Antlers, The - Zelda Lyrics

You asked me to wake you
If I woke up before you
And you were still stuck inside

I'm here to tell you, "We're not awake yet"

We live between two worlds
A tunnel with two lights
Pitch black in the middle
Like a dream's dream (a copy's copy)

It's just not important
The small things we suffer
They're infinitesimal

We swim in an ocean
It swims between us

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Antlers, The Zelda Comments
  1. hellothere

    don't know why but I cry to this song

  2. Shane V

    Today's National Video Game Challenge at brought me here.

  3. Kadi Ab

    some depressing shiii....musical tho

  4. Quixo667

    see? there is good music past 2000 you just have to dig really far..

  5. Craig Clark

    Which zelda is this from, sounds like ocarina of time?


    It's about Zelda Fitzgerald who was a schizophrenic. Miyamoto named the character after her, but maybe you were just trying to make a joke, I don't know.

    Caren Wiatrek

    Craig Clark I listening to this while playing botw so I’m thinking her

  6. dumb buddha

    this is one of those rare songs that from the very first moment you hear it, you know you'll be listening to it for the rest of your life. the melody and atmosphere is just perfect. it's practically impossible for one's attention to not get seized by this song's magnetism.

  7. Elizabeth Cullum

    Zelda is my ferret's name.

    Also this band is simply spectacular.

    Elizabeth Mictian

    Elizabeths unite.

  8. Town92Brown

    I can show you absolute pleasure ;) ;)

  9. Mcspanky

    I remember hearing this song for the first time and just thinking "dang this band is amazing". I love this song

  10. CharlesBeefy


  11. krang williams

    it's enough for me, but they do deserve piles of money.

  12. thomuk2006

    Bm, A, G, F#m.... can't work out the next chord!!! ARRGGGHHH!

    Tony Randall

    C sharp m

  13. Miriam

    Auditory absolute pleasure

  14. ireallyh8emails

    The Antlers. One of my favorite bands. No one told me about them, i had to stumble across them just randomly one day. Man, that was a great day! So happy with the direction this band is going. Just a great job. Cant wait to hear more from this very talented group!

    Mia Malice

    ireallyh8emails So out of curiosity, now that it's been 5 years, now how do you feel? Personally, I still love them to death. Even Pete Silverman's new solo stuff is good in that way only the Antlers/Pete can do. I remember I used to stress out because after Burst Apart, I was at this point where I was obsessed with them, and desperate to find other music like them, but you just can't. Sure, Tame Impala, Sleep Party People, Grizzly Bear, etc..But they're not quite the Antlers. You know? Yeah, you know.

  15. Mujtuba Khan