Anya Marina - Waters Of March Lyrics

É pau, é pedra
É o fim do caminho
É um resto de toco
É um pouco sozinho

A stick, a stone
It's the end of the road
It's feeling alone
It's the weight of your load

It's a sliver of glass
It's light, it's the sun
It's night, it's death
It's a knife, it's a gun

A flower that blooms
A fox in the brush
A knot in the wood
The song of a thrush

The mystery of life
The steps down the hall
The sound of the wind
And the waterfall

It's the moon floating free
The curve of the slope
It's an ant, it's a bee
It's a reason for hope

And the riverbank sings
Of the waters of March
It's the promise of Spring
It's the joy in your heart

É o pé, é o chão
É a marcha estradeira
Passarinho na mão
Pedra de atiradeira

É uma ave no céu
É uma ave no chão
É um regato, é uma fonte
É um pedaço de pão

É o fundo do poço
É o fim do caminho
No rosto o desgosto
É um pouco sozinho

A spear, a spike
A stake, a nail
It's a drip, it's a drop
It's the end of the tale

The dew on a leaf
In the morning light
The shot of a gun
In the dead of night

A mile, a must
A thrust, a bump
It's the will to survive
It's a jolt, it's a jump

The prim of a house
A body in bed
A car stuck in the mud
It's the mud, it's the mud

A fish, a flash
A wish, a wing
It's a hawk, it's a dove
It's the promise of Spring

And the riverbank sings
Of the waters of March
It's the end of despair
It's the joy in your heart

É uma cobra, é um pau
É João, é José
É um espinho na mão
É um corte no pé

São as águas de março
Fechando o verão
É a promessa de vida
No teu coração

A stick, a stone
It's the end of the road
The stump of a tree
It's a frog, it's a toad

A sigh, a breath
A walkaround
A life or death
A ray in the sun

And the riverbank sings
Of the waters of March
It's the promise of life
It's the joy in your heart

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Anya Marina Waters Of March Comments
  1. Joann Monkey

    Very cute !

  2. Stephanie 321

    I still listen to this whenever I’m sad or angry and it has never failed to calm me down

  3. Brett Sandford

    Worst Portuguese I've ever heard for this song, after 5 seconds my finger was hovering over the kill switch... but wait, dammit she is good, this version IS catchy, natty and just a little addictive... lol Love It.

  4. Felipe Paz

    Gossip Girl.

  5. elfread

    hate this kind of voice. sick fake child standard

    ava michele

    :( 👎🏻

  6. Cornelis Ruitenberg

    Great this version ,thanks Anya !

  7. Rossm3838

    Jobim wrote both the Portuguese and the English lyrics so we know that the english lyrics are true.

  8. NATVUnderGround

    Jazzy with a young attitude. Glad to hear a different twist on it.

  9. Maria Eduarda

    a versão da anya ficou linda linda demais <33

  10. Fernando Meza

    I knew this song from my portuguese lessons, but Gossip Girl brought me here! ;)
    I'm re watching the whole GG Adventures <3
    Who else is with me? :)

    Yasmin Manzo

    yass i re watched it and heard this song so i turned on caption and saw this song playing at the beginning <3

  11. 2121 UE

    Holy schnikies that was perfect.

  12. Ray Falkenberg

    This is my second favorite song in the world.  IMO, Susannah McCorkle owns it; however, this version is deceptively sophisticated and amazingly infectious.  A most worthy effort!

    2121 UE

    What's your first favorite?

    Ray Falkenberg

    Ella Fitzgerald's version of Cole Porter's "Night and Day."

    Peter Kowalchuk

    Ray Falkenberg I

    Maudie Bullman

    You are so right on Susanna McCorkle owning the song. I've listened to many versions but her's is the best!

    canal juridico

    Maudie Bullman I agree her performance is better than this one

  13. Matthew Krause

    I agree with you on the voice. It is soft and seductive, as if she is inviting you to curl up under a blanket and listen to the rain. I also like the the second verse when other instruments join in. At 01:10, a keyboard comes in as if it can't resist joining the dance, but everything stays low-key until the drums at 01:45, which feel like a party that just can't be contained anymore. Such a good, good vibe with this tune. 


    You should write music reviews :3

    Andrew Chisholm

    I like the 01:45 too with "a gun" when the snare drum and tom make a blast and echo effect.

  14. MrTld94

    The more I listen to this song, the darker the meaning seems... o_o 


    yea i get that too.. its when i realize shes describing the collective consciousness of the world as a whole. Then the honesty is what creeps me out... describing one word visions of what seems to be the beginning and the end over and over again. even all after that shit.... the river bank STILL sings of the waters march. Its just a cycle is the message that i got and creeped me out.

  15. Karen Moraes Baroni

    Loved it!! I'm brazilian, her voice is wonderful!! <3

  16. dianawapooh

    really good

  17. shaggybreeks

    She whispers like a cute child. Worst rendition of the song I ever heard. Sucks hard

  18. GMLCM

    Essa versão inglesa de "Águas de Março" ficou muito sensual na voz de Anya Marina.

  19. DrKARMA

    bawss. 0 dislikes :]

  20. dave barber

    A piece of magic from Jobim caught by Anya Marina. Viva Anya !

  21. lacewoodstrat

    If you like this version, give a listen to the Irish duet of Lisa Hannigan and Damian Rice's version.

    Clifton Jamison

    Yeah I just checked it out,and I like it.

  22. apsv85

    Wow! Amei! I love it! What lovely voice!

  23. Eduardo de Palma

    Muuuuito Legal! Really Amazing!