Any Given Day - If Tomorrow Never Shows Lyrics

No desire
No regret
No more despair
There is no hope left

If tomorrow never shows
I just want you to know
We once were one
But now these days are over

No desire
No regret
No more despair
There is no hope left

If tomorrow never shows
I just want you to know
I never felt so jaded
I never felt so wrong
All love has turned to hatred
I'm better off all alone
Without you sucking me dry

I will never forgive you for what you've done to me
I will never forget you - just wait and you will see

If tomorrow never shows
I just want you to know
We once were one
But now these days are over

Don't tell me now - with a smile in your fucking face
That you are lost - you are down and out
How does it feel
That shit you're talking don't mean nothing to me - anymore
You will get what you deserve
You fucking whore

Fuck you

No desire
No regret
No more despair
There is no hope left

I never felt so jaded
I never felt so wrong
All love has turned to hatred
I'm better off all alone

If tomorrow never shows
I just want you to know
We once were one
But now these days are over

You don't need to run and hide
I will find you anywhere
I will never forgive you
Until you're dead like me
Suffer just like me bitch

Your poison words still taste so sweet
But these wheights tide up around your feet
Keep on pulling you down - pulling you down
To the ground of the deep black sea

No desire
No regret
No more despair
There is no hope left

I never felt so jaded
I never felt so wrong
All love has turned to hatred
I'm better off all alone

No desire
No regret
No more despair
There is no hope left

If tomorrow never shows
I just want you to know
We once were one
But now these days are over

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Any Given Day If Tomorrow Never Shows Comments
  1. chris Vozza

    Hell yea any given day!!👍👍

  2. Maestro DUDER

    This song cuts deep

  3. giorgos Lekes

    No desires No regrets \m/

  4. amomymous mymous

    2:20 OMG. dat melody.

  5. Marcus

    You guys need to come play in Texas this shit slams! this deserves more views!

  6. Chrizzly1904

    Ich hoffe dass man von den Jungs noch oft was hören wird in Zukunft.

  7. The Flying Wahoo

    I found this band by mistake. best mistake I've ever made

    Redfield Records

    Awesome! Just out of interest: How have you found out about ANY GIVEN DAY?

  8. Juan Moscoso

    Dayumn!!! If tomorrow never shows, I just wanted you to know... we once were one but now these days are overrrrrrrr... how so? I felt like that... Awesome.. too bad no music vid.

  9. itsYAboi

    the name of the song feels like a love song but holy shit i was wrong

  10. CNZ

    I love this song so much! It's way better than "Adore You" by Miley Cyrus!

  11. Ollie G.

    Die Band mit der grössten Zukunft in diesen Land Fuckin Awesome \w/

    amomymous mymous

    Ja, ihren zukunt ist sehr gross. hahah my german sucks haha. But yeah this band will be one of the biggest bands. they have good chemistry so will probably stick around. musically very strong, well built songs, good riffs, good production, this is clearly the star for redfield's roster. Been listening to metal for such a long time and this song is just so easy to play, but so strong. That's talent.

  12. CNZ

    I wish ANY GIVEN DAY should come to South Florida to perform and backstage. I just grew up in Florida.

  13. michael smith

    dedicated this song to my ex

    Nick Caudill

    michael smith me too bro lol

  14. Connor Deal

    I'm getting a Jesse Leech vibe from the clean vocals

    Connor Deal

    amazing song


    Right?! this band is fucking awesome.

  15. Mister rekt N

    There fucking sick just Found them 2 days ago when are u comming to Holland :D

  16. Thomas Schmidt

    Made in Germany

  17. Thomas Schmidt

    Awesome band.!!
    Made from Germay.

  18. B M

    Just found these guys today... and WOW! New favorite! And my comment comes on a day where this song has 344 likes and ZERO dislikes! Excellent! Buying the album!

    Redfield Records

    +firewolf2462 Cool dude, thank you so much! :-)

  19. Matthew Holdsworth1

    definitely my favorite band of the last few years, picked up the album and a shirt today, fanfuckingtastic.

    Redfield Records

    +Matthew Holdsworth1 AWESOME! Thanks a lot!

    Matthew Holdsworth1

    +Redfield Records No worries, keep the good shit coming, these guys are picking up quite the following in Australia as well as Europe :) so come visit us soon

  20. wildflower2424

    I need to buy the album, my goodness! I love their sound!

    Redfield Records

    +wildflower2424 Pleeeeease do it :-D Where do you live?

    Elena Scheave

    wildflower2424 ME Too!

  21. Gabe Towle

    No dislikes just as it should be. I love this band.

  22. Lace Up

    these guys are fuckin awesome glad I stumbled across them

    Redfield Records

    @Lace Up Great to hear, thanks mate!


    Redfield Records Delray Beach, Florida in the United States

  23. MegaFriends2010

    Einfach nur der Hammer! Macht weiter so! Ich hoffe auf noch viele Alben von euch!

  24. Van Steel

    Those lyrics!!! It's awesome when a song entirely represents your feelings!

  25. Trma_dM

    Are they religious? They sound like it. Either way they sound great

  26. nicko t

    muy buena banda!!!! great band!!!! Greetings from Argentine

  27. dogtroop 515

    +Redfield Records I'm banging my head off my fuckin keyboard so hard right now these dudes rock !

    Redfield Records

    @dogtroop515 Perfect!!! :-D

  28. dogtroop 515

    Fuck yeaaaah !!!!

  29. D.J. Kirk

    You guys are badass! Come to the united states!!!!

    Redfield Records

    @D.J. Kirk Yeah, that would be dope! Where are you based?

  30. Involuntary Unconscious Thrashing

    You guys just gained a new fan. Hugely underrated. Keep pumping out this great music.

    Redfield Records

    @Scott Raddatz Thank you so MUCH for your nice words and being a new fan. Means a lot to us and the band. Where are you coming from?

    Involuntary Unconscious Thrashing

    +Redfield Records Good old Lakeville, Minnesota! Saw you guys were from Deutschland, been there once a few years back around Ramstein. Beautiful country, wish I had time to see more of it.
    With that being said, I'm spreading the good word about you guys here, hope to see you all soon.

    Redfield Records

    @Scott Raddatz Thank you so much, that means a lot to us! So hopefully we can bring the band sometimes to the US! Best wishes to Lakeville!

  31. chas madsen

    This is badass!

    Redfield Records

    @chas madsen Thanks, mate!

  32. Paulo Mercante

    Amazing! The entire album is divine.
    Hope one day I see you guys here.

    Redfield Records

    @Paulo Mercante Thanks for this amazing feedback! Where are you from?

    Ryan Shaddox

    +Redfield Records I'm in California.....Me and my wife have been watching them since we found their cover of Diamonds. Fucking awesome. Can't wait to see them in the states

    Paulo Mercante

    @Redfield Records Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  33. უთხარი აგრესიას არა!!!!

    oh and one more thing @Redfield Records guys please can u give me guitar tabs for this song also i would like to purchase their t-shirt and album and i really want to know if it will be shipped to georgia (country georgia) and i'd like to get their autograph on my guitar :D :D and to take picture with them i wish all the best to any given day u are the best and hope u will get even better than u are now 

    Redfield Records

    @VEiLiX Yeah, that would be amazing if they come to Georgia!!! :-) Sorry, we don´t have tabs!
    We ship CD and Shirts from our own worldwide so that´s no problem at all. For the autograph I am sorry at the moment, maybe if you try to order directly at their shop at Thanks a lot for that awesome feedback! How have you discovered them?

    უთხარი აგრესიას არა!!!!

    @Redfield Records I started to listen to metal like 4-5 months ago and my friend showed me this band he was like "Hey u must listen to this song" and he showed me Diamonds (Rihanna Metal Cover) and i was like "yeah this is cool band i like it" and than it began :D :D today in my opinion this is the greatest metalcore/djent band ever but i have one advise i want to do that too with my band (hope i will have one :D) guys try to use Hardcore breakdowns i think it would sound cool with metalcore oh and one more thing here it sounded cool to me try to play G and C in breakdowns 

  34. უთხარი აგრესიას არა!!!!

    Any given day i love this band wish u could come to georgia (not state georgia country georgia)

  35. Ayrton Sambo

    you guys remind me of Whitechapel..except the frontman is a shaved Tim Lambesis :p Keep up the good work guys!
    Coming to you from Curacao! <3

    Redfield Records

    @Ayrton Sambo Thanks for this nice feedback! Are you living in Curacao? Looks REALLY nice there, damn :-D

    Ayrton Sambo

    yes i am. born and raised! come visit sometime. :p

  36. Hans

    ja sooo geiiil ... gehts noch?

  37. Boszsy

    Dieser Drop ey.. leck mich am Zückerli, poliert der dir die Fresse!

    Redfield Records

    @Boszsy So mut dat!

  38. Artorias The Abysswalker

    ihr haut mich echt aus den socken und wieder so ein geiles ding ich weis schon nicht mehr was ich sagen soll ich fahr voll drauf ab das is absolut meine musik und vorallem sie kommt aus deutschland wir haben nicht viele solcher bands und die die wir haben gehören unterstützt also leute kauft euch das album ie jungs sind der hammer echt mal!!

  39. David Smith

    You guys kick ass! Props, comming from Kearney Nebraska.

  40. Stefan F

    Gelsenkirchen Rules!!!!

  41. Stefan F

    Das ist definitiv die neue Nr. 1 in allen Charts Weltweit!!!!! Man kann absolut geil aus dem Wortschatz verbannen das heißt jetzt nur noch Any Given Day!!!!!!

  42. kobermann

    Awesome! Kommt auch mal nach Osnabrück!

  43. Paul Valus

    Sweet track and sweet album, ill be buying it. All the props from Canada.

    Redfield Records

    Awesome, thanks a lot for your support! :-)

  44. painkiller666666666

    Mercury Arc ist tot - lang lebe Any Given Day!

  45. BrobusGigantus

    Such an epic band, i wish you all the best, greetings from Croatia

  46. H3r3_ to_Di3

    Surprise Motherfucker.......... !!!!!!!

  47. H3r3_ to_Di3

    Jung ihr seid so derbe geil.........selten so krasse geile Mucke gehört, schon gar nicht aus Deutschland. Aber euer Support auf der Tour....hmmmmmm...naja bisschen Emo oder ????

    Fan der ersten Stunde. Euer Album feier ich Track auf Track ab !!!!

    Redfield Records

    @Patrick Hoffmann Danke! Voll geil! Auf welcher Show trifft man Dich denn?

    H3r3_ to_Di3

    Werd am 14. in Berlin dabei sein.....

    Hannes Thomsen

    @Patrick Hoffmann Fahrgemeinschaft ?

    H3r3_ to_Di3

    @Hannes Thomsen Ich komme aus Berlin !

  48. Charlie Deaver

    thanks goes out to the drummer for sending me a friend request on facebook!! GAHHHH x)  GAHHHH!!!!   


    You are fuckin welcome DUDE!

    Charlie Deaver

    @Raphael Altmann  y'all keep banging out badass tracks dude! and bring your asses to the USA so we can throw the fuck down with some real metal for once!   \m/ 

  49. Charlie Deaver

    the lead vocalist sounds kind of like the dude from A7X at the beginning...    but this song oozes badassness!!!!  :")  my new favorite band... pleaseee pleaseee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee come play at Carolina Rebellion 2015 in Charlotte, NC   me and my best friend are diehard fans and would so desperately love for AGD to tour the USA... this band seriously could be a huge game changer in heavy metal...   i haven't been this shocked by a band's sound since the early days of metalcore (KSE, ATR, Shadows Fall etc..)  sooooooo yeah... please!!! COME TO THE FUCKING STATES!!!

    Redfield Records

    @Charlie Deaver Yeah man, that would be so massive!!! Thank you so much for your nice words! :-D

  50. 23058usaf

    Yep pre-ordered. New sounds, but good metal.

    Redfield Records

    @23058usaf Awesome and thanks dude!!!

  51. Abe

    This is brilliant, it has everything in this song from the screams to the cleans and the grooves to the breakdowns, I'm pre ordering this badass of an album and I wish these guys all the success, greetings from the UK :)

    Redfield Records

    @ScottyMetalMan Thank you so much mate!!! Let us know if you need help finding the right UK preorder-links! :-) Cheers!!!

  52. Alex E

    Love this Track!

  53. painkiller666666666

    Endlich kommts raus!