass that lay astray
Bothersome it may be
To the naked eye nothing is free
But the burden of proof may take
More than a lifetime to see...

Where am i going?
What concerned you was being true
In the nearest bathtub with hot water
Soaking me into you

Can you please explain
The reasons why you were so
Afraid of consequence
When we first said hello

Can you please explain
The reasons why you were so
Afraid of consequence
When we first said hello

Can you please explain
The reasons why you were so
Afraid of consequence
When we first said hello

Can you please explain
The reasons why you were so
Afraid of consequence
When we first said hello...

Can you please explain
Why you were so afraid...
Can you please explain
Why you were so afraid...
Can you please explain
Why you were so afraid...
Can you please explain
Why you were so afraid...

Can you please explain
Why you were so afraid...
Can you please explain
Why you were so afraid...
Can you please explain
Why you were so afraid...
Can you please explain
Why you were so afraid...

Why you were so afraid...

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Apex Theory Apossibly Comments
  1. DerHalbeEuro

    Their style sounds like a mix of Alien Ant Farm and Papa Roach and that`s a good thing😃

  2. Capa Mag

    Please make a new album

  3. Sarah Smith

    I remember watching MTV late night and seeing this video. Still love this band. Sad they only released one LP. I still dig the sound.

  4. Vikas S

    Mike Ryan brought me here

  5. mad traz


  6. Eric Burgmeier

    sounds like SCIENCE era incubus

    Hiro Beats

    Yeah I can hear that for sure.

  7. Alex Gre

    John Anderton and precrime are still alive in 2019

  8. Jason Raymundo

    Minority report

  9. Bul Elangbam

    Ontornik andy kachataruin,ex soad drummer...great band,similar to saod plus incubus,a.a.f..

  10. Vídeos Cutres

    Suenan tremendo!

    Julio Pitocco

    si hno alta banda

  11. [insert Name Here]

    Here's hoping this guy fronts SOAD.

  12. alucardfu2

    Everytime I hear this song, I picture cheating with ragdoll and flying across the mall as superjohn

  13. insane professor x zone

    I like the bassline. That song. And minority report. Video games.

  14. Connor Ron

    Is that Adam Sandler who happens to be lead vocalist of apex theory?

  15. Ozzy Peralta

    Do you know that the vocalist of this band is a former drummer of SYSTEM OF A DOWN?

  16. Butters

    only here because alien ant farm thanked them on their album credits 😄

  17. buzz McDonnell

    This guitar rift is Armenian so is the lead singer hes the former drummer of soad

  18. Calamus Quill

    That was an intense lyric video.

  19. Edward McDickersome

    I'll never forget watching these dude on stage when it started pouring and chicks all around me took their shirts off lol good times at the best concert ever Ozzfest 2002 in Indianapolis

    Mugshot Shawty

    Edward Alexander a memory i wish i had

  20. ashley mechel

    Ah Nu metal

  21. Christine Budak DerSarkissian


  22. Daniel Alves

    I'm so glad that you guys finally joined Spotify! Great band!

  23. neongore

    He is doing some tutts or throwing up gang signs lol

  24. uNo _78

    I bought this album because of this song when I first heard it 20 years ago, still on my gym ipod track list

  25. Mihai Mike

    What the hell is up with the sound quality? It's horrid

  26. Alex Cox

    This the same singer as Pulse Ultra?

  27. Video Demon

    These guys are like the hybrid of SOAD, Incubus and Deftones

  28. ASVP Roach

    I need a Minority Report remake for PS4

  29. Spirit Level Studios


  30. Wesley Lavi Silveira

    Vim porque me lembrei do jogo minority report do PS2

  31. Veli-Pekka Kivimäki

    Oh shit! Memories! Transworld snowboarding somewhere in the early 2000..

  32. kolby winn

    Such an underrated band.

  33. Jakob Kühr

    Minority Report on ps2 thanks for this gem.

  34. John Lichtenberg

    I saw these guys with The Used, Chevelle, and a band from the time that will go unmentioned because fuck that... at the time I thought it was a pretty great line up. lol

    insert name here

    Who was the unmentioned band?

  35. Trophy Hunt Gaming

    Everybody Runs!

  36. EarthyGoodies Clay

    I went and chatted with you guys in AZ. I ended up passing out cds for you cuz I liked your set. Still have the signed CD :p

  37. Michael Park

    First tutting ever, graphically assisted. Still, love it.

  38. SilverFlame819

    This was a great album. You guys had a great stage presence live too. Where'd you go?

  39. Gregus

    Man, talk about a song that aged well.

  40. Justin Flores

    I wish there was more music like this in today's generation

    Богдан #

    Justin Flores 👍

  41. Dustin Platt

    Man. This was my jam in 2002.. I was just going into senior year.. was in a band and of course no real internet back then. Tried to play this by ear and failed horrible.

  42. mikehanssen

    This on spotify plsss

  43. coincrane gaming

    I'm not into rock but the game minority report brought me here

  44. Dale Clinton

    First heard this on Transword Snowboarding on Xbox back in 2002. Crazy how one remembers such things...

  45. James And Ames


  46. Oliver Queen

    Minority Report!

  47. Sealtest

    Funhaus sends it regards.

  48. Jeannie Davis

    I think i just fell in love w Andy! Ontronik hmu! Serious!

  49. Raymond Aranda 210sideshow

    Lmfao he vogues

  50. Christopher Tremontana

    Saw these guys in like, 99/00. They're like Great Value SoaD

  51. Chris Holtz

    fuck what a great band and song😊

  52. Justin Wilson

    I never understand how this was considered nu metal simply because of the time it came out.

  53. Uğur AKAN


  54. sava laiv


  55. George McClintock

    underrated band

  56. Man de Gaturiss

    the singer looks like The dictator mixed with the singer of Alient Ant Farm Hahahahaha 😊💓

    Егор Цыба

    Or like original SOAD drummer in 1995 - 2001

  57. no name

    I love the way this guy dances

  58. no name

    Watch SOAD replace Serj with Andy

    Егор Цыба

    Better would be if Serj was rapper, Daron was growl/guitar, Shavo was bass, Serj's dog was DJ, Andy was clean vocalist/drummer and John was the other drummer. Never seen a band with two drummers at once (well Linkin Park once did that for a joke (Rob was still a drummer, but Chester used small drums)).

    Егор Цыба

    Also Andy was original drummer in 1995 - 2001, but later leaves the band because he got a hand probems. After he returned SOAD already used John for drums, so he will create Apex Theory.


    Егор Цыба .38 special had two drummers, and yeah, can’t even tell unless you see a video or live. Adds nothing

  59. Hernan Cortez The Father of Mexico

    back when Nu Metal was the shit!

    Man de Gaturiss

    The God of Boxing can you suggest me bands, please 😊 have facebook?

    Hernan Cortez The Father of Mexico

    Limp bizkit
    Linkin Park
    36 Crazyfist
    Guano Apes
    Thousand foot krutch
    Trust Company
    Mad at Gravity
    Finger Eleven
    just to name a few!!

    Maynard Tankian

    Dry kill logic
    Coal Chamber
    40 below summer
    American Head Charge
    ill nino
    Drowning Pool
    From zero
    and more...


    Hernan Cortez The Father of Mexico I know you mean old school drowning pool. Because when Dave died that band went down hill fast in my eyes

  60. Dirnoff 12

    OMG Is SOAD Version Beta


    so true. they're also armenians lol

    P Money

    Andy, the lead singer of Apex Theory, was the original drummer of SOAD. No joke.

  61. OTFCloutBoi6oTv

    its better on ps2 & xbox

  62. Guy Watts

    Morrissey bring anyone here? Pre-show

  63. iambiglucas

    Everybody runs...

  64. LSL

    seen them in concert as a kid. amazing performance

    ur mom

    ikr,I saw them too,brings back alot of memories

  65. A Shwise

    I can't fucking believe Ontronik sounds like that

  66. eleni lucid

    Ontronik is my man crush ...has been since young.....this is a sound you cant forget^__^

  67. Dan T


  68. Angel Rivera

    ¿ when we first is LLOOVVEE ?

  69. Slashxxy i

    here is a cool fact, andy ( the singer ) was system of a downs first drummer, then he got replaced beacause he had a hand injury.... good thing he kept doing music afterwards tho!

    XxxHitlerDaSickKHustla6969xxX Parker

    @JDS_96 bro i was asking about that because i wasnt sure

    Kid Nothing

    Then he became the ex singer of this band and they moved on to become Mt Helium, which is so amazing

    Alx_Png 66

    @JDS_96 what's the soad discord


    SOAD wouldn't be the same without John so I'm glad it turned out that way, but then again I don't know how Andy must've felt when he got out and the band became huge just a couple of years later... while his new band isn't heard of at all. I'd regret leaving and feel sad or maybe even frustrated if I was him

    Егор Цыба

    @Onyx Stone he was, but earlier. In Steal This Album era John Dolmayan was the drummer

  70. Shannon M

    God, I remember watching this video on t.v. when I was fourteen in ninth grade. So many kool bands then. 2002-2003?

    Maitiu Jarrett

    same here...alien ant farm, papa roach, cold, taproot...

    far too many one hit wonders but all combined defined my youth.


    Still rocking out to it today!


    lastofmygeneration Yes! I pulled out a rock mix CD from high school and this was on it. Still love it

    Dina Pramudianti

    I agree, I used to watch MTV after school rock.

  71. Ryan Bauer

    if Incubus, Alien Ant Farm and 311 had a baby... this would be the result...

    Nu-Metalfan 23

    I would also add soad to that list.

    Mr. BlkThndr

    SOAD's cousin.

    buzz McDonnell

    @Mr. BlkThndr he was the original drummer for soad fyi

    Mr. BlkThndr

    @buzz McDonnell Exactly. That's why the band is SOAD's cousin.

    Jerzy Kajmowicz

    I found about these guys at an Alien Ant Farm show in Chicago. Been a huge fan since that moment.

  72. Nando Lopez

    Hey boooooooyssss and little girlsssss shit up your opinions this musical groups have good music combination and mooooore zzzzucccer just listen music and forgettttt your v,n,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,::',::&#! $/&&*****! $!%_×__€£ Is true orrrrr jummmm

  73. ProGamer

    nais song like! :)

  74. jozephb


  75. manil mohamed

    Minority report

  76. zmbklr101

    Who was brought here by the Minority Report game on Gamecube?


    zmbklr101 Not me. Saw them open for Linkin Park years and years ago. :)

    Velocity FaLeX

    SilverFlame819 lucky

    Velocity FaLeX

    SilverFlame819 I wasn't even born

    Booster Gold

    Yep Minority Report video game... but my platform was Playstation 2. I actually liked this song so much I bought the group's CD years ago and I still have it in my 500+ CD music collection.

    Alex Gre

    Great game for its time

  77. KnotSoSerious

    People booed at the San Jose concert after this song... Am I the only one who likes this song? Moz fans?


    +selw0nk morrissey

    ur mom

    imma fan

  78. Toxik-Vermin

    Love the guitare work...hate the face expressions of the singer.


    Yeah because I bet Obama is going to say stupid shit and take down monuments like he's trying in America

    Teddy Buckner

    +DarkturtleX He is rather zany. So, is the singer from SOAD, though. I can't stifle this kind of sound.

    Nando Lopez

    +Teddy Buckner put and fuck with your fatjerrr

    las ibanez son una mierda

    +Teddy Buckner Actually Andy was the former drummer of soad

  79. Sawlon Rijal

    You are awesome OnTronik !

  80. Tyler Durden

    Soad meets incubus

    Tyler Durden

    @***** I kno it

  81. Sesame Street Anchor Bay Dora Cypress Hill

    (C) 2001 Amil Whitehead, Inc/The INC. Records/Cash Money Records LLC

  82. George Chapman

    This was shown at Morrissey's Nottingham gig (13-03-15) for his pre-show video
    Still stuck in my head

    George Chapman

    @Luke Anderson Yeah, me too I didn't expect a song like this to be shown but Morrissey's music taste is really good ha - Bournemouth looked like an incredible gig too 

    Luke Anderson

    @George Hilson Yeah, Bournemouth was amazing, my first proper gig actually, and it was worth every penny!


    This song now makes me think of clutching the barrier, about to collapse after 18 hours in the queue. Totally worth it.


    Yeah, i just saw it at the one in Minnesota here in the USA

    George Chapman

    @GrungeGirl83 Morrissey is worth every effort :) 

  83. ontronik

    U.R. Vital // Love+1

  84. James Williams 777

    andre serena your under arrest, give the man his halo.

  85. promisedeyes

    Fantastic tune!

  86. Naytone

    I can't believe I'm watching this again. Lol


    essa música  é radical o rock

  88. Hamzeh

    Andy Khachaturian = Dave Mustaine.
    System of a Down = Metallica.
    The Apex Theory = Megadeth.


    Not exactly. Mustaine was super pissed at Metallica when they kicked him out, but Andy left on his own terms and has always remained friends with SOAD.


    @plymouthdodgewrecks Recently I think Mustaine has said something like "If I was them, I would have fired me too, because of how much of an alcoholic I was." He was pretty f--ked up at the time he was fired legitimately.

    billy mitton

    He left because he wanted to do Vocals which wasnt an option as SOAD Drummer and they already had 2 vocalist's so its redundant .

    Ontronik , Serj and Daron are all incredible Vocalist's and Given the Russian Bassist is rumored to be the only hold out not contributing to the new tracks maybe they could do a side project that allows them all to flex their creative muscles.

    honestly i'd love to see them jam and see what happens

  89. JosephDiEgidioIII

    Everybody runs

  90. MrScrubnub

    the motives and in motivications behind reasonabilities coinfoundings cool attestificationals locativantscants in musicals impersonancs improvicizations of crazed thoughts venerated fillered stylistically twisted dissentional singles digittalicablisced whimsicallities

  91. jeFF Fury

    How come he was one of the founding members of SOAD and left just before SOAD flew up so high in their music careers? This guys is good! 

    Preston Axtell

    @jeFF Fury im allergic to beans 

    jeFF Fury

    @Preston Axtell you really into the subject, aren't you, mate? You could've already told me what's the story behind his departure from the band instead of your food preferences. 

    Preston Axtell

    @jeFF Fury Oh snap, are you across the pond?  The Apex Theory was formed in 1999 by Armenian-American Los Angeles musicians Ontronik Khachaturian, Art Karamin and David Hakopyan, following Khachaturians injury and subsequent departure from S.O.A.D, Sammy J Watson joined the band after they were unable to find a committed drummer.

    jeFF Fury

    @Preston Axtell you see, I had no idea about no injury as there's no mentioning of it in wiki, in fact. I've checked Ontronik's bio in wiki and about Apex Theory - this was not mentioned. So, you've actually given me some new info

    Chris Arakelian

    the fucked up part is that he is the original founder of SOAD !!!!! these guys are awesome !!!

  92. QJAndra

    I wish these guys had a fighting chance. Though not horrible at all System of a down beat them out. 

  93. Tomasz Kalus

    Ontronik :D


    Marshmallows all day

  94. Neowave607

    Minority Report was awesome! 

    ur mom

    yes it is! I still play it lol

  95. itsjuicetime

    After all of these year I can still say these guys put on some of the most enjoyable shows.

  96. Roderick Roberts

    This song stuck with me after playing minority report,and at last,I found who made it.YES!


    +Roderick Roberts yes lol the riot stage!

    Onyx Stone

    I'm asking you this only because many weren't aware at the time.... but did you not go to the extras?... it was there I first heard the full song myself after trying to find out the name of the song in level 24 : sprawl riot that the instrumental came from.
    I really wanted to know and wasn't sure if it was made just for the game as OST or from a band and thanks to me going into the extras after beating the game to see if I got anything special unlocked (back in the day when games had things you could unlock) and spotted something called "music video".

    I liked the music for the game so I thought it was just a random video with gameplay cut into it to the effect of the music from some of the stages and then BAM!!!!... Apex theory forever in my head for this song

    Ocean Valdez

    We are the select few, also I loved using rag doll mode & slomo to fly to hard to reach places without the jetpack

  97. Ray Betancourt