Anya Marina - Someday My Prince Will Come Lyrics

Someday my prince will come
someday I'll find my love
and how thrilling the moment will be
when the prince of my dreams comes to me

he'll whisper "I love you,"
and steal a kiss or two
and away to his castle we'll go
to be happy for ever, and oh

someday when spring is here
we'll find our love anew
and the birds will sing
and wedding bells'll ring
someday when my dreams come true...

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Anya Marina Someday My Prince Will Come Comments
  1. Erin Schull

    Her voice is hauntingly beautiful...thank you for posting!! :-)

  2. rinka singh

    Hi I m in house

  3. mallowtree

    Thanks for posting this! It wouldn't let me for some reason. :)