Any Given Day - Hold Back The Time Lyrics

Hold back the time
Slowly we belong to yesterday's youth
It's hard to bear the ugly truth
Time waits for nobody and standstill is death
We seize every second like it's our last

Breathe deeply once forget the time
10 years have passed in a blink of an eye
With no chance to escape
We walk the line straight to our graves
Walking the line straight to our graves
The line straight to our graves

Try to hold back the time it's running out too fast
All the years that we had are buried in the past
The more it goes the more it takes away
On the path of time we've gone astray

Hold back the time

Time is no healer (time is no healer) - time is a thieve
Nothing lasts forever except our memories (memories)

Try to hold back the time it's running out too fast
All the years that we had are buried in the past
The more it goes the more it takes away
On the path of time we've gone astray

No matter how many mountains we have climbed
And burning bridges we have crossed
In the end every moment we had
Was a moment we have lost?

Nothing lasts forever
Old pictures in gilded frames
Lock them deep into your heart
The memories are all that remains

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Any Given Day Hold Back The Time Comments
  1. Wrath Upon Eden

    such an amazing song

  2. Markus Davis


  3. Mikey the BROWNS fan

    One completely underrated album, my God. This is the shit right here.

  4. Turel Dragoon

    Mein absoluter Lieblingstrack auf dem Album.

    Ich konnte euch bereits zwei mal life sehen, Hammer wenn der Song dabei gewesen währe.

    Turel Dragoon

    Update: Gestern wurde mein Wunsch erfüllt.

    Danke dafür!🤘👍

  5. prateek matharu

    Came across this band today. Fucking epic.

    prateek matharu

    Redfield Records the diamond cover showed up in my feed :p

  6. Marian Sabol

    Amazing music guys.I love them

  7. william50626

    perfect song for avengers infinity war

    Some Guy

    william50626 comics aren't that hardcore

  8. logan howlett

    best bodybuilding and fitness motivator album <3 one set more cmoooon

  9. Michelle Fischer

    Love this song <3

  10. GoldBlooded


  11. Suntory WhiSky

    So ich höre mir das Album seit Upload an und ich bekomme nicht genug davon.. jetzt wird supported!

    Redfield Records

    Yeah, danke!! :-)

  12. Ducero

    I follow this band since they record first song's.My Longest Way Home album was great,but Everlasting...Man this album blow me away! Lyric is amazing,very strong and emotional.Drums, sweet,so perfect! Vocal so brutal,so powerfull . AGD i wish you all the best,and thank you for this masterpiece album.

    Redfield Records

    Thank you so much for this awesome feedback!

  13. the_arti_mage

    realy nice music, the third nice metal band i came across because of counter strike fragmovies <3

  14. fspsyco1

    epic song, love these guys.

  15. Christian Müller

    Bestes Album 2016 !!!

  16. Brian Oliver

    these guys would be a much better band if they just stop screaming THIS MUCH.... holy shit...

  17. Sam Fisher

    This is my new favorite band ! I just found out about you guys today and you fucking rock !!!!!!! 🤘🤘

  18. Andrew Thompson

    the chorus is moving.

  19. Paul Seif

    WTF did i jut heard the brigde from Nerve by Soilwork at 2:32. Guys srsly ? Give some explanations im so disappointed right now

    Marco Ah

    Paul Seif i hear nothing like Soilworks "Nerve" !!!

  20. CNZ

    The Any Given Day music sounds like Killswitch Engage music.

    Lucas Sodré

    they are Quite Different, they Sound more like All That Remains, for the Musics that are not fast...

    Good Krypollo

    @Lucas Sodré You know the guitar player for Killswitch produced A couple All That Remains' albums

  21. Einar Solveig

    Best band ive come across in 2016, keep up the good music.

    Redfield Records


    Eilir Evans

    Best metal band in 2017 par none.

  22. martyn adams

    they..... all..... sound.... the....... same!!!!!

    Marco Ah

    martyn adams verse scream refrain sing verse scream refrain sing bridge and so it goes on and on, on every song. Sad !

  23. synyster54

    I take it Celine Zambrano likes this song lol

  24. Shdwdip

    wtf is wrong with this comment section

    Redfield Records

    It´s full of smileys... ;-)




  25. Its Nhytrus


  26. CNZ


  27. CNZ


  28. CNZ


  29. CNZ


  30. CNZ


  31. CNZ


  32. CNZ


  33. CNZ


    Lord Angelo

    Xiao Xiao