Any Given Day - Loveless Lyrics

I wanna fly away
But they are holding me down
This heavy rusty chains
Are pulling me back to the ground
I look up to the sun
And it is burning my eyes to escape I've tried for uncountable times

I punch my fists against the wall
When it feels like I'm about to fall
Just pieces of a broken me
A shadow of the man I used to be

I'm caught in a motherfucking chokehold
The pain cuts deeper and deeper
It's hard for me to resist signed a contract with the devil
Another name on it's list

Caught and lost inside the darkness
It won't let me go
My broken heart beats loveless
But I'll find my way back home

I'm so full of regrets
For the decisions I made
All the love I pretend
Is only anger and hate
The dying heart in my chest
Is slowly turning to stone
I feel lost, broken down, empty, all alone
Locked up inside this prison cell
My world is like a living hell
This is not where I belong
I never wanted to be what I've become

I'm caught in a motherfucking chokehold
The pain cuts deeper and deeper
It's hard for me

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Any Given Day Loveless Comments
  1. Roberth Escaray

    Yessssss 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. ᛖᛊᚳ

    Pure(s) Voice(s) Pure MetalCore Pures Sensations

  3. Grasser Production

    VIDEO-INTERVIEW • Any Given Day:
    Tourfahrrad für den Eiffelturm, Bosstransformation II und Infos zum Album „Overpower“!

  4. All-Integral Love-Expansion

    best!!! shld have 10times the views!
    einer der besten songs im genre!
    ich mag den chorus style!
    und ueberhaupt, voll fett!

  5. Александ Гавр

    Яд просто!!! Ух огонь

  6. Zack Lowery

    Hell yeah!!! Russians know what good music is!!!! Let’s FIGHT!!!!

  7. karsten600

    This song is a perfect workout song! Also the "TAKE!" at 2:45 sounds brutal!

  8. MAsSinfInTERealities ChakraStr8Go

    Let the Empire of Lilith the Monolith of the Unloved and those born of dead and undone to do what was not rise and become the night that is day once more

  9. Dee Jay Swan

    Wow....didn't realize FFDP had a side project

  10. Fuck ISIS

    Am i the only Canadian

  11. anthonybleakley1982

    This is super badass.

  12. cw richardson 3

    Good gym, fucking and beating some ass music

  13. dav nex7

    Awesomness! ❤❤❤

  14. Ariful Islam tax

    Come on man
    This is greeaaat

  15. Robert Houck

    That breakdown gave me goosebumps. Respect.

  16. ALionInTheWinter

    You can't lose with this band

  17. Coasterslol

    Such an amazing song.



  19. Ashley Mates

    This is what German rap sounds like.

  20. Tomas Michek

    From the day I joined the army these lyrics fit perfect for me.

  21. Brian Griffin

    Why so blurry?! It doesn't work

  22. Zeissborusse


  23. Justin Morgan

    Everytime I experience some kind of heartbreak I always listen to this song and Home is Where The Heart is on repeat. These guys get it.

  24. Kick Drum

    I’m liking that snare sound

  25. Mutya Bancod

    👏👏👏🤘🤘🤘 Speechless 😶

  26. Zamin

    Jesus, didn't know our German boys had so many Russian fans. Metal connects 💪🏼

    FanRose FabRose Spencer

    They've got a fan from Jamaica too! AGD are awesome 🤘🤘🤘

  27. Electricshadowstar 111

    Such an amazing group, There so damn good I love this song now

  28. jesse rentas

    Holy shit! Ffdp competition?😜🤪

  29. Steven Siergiej

    Steroid core

  30. Don Neville

    The video effects are epic! \m/

  31. Dima Radkevich

    .in flames?

  32. Ancient Of Days


  33. Vincenzo Pistillo

    Grandi ragazzi un saluto dal Italia

  34. Hooli Dick

    Anyone here can speak english?

  35. Isaiah Bains

    Legit thought the singer was Leon lush lmao

  36. Hector Marrero

    Hey these guys bringing some good shit love these guys

  37. Vel Kan

    You’ve come a long way since the mercury arc ! Keep going !!! That god damn mFing riffffff

  38. Zeissborusse

    Wayne, Egal welcher Sonderzug fährt. Any Given Day läuft immer. Egal welcher Bus. Any Given Day und Only Living Witness immer am Start! ViVa Mönchengladbach

  39. Lukas Goj

    Rap deathmetal core band,o.k.

  40. Laura Life Zucchiatti

    Killer editing and video work 🤘🏻

  41. Felipe Passoni

    Insert a russian comment here

  42. Douglas Santos

    Slipknot sendo Slipknot, simplesmente foda. Betão se puder faz um React dessa banda Alemã que sou Fã Any Given Day muito foda.
    Abraço mlk.


  43. Sean Michael

    This is FLAMES

  44. Metal_Marco

    Dennis seine Stimme ist einfach mächtig💪😊

  45. Angeluss Blade

    I think this is the 20th time I listen to this song.

  46. Thiago Andrade


  47. x INTENSOR x

    one hell of a band. you made me feel again..

  48. Osirisgirl

    I just found this band and they are A M A Z I N G!!! ❤️

  49. nicolas robles


  50. Vitim do youtube

    WOOOOOL, AMAZING. Brazilian here. 2019. Really nice!

  51. Craig Dsouza

    I always play Any given day during the last variation at the Gym!!! best Muscle core band

  52. Дмитрий Лаздан

    с какого ролика Вульфа этот трэк?) просто я знаю и люблю эту группу, но не знаю этого стримера)))


    ни с какого, он просто во вкладке сообщества писал, что давно любит эту группу и чтобы люди залетели поставить лукасы

  53. Mateus Souza

    Vamooooo porra rock rollll 🤘🤘

  54. KineticGTR

    The more I listen to Any Given Day, the harder it is for me to continue to like the sound of other bands. Songs like Loveless, Savior, Lonewolf, etc really make them stand out. They've just got that sound that feels superior and less cookie-cutter like so many bands sound.

  55. Rico TheWolf

    mother fucking snow cones

  56. Sanders Sandra

    Ihr seid die Besten 😍😍

  57. tenaciousjoe24

    Nothing in this world is hitting harder than life itself

  58. Captain WrongButton!

    Танос щелкнул?

  59. Daniel Vlach

    Just english comment passing by.

  60. NJ Walker

    Been following these guys for years. Have so much respect considering English isn't their first language, they're fucking amazing! Its everything killswitch engage could be though tbf

  61. Marco Rozmus

    Keller Army 👍

  62. oscar cano cristobal

    Desde España!bestial!

  63. The Wizard

    English please

  64. Renan Andrade

    Melhor banda do mundoooooo

  65. Carlos Santana

    Any Given Day mim surpreende, metalcore como deve ser volcais nervosos, melódicos e guturais e sonora pesada isso aí!!

  66. D.J. Walsh

    Badass Track!! I swear Dennis Deihl and Mark Tremonti have the same voice, close my eyes I hear Tremonti

  67. Wolf Walker

    What the fu** happy wolf !?!?!!


    Russian streamer. He love this band

  68. Mut1ilat3

    Holy shiat... Blyatman is invading YouTube

  69. Popix19


  70. Drew McSparin

    These guys should tour with slipknot or parkway drive

  71. Christian Mark

    It's time! 🥊🥊🤘🔥🤘🏆

  72. Chris Wooton

    This is a fuckin' *BANGER* 🤘

  73. Silverbullet 2017

    Dang.... if this is what’s to come on their album, sign me up!

  74. Коля Левиков

    Че за нахой ноунейм вулф

  75. EdhgarHall

    balanced, variety, good band

  76. El Boberto

    i'm so full of regrets for the decisions i made all the love i pretend is only anger and hate the dying heart in my chest is slowly turning to stone I feel lost, broken down, empty, all alone locked up inside this prison cell my world is like a living hell this is not where i belong I never wanted to be what I’ve become

    Does this hit any other young men really hard in the chest? Cuz this is how I feel on a daily basis.

  77. Renato Alves Ferreira

    Nice, but generic.

    Nuns Wit Gunz


  78. Garados Damage

    Starkes Brett!

  79. Светлана Бурменская

    Супер мощь!!!! Крутой мен😈👑🔥🔥🔥👏💋🔝💣😘

  80. Xviper

    I love this music

  81. pickmystrings

    Check out my cover of this song!

  82. jamison allen

    So this is like every other band in this genre? Man I miss the 90's!

  83. 23Bratwurst

    I love this song

  84. Tempest

    At 2:04 Thanos snapped his fingers :D :D

  85. на скутере зимой и летом


  86. Vandarius

    Listening at 1.25 speed brings a whole new experience.

  87. Wrathchild1995

    These guys are awesome :D Saw them supporting Bury Tomorrow in 2017 with Crossfaith and Black Peaks and they put on an epic show ;) Love the new material \m/

  88. mike radmer

    I would love to know how these guys get the bass and drums to hit so feckin hard...great music with great production!

  89. Dimitra Kagioudi


  90. Chris Farman

    Keep it up

  91. Álife Souza

    2:29 best part xd

  92. Shadow1234

    Very important now i hav to hit gym again