Anya Marina - Shut Up Lyrics

Heard about you for awhile, never saw a show
Used to play you on college radio
Now we're face to face friend of a friend
Got a hundred reasons why this shouldn't happen
You got a hundred reasons why this shouldn't be
And not a single one of them has a thing to do with me,
So just shut up, shut up shut up shut up — kiss me like you mean it

"I’m a man. I’m a man with a plan.
That's me in the broken window," he said, "don't you understand?"
Weren't even sure it was me when I walked in the room
Careful son it's gonna get real hot soon and I been,
I’ve been trying to fight this fight right here by swimming upstream
I couldn't tell you where I’m going, couldn't show you where I been
So just shut up, shut up shut up shut up - kiss me like you mean it
So just shut up, shut up shut up shut up - kiss me like you mean it

So what if we just stop pretending, stop making believe?
What if true love only comes when you're playing for keeps?
So just shut up - kiss me like you mean it.

Do you know the value of this?
Can you assess it?
And if you could would you even know how to invest it?
I know a thing about a thing or two
I know I gotta keep a couple things safe from you

If I folded my heart into a pretty paper plane
And flew it cross the Hudson would it come back again?
Would it get crumpled up?
Would it get caught up in a crosswind in the sea or would it fly back to me?
So just shut up, shut up shut up shut up - kiss me like you mean it
So just shut up, shut up shut up shut up - kiss me like you mean it
Kiss me like you mean it
Shut up, shut up shut up shut up

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Anya Marina Shut Up Comments
  1. Francisca Eneanya


  2. Tips 4 truckers

    You up, thanks for the live performance

  3. Paulina Audrey

    1:27 - 1:44

  4. Rosalinda Villanueva

    Who actually came here because the song is good and not because of Riverdale

  5. Jade Harchaoui

    Riverdaaaaale I love u and thanks to Anya Marina for this Amazing song this IS SO beautiful :)

  6. amandeep salh


  7. Lee Ana Geronimo

    the only good thing to ever come out from riverdale

  8. Tekcub

    can you people shut up about riverdale and appreciate the music.

  9. Amelie x

    betty and chuck in pop's...

  10. Be_a_ Sparkling_goat

    I wonder what the comments were before Riverdale lol😂😂😂💙💛💙💛

  11. Sheyla Rodriguez

    riverdale❤❤ Betty

  12. Daun Cena

    Anyone watch Riverdale?

  13. M Altura


  14. kelly ramirez

    RIVERDALE when betty sees chuck

  15. klaus moritz

    Supernatural introduced me to her. Grays anatomy made me love her.
    Riverdale brought me to this song

  16. dudaa

    Follow @river__Sprouse please
    Sigam @river__Sprouse_ por favor.

  17. dudaa

    Riverdale ❤

  18. melanny haro baque

    I ❤ Riverdale

  19. Potato potato

    Riverdale❤️😍 who else cried when jugheads dad went to jail and i cried because everything that happened after that 😭

    x Fållen Angëł x

    Potato potato I know I keep thinking about that I just wanted to give him a hug 😭❤️

  20. pretty when u cry

    what is this song about?

  21. Sarah Filene


  22. A. Queiroz

    Riverdale 💜

  23. Baby Eilish

    Who’s here for riverdale ❤️😂

  24. Yeasty Feasty

    Beautiful voice!

  25. Bruce Levitan

    My favourite track from a wonderful album, where all the songs are great!

  26. Ειρήνη ηη

    ~Riverdale vibes~

  27. ST 230303


  28. Heidi Talber

    Riverdale feels

  29. Drummergeorge

    terrible song.

    peter piper

    Drummergeorge bitch gtfo

  30. Laeticiaaa

    RIVERDALE!!!!!!!!! got me in love with this song, especially the scene thoughhh

  31. Pillow

    Riverdale LOOOOVEE❤❤❤❤

  32. Aminah Farhan

    I literally feel sorry for people who don't know bout this song.

  33. audrey santos

    riverdale (: ❤

  34. Ariam Allivaidem

    Riverdale brought many people to this song. This song definitely should get more credit. Love it. And it should be on SOUNDCLOUD!! Please! 💜

  35. Loli Pop

    Shout out to all the girls who wanted to do to some guys at their schools the same thing that Veronica and Betty did to jack🌟

    x Fållen Angëł x

    Loli Pop who’s jack you mean chuck?

  36. Ashley C

    I got this song from riverdale

  37. Ivy Ng'onyere Mulyanga

    Beautiful <3

  38. Osvaldo Plata

    Im Mexican and I love your music. 😍😍

  39. Esha Chadha

    I love Anya !

  40. Sagnik Dawn


  41. Jao Gonzaga

    riverdale feelss

  42. aly

    I'm proud to annoyingly say Riverdale brought me here

  43. Sam T

    This song is so perfect for Riverdale! ❤

    Michael Guio

    Sam T very much agree.. .

  44. Su U.

    Its my 50th time i cant stop playing this on repeat

    x Fållen Angëł x

    Su U. Sammme

  45. Fox Vivien


  46. T Mellors

    I love you Anya! I really do!

  47. L A


  48. T H


  49. Jojo Emas

    Riverdale. ❤

    Cassandra Wash

    Jersey Emas yassdd

  50. Katie Eighmy

    Riverdale brought me

    Gracie Bayer

    Katie Eighmy same!!!


    Katie Eighmy SAME

    _ sevil_y _

    Katie Eighmy same

  51. PRiNTDAMNiT!

    cool how its in 60fps

  52. laclochard

    I found out Anya was back because of Spotify recommendations, I listened to 'Ghost Walk' and loved it. I hope she gets properly promoted because the world is missing some talent here!!! I used to listen to her a lot years ago, I think I found about her the first time because she was on the Gossip Girl soundtracks. The music supervisor was Alexandra Patsavas, one of the people with best music taste on the planet.

  53. thetimemachine

    Mahalo for sharing. :-)

  54. Amber Mahone

    I love Anya's music! She's one of many artists who deserve much more recognition than they receive.  My favorite song of hers is "Felony Flats", which sounds like a long lost psychedelic Beatles classic. I mean that as high praise!  She should be a star!


    lovely voice:)

  56. Cat Salem


  57. Annley L.

    so beautiful ❤

  58. mmmodafoca

    nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaiiiiceeee!!! love it!

  59. Léo Scott

    It deserves so much more recognition, I love Anya! Just amazing 💜💛


    So true☺️ I absolutely love this song 💙such a great voice👌🏼💞