Anya Marina - Vertigo Lyrics

The song you sing is sentimental
The song you sing is making me well
I like it like it outta control
The song you sing gives me vertigo

Oh oh I was singing to myself
Whoa whoa pretending you were there
Whoa whoa close my eyes and it begins
Whoa whoa you're giving me the spins
Oh oh oh, oh oh

This medicine's experimental
This medicine it's making me well
I like it like it outta control
This medicine gives me vertigo

Oh oh I was singing to myself
Whoa whoa pretending you were there
Whoa whoa close my eyes and it begins
Whoa whoa you're giving me the spins
Oh oh oh, oh oh

This medicine's experimental
This medicine it's making me well
I like it like it outta control
This medicine gives me vertigo

Everyone I see, they stop and stare
Everyone I meet, but I don't care
Everything I knew is dying dead
Everything I feared was in my head

This medicine's experimental
This medicine it's making me well
I like it like it outta control
This medicine gives me vertigo
Oh oh
Oh oh
I was singing to myself
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
I was singing to myself
Oh oh oh oh
I was singing to myself
Oh oh oh oh

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Anya Marina Vertigo Comments
  1. OnedirectionxTwentyØnePiløts

    so marshal was right there is a term called vertigo

  2. Jack Wong

    I love this song I love HIMYM

  3. musical trash


  4. Sugarmint12

    Yknow, Anya Maria may like it, like it out of control, but Tyler? he no likey.

  5. ayyeden

    The only good song in my jobs playlist

  6. pheebs

    my favourite quotes from this episode :

    Grant / Tyler - I’m lactose intolerance

    Barney - Well do you know who’s not lactose intolerant? Tyler. He’s going to go in there and enjoy every last bite



  7. Dree Bee

    My job's radio playlist brought me here 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. lupehn

    Barney’s song!

  9. Jimi 1893

    I Love How I Met Your Mother and this Song

  10. PaulaGives YouArt

    ᴀ ɢᴀᴍᴛᴀᴠ ᴍᴠ ʙʀᴏᴜɢʜᴛ ᴍᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ :>

    PaulaGives YouArt

    ᴄᴏғ ᴄᴏғ 4ᴄʜᴏʀᴅs ᴄᴏᴍɪᴄ ᴄᴏғ ᴄᴏғ

  11. Itz Kîmbø

    Nick dominatws

  12. Dren Reinhardt

    tyler no likey brought me here

  13. Dewi Witt

    This dizziness vertigo remedy “Yοyο kamvuku” (Google it) really does work. There is certainly certainly a difference when I use it versus when I I forgot about taking it. I have common concerns with dizziness and this item really does help me perform. For the past days, my head is apparent and I’ve experienced no flare ups since.

  14. Gianpaolo Dampor


  15. Amber Pawn

    Seven and a Half Years Later and Still coming back to listen to this and watch your video. <3

  16. Stevani Corn

    Now pretend I said something nice.


    This really made my day thanks :)

  17. Sugar Coated Lies

    Everyone Is Here From Something But I'm Here From Google Radio XD

  18. Gifleo

    This is a good song. Heard it on How I Met Your Mother. It's not the best song in the world, but it's good. It's what I needed today. A good song, that made you think life isn't that bad, it's okay. It has it's ups and downs, but in the end, there are songs that make you think what the hell, let's just go with it.

  19. Anish Chakravarty

    The way Barney looks at robin in the car by turning back is just so awesome.

  20. Nomaan Malick

    Tyler no likey!


    That fucking kid honestly pisses me off so fucking much


    @TheOhYeahKid fun fact that kid was the guy from diary of a wimpy kid Greg

  21. Lauren Lanois

    thank you HIMYM for helping me discover this song <3

  22. Nisa Aydın

    Thanks Hımym !

  23. Deniz Kaçan

    How I Met Your Mother Season 4 Episode 15 "The Stinsons"
    Thank you HIMYM :)


    I remember watching that episode the day it premiered and looking up this song - it's weirdly nostalgic to hear it now.

    Deniz Kaçan

    +NickAndTommyFight There is nothing left from HIMYM but to make nostalgies.I listen these HIMYM songs every week :)


    so true

  24. Sammy Forza

    Gamzee x Tavros~~~ The cuteness brought me here~~ Plus I love Anya~ <3

    Alba Elizabeth Dena Martinez

    me too :D

  25. liet


  26. Oddisy


  27. halo beeb

    Oi love this song so darn much

  28. Immy _

    How I met your mother brought me here


    Which episode of HIMYM did this song play in?

    Binh Nguyen

    @accaraway : Season 4 - Episode 15 :)


    @Binh Nguyen Gracias :]

    PERFUME computer city

    Love Netflix

    Thyago Porfiro

    The Stinsons

  29. Punitiveful


    00 07

    Punitiveful Dary... Legendary

    Ob Rr

    Suit UP!

  30. anna

    this song is so addictive

  31. Dandre

    The stinsons

  32. Mark Hermano

    HIMYM :))

  33. Kristin Ditta

    Love it !!

  34. Titos Vlasakidis

    I work in a store tha sells cell phone, here in my country, Greece. And heard it on the radio we have there! I "shazamed" it, and vouala!

  35. Alex Berri

    homestuck. homestuck everywhere ;w; it's beautiful.

  36. Bee Lady

    I heard this in Jamba Juice and i started dancing...

  37. dwayne mitchell

    This song is perfect for Homestuck

  38. Fost firost

    Absolutely amazing

  39. ToBoL

    It does for me too. But for me it is because one of the song I remember most from Grey's is from her too, "Miss Halfway - Anya Marina" ^^

  40. Ivan Martinez

    podrias hacerla en español? esta genial ^^

  41. frycook48

    How I Met Your Mother is an amazing show, and has introduced me to MANY awesome tunes such as this. In the future this show will give me an awesome sense of nostalgia. This song is WIN

  42. Kevin L.

    How I Met Your Mother, thank you.

  43. Jojo Kage

    its one of these song you hear the first time and you feel that the lyrics were wrote about you every single word and i love this song because i am like that i love musik more than anything and when i here a great song like this i have to sing or dance or something. I close my eyes while i sing and i dont care if someone is stareing on me and i believe YES it atually is a kind medicin for the psyche and it makes you well and happy and smile if you here and you stop being sad.

  44. Mandii ImmaNekoFronsee

    PBJ (Tavros X Gamzee) brought me here <3

  45. glespri

    great job concerning the video ;)
    also have just heard the song on himym

  46. Kaetzchen Miaou

    I love this, you did a great job!!!

  47. mmmodafoca

    heard it a long time ago on HIMYM and not until today when i re-saw that same episode again did i have the nerve to research it out. and yess i finally found it. Thank you for uploading it i really like it :)

  48. Joaquin546

    i am very shocked i thought from the music the lyrics would be japanese

  49. Crisia Vertudes

    pretend I said something nice :P

  50. Rubenmon1

    I heard it on How I met Your Mother, and it pretty much reminded me of Gorillaz- Last Living Souls.

  51. Valar Morghulis

    Dude way to go... I gotta learn to use iMovie like this.

  52. sydjay Geisler

    I love this song!!!!!

  53. MarsKelly

    4Chords anyone?

  54. Carolina Mendez

    Ahhhh!!! FINALLY!! I find this song!! XD This song is always playing in Aeropostale .... the smell of the store and this song are the two main reasons i go there ;) haha

  55. Prinx213

    Thumbs up if the Homestuck video brought you here but you still love the song either way :D

  56. worm

    @Lcherry5 WHY CAN'T I HOLD

  57. Proton Galison

    @cherrybabe121 Sure okay.

  58. ObliviousandAloof

    This songs makes me wanna dance

  59. worm

    @Lcherry5 <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  60. Caroline Østergaard

    this song. THIS. SONG. amazing. makes me feel light and happy haha :b

  61. worm

    @kyliegriffen And then.
    WE FUCK.
    Wait what.

  62. Proton Galison

    @cherrybabe121 Let's get married and run off into the sunset together.

  63. worm

    @kyliegriffen Yes. I love you yes.

  64. Proton Galison

    @cherrybabe121 Hello GamTav fan. Allow me to give you boondollars.

  65. lilphilphil

    i know you've already gotten so many 'well done' comments but no SERIOUSLY one of, if not the FIRST video on youtube i've watched for lyrics and was actually able to follow along with, finishing each phrase slide-by-slide. Expertly timed tremendous job well done :D

  66. chessbug3

    Makes me dizzy, listening to this :)

  67. Sebbl Ragnit

    a good song and a good video... HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER!!

  68. worm

    Everyones here because of how I met your mother? I'm here because of GamTav. HIMYM is to mainstream.

  69. John Plechatych

    Great song and nicely made lyrics,though I believe there should be diing instead of dying;)

  70. Ahmad Saleem

    Very nicely made video :-)

  71. rastislavcsapak

    @Chamani Me too! Realy good one... It's so... catchy.

  72. Frank Hu

    @Chamani haha me too

  73. Eugene Choi

    New gym song for me haha

  74. purefunguy

    this song does give me vertigo !!! haha, just kidding. I really like this song.

  75. mariusz026

    ♥ it..

  76. ashleysunnn

    Post 3 Comments On ANY Youtube video. Just copy and paste "Type PRIZE before youtube and hit enter

  77. AAmv


  78. Moon Along My Head

    Your vid is cool, fits to the song and makes it easy to sing while listening ;D

  79. Clarinsa Pitoy

    i love barney, i love this song

  80. alyssaholden

    @paulajung I was about tho ask the same thing, what font did you use for the lyrics? sweet :)

  81. Kat Feiling

    you did a really good for your first time in this, actually you did better than all the ones i've seen! great job! :D

  82. Timea C

    whats the font called?:O :)

    great job!that video was pretty good,loved it :D!

  83. ravenssettle

    Great job with the video.
    Amazing song.

  84. hydra213

    How I met your mother season 4 episode 15 :)

  85. dancer101945

    li love this song!
    it makes me feel so clean, happy and natural.
    thank you so much for posting's a beautiful video. :)

  86. Chamani

    know it from himym 04-the stinsons, great tune

  87. Seren Ade

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  88. Helder skies

    I loved the video! and the song is great :) good job!

  89. Nicky Chan


  90. skruloose

    @Kreeteena No prblem :D
    This vid you made gave me vertigo. lol