Any Given Day - Endurance Lyrics

This is who we are and this is where we stay

We are strong, we are determined but not free of mistakes
Our life is the hardest lesson - it teaches us to resist
Still proud, still honest - our greatest gift

Every day is another crusade - we defend it with all we've got
Eye for an eye - armed to the teeth - blood for blood

We have to go straight until we fall - we take it the hard way
There's no need to change tomorrow if we can change today

This is who we are and this is where we stay

We've got to take our life back - one chance to make it right
Hold your hands beside the flame - breathe in and keep it alive

Every day is another crusade - we defend it with all we've got
Eye for an eye - armed to the teeth - blood for blood

We have to go straight until we fall - we take it the hard way
There's no need to change tomorrow if we can change today

Obliterate - what makes us weak
Full speed ahead - salvation is what we seek
What's done is done - let the past be the past
Arise and take each moment as if it's the last

Trust - when no one believes
Live when you're almost dead
Breathe - to stop drowning
Don't trust those lies they told you

We have to go straight until we fall - we take it the hard way
There's no need to change tomorrow if we can change today
We can change today

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Any Given Day Endurance Comments
  1. Lynette Harris

    This brutal I love it!!! 🖤🖤🤘🤘💯💯

  2. Chris Foskett

    cant complain about stumbling into this beast of a song

  3. Ashton Mitch

    🤘🏻 Mother fuuuckers

  4. brandon gallagher

    Wish they would come to USA

  5. Timothy Brave

    A trans guy could grow a beard listening to this

    t2 Tobin

    Coming from the dude with 8 views on vids🤷‍♀️😂

    Timothy Brave

    @t2 Tobin this coming from the guy with No Videos on his 🤔😁

  6. Beav Ballermann

    Awoken.... This power pumping through venes.... We are diamonds... Let's get this....roaaaaar 😉

  7. Siidrax

    666 Dislike :o

  8. Aluand Jalal J

    My workout beat

  9. Victor Gonzalez

    any steroid day

  10. At210Lo

    50% Trenbolone 50% Sustanon.. 100% métal !

  11. TheGabber19

    Tremendo, de las mejores bandas del momento. Saludos desde España!

  12. Jens Rathgeber

    Was für eine geile Show in Stuttgart :)

  13. Sean Wilson

    is it possible to convey the same expression in a cover song without the roaring vocals in the verses? O_o


    Most badass sing ever

  15. Pornthep Sae-lor

    Awesome !!!

  16. Ezequiel Lz

    Estos tipos harán historia si siguen asi

  17. David Wilcox

    so weird seeing a white dude moving like that, music is still pretty good though.

  18. Guilherme Silva

    Muscle core never dies.

  19. Stanimir Rankovski

    I dare you to tell the vocalist that metalcore sucks :D

  20. Sean Wilson

    if i didn't have stage fright, i'd love to sing a duet with someone. but YOU have to do the singing vocals and i just do the chorus. ;-)

  21. Patrick Welsman

    the beginning tho damn

  22. agslapphappy

    Did hear hatebreed lyrics???

  23. Jinxy

    I was stocking ribs... there all broken now

  24. HamsterHamish

    i almost shattered my spine becuase of this song

  25. KHAN TRP

    That voice....!!!!...

  26. Nick

    Anybody else catch the Hatebreed line?

  27. Johnathan Opperman

    That first intro riff. Play at "X-0.75"

  28. hoi

    My testosteron level went up listening to this

  29. Chris Hughes

    Makes me want to jump in the octagon rip some mf arms off and beat there ass to death with them!!!!!!

  30. Giannis kyriakou

    So tight and heavy!! I love the production !!

  31. TeamCSE

    One of the best tracks EVER written! Motivation! 💯

  32. ShatterMusic

    Vocalist is look same like WE CAME AS ROMANS Screamer, but on Steroid

  33. James Hutson

    For the fallen dreams vibes

  34. Serg Bekker

    как же офигенно они выступили в Москве)это было потрясающе.

  35. metalslugmasters

    Who told him: do you even lift bro? Lol

  36. Ivin Mckinney

    I think it’s taking a bit for me to adjust to his singing but fuck can he scream and FUCK do they bring the riff

  37. alex galloway

    1:34 "weve got to take our life back, one chance to make it right" ....
    hatebreed - i will be heard : "ive got to take my life back, one chance to make things right"
    ... just sayin.

  38. ZechenKobold NRW

    Heilige scheiße das ballert ja mal richtig🤘🔥

  39. 黄不多

    Keep me awake

  40. WittyName44

    I played this song during a workout. It ate my workout.

  41. techFALL11

    BA! And the singer looks as BA as the song! I like singers who look like they can kick a$$!

  42. Sniper Bear

    Man wish i'd have found you sooner!
    Great all.around and nice that you can hear the whole band with vocals on top out front but not killing the group. You remind me of howard jones who is one of my favorite frontmen/singers in metal. Really good song writing and execurion guys!

  43. monkey682

    He kinda reminds me of Ivan Moody meets Howard Jones in this one

  44. Morse Code Stutters

    Their lyrics are the friggin best man, and it's awesome that even though he's growling it's clear what he's saying lol

  45. Andre Franks

    Wow you guys have got allot better everything flows

  46. Qasim Nasir

    atleast he is not in the middle of a forest

  47. Sesafeleng JockerVaas

    Big,can u plz tell wht is the style of your clothes!!!

  48. Игорь Игоревич

    Эта композиция индивидуальна на все Века , круче и агрессивнее уже не возможно придумать , кто против бросьте в меня булыжник .........👹

  49. Tad Dunavan

    Definitely my new favorite band!

  50. Ancient Of Days

    i'm in bringing in coming...! Only those who ENDURE to the end will be saved...!

  51. Tim Endew

    FUCK how did i only find out about this band just now.. this is EPIC :D

  52. Etienne Drillaud

    0.00 - 0.23 ( Repeat x100)

  53. Dustin Sadler

    Why can't anyone tell how many lyrics are stolen from other artists? I thought i was listening to a hatebreed song. low and behold... They are talented. I love the playing and the singers voice. I just hate that they stole lyrics. Another song sounds a lot like Fire from the gods. Overall out of 10 i would give these guys a 6. They have the talent. I just want original lyrics and riffs.

  54. Nicholas Norton

    Thats a big fuckin dude

  55. Ed Brown

    Very Killswitch engage ish...pretty dang good!

  56. 「イウテルピ」Euterpe

    You guys have big shoes to fill! Amazing that I can listen to something similar to my favorite band of all time.

  57. Memories by Dotty x

    I don't need a subgenre definition of metal...this song kicks so much a**.

  58. RAVEN 1971 EDWARDS

    Am i on my own that i think our power house vocals is hot im a 47 old metalhead that refuses to grow old gracefully lol 😈

  59. Brett Orton

    Metal core is the only good type of metal

  60. David A. Fye II

    Holy smokes man these guys!
    And I dig the powerful vocals & what this guy has to say in his lyrics!
    They sound Holy,for the Lord Jesus Christ?

  61. Thomas Jackson

    That lead singer is fucking huge

  62. 93TJG


  63. #1DNR

    Just found this in 2019 after going through a Thrash binge.... Back to Metalcore...What a great sound and band!!!!!!!

  64. Alex Bronson

    This+ Isle of Man= greatness🏁🏁🏁🏍🎱🎱

  65. Sean Michael

    I heard Hate Breed lyrics be careful other than that I gave you like

  66. Wilbur Cayaccasa Mamani Picapiedra

    now im growing beard haha

  67. ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂Gous▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░

    Instant sub after hearing that Song, I heared it somewhere else but didn't know it was yours 😔

  68. kaosdarkshadow X


  69. Mister Coffin


  70. suihigh

    brb gonna go flip some cars over \m/

  71. Tormentula !

    Amazing vocalist 😍. Great singing and screaming! Uplifting lyrics, too

  72. leo ming

    intro riff reminds me to Vimic - She sees everything

  73. Nicolas Bédard

    So I heard this song last year and I didn't like it that much. I heard it again this week and saw how much I was wrong the first time, these guy are beasting it

  74. zip zap Jack

    Ivan Moody big brother

  75. zip zap Jack

    1 dude not to piss off at the show

  76. Jose Soto

    New Album is fking amazing keep up the great work guys..

  77. Floop The Volcano

    Am i the only one that notices the definite hatebreed influence?

  78. Tyler Aikman

    These tunes are 🔥

  79. Dave Tengvall

    This man on the vid looks vain and in love with himself. I should know

  80. Гелий Изюмов

    Мне кажется, что это полная ерунда.
    It seems absolute nonsense to me.

  81. Mara Effertz

    Testosteron Metal ❤️

  82. Luís Velhinho

    "We’ve got to take our life back - one chance to make it right" reminds me of "I will be heard" from Hatebreed.

    Chris Hughes

    That's where I heard that

  83. James Colquitt

    that intro though

  84. Rick Darby

    A person's taste in music doesn't wholly define them. For example, I'm sure Mother Theresa didn't listen to Metal.

  85. Sergio

    Fuck !! First time i heard this band!! Amazing, looks like Killswitch !

  86. Crafty Ape

    Great except 'got to take my life back, one chance to get it right' is literally a word for word copy from I Will be Heard by Hatebreed

  87. Dan_the_Man

    If I ever have kids I'm going to play this band as my baby momma is going into labor. The moment my kid is born he's going to knock out the doctor then shotgun a beer

  88. NoxImus

    Intro was heavy as fuck

  89. Alex Townsend

    He kinda looks like Garrosh from WoW lol

  90. MrPureManure

    Felt like I'd gone 10 rounds with the hulk by the end of this song.

  91. charinee vassilis

    I love you

  92. RextheRebel

    I havent seen a guy this big, masculine and scary since the Madball show i went to about 2 years ago...

  93. senyoret Core

    I'm not a fan of this band but this one and arise are fucking awesome

  94. Joshua Drark

    This band kicks so much ass

  95. Светлана Бурменская

    Здорово когда столь мощное и масштабное музло исполняют)также мощные и крутые дяди!)) Супер🔥🔥🔥восторг

  96. Szczepan Sopur

    Please stop, one more ticket for speeding and say hello to jailtime.

  97. Búri

    On any given day, these guys will destroy you!!

  98. my name is love

    I need a positive metal like this, it makes me wanna face the fear and not afraid at all🤘🤘🤘