Antlers, The - Thirteen Lyrics

"Pull me out...pull me out... can't you stop this all from happening?
Close the doors and keep them out."

"Dig me out...oh, dig me out...
Couldn't you have kept this all from happening?
Dig me out from under our house."

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Antlers, The Thirteen Comments
  1. Pinkmaroon

    Dig me out.....

  2. qrowley

    Anyone got an idea as to why it's called thirteen?

  3. A Normal Human

    Google lyrics

    Pull me out
    Pull me out
    Can't you stop this all from happening?
    Close the doors and keep them out

    Dig me out
    Oh, dig me out
    Couldn't you have kept all this from happening?
    Dig me out from under our house

  4. Arieh Zimmerman

    This haunts me.. she's a siren drawing him to his death

  5. Lyall Bellamy

    I heard this song first here but i noticed its onmy favorite part of the lovely bones the scene when she crosses over

  6. We'll Meet Again When Both Our Cars Collide

    Just found out Sharon Van Etten sings this! I've loved her music since I heard 'Serpents' in season 4 of The Walking Dead.

  7. Nathaniel Wilder Schwartz


  8. Sara Upegui

    i feel like suffocating
    but everymorning
    i wake up

  9. kloklo 03

    wait why is it a girl singing now, is it meant to be Sylvia?

    Mateus Murozaki

    The album is a concept album about a patient and a nurse at a hospice, and the nurse's efforts to save the patient from going mad. It's, in a deeper level, also about a mentally abusive relationship. This is Sharon's singing as the female 'protagonist" of the album. She also has backing vocal credits in Kettering.

    kloklo 03

    +Mateus Murozaki so it is Sylvia the patient

    Mateus Murozaki

    @Chloe Iversen Yes

  10. John LeBlanc


  11. Rachael is really cool and funny

    If you guys want songs that are similar to Sharon's solo, there's service bell- Feist & Lune Palmer- Retracted Love. Your welcome

    Vinesauce Fan

    +Rachael Avidor You are a LIFESAVER.

  12. seraphim

    i love this way too much.

  13. Ian Zell

    press 6 to get to the good part


    >not loving the subtleties of the fading crescendo and ambient noises preluding the lyrics

  14. James Cosgrove


  15. Denis Elena Gutoi

    jesus christ this is so beautiful

  16. paul realize the whole album is an allegory, right? you don't ACTUALLY think it's a real story.

    you fucks are retarded.

    Egan Jackson

    no comment talked about it being real. none. Anyone with google can figure that out too without you trying to splay your nuts all over a decent track you retarded fuck.


    It’s a metaphorical album about a relationship the Peter Silberman experienced

  17. Antol

    intro for this song is just stunning, so beautiful... like sunrise

  18. This Is Sauce

    another antlers video with 0 dislikes fudge yeah

    Top Notch

    Not anymore

  19. Nimbereth

    Sharon Van Etten my eternal love ir yours...

  20. Leonardo Calabrano

    @designerskyliines LOL!! Thanks so much for the laughing. Yours has to be one of the most intelligent and funny comments I've ever seen.

  21. Vanessa Lemus

    This kind of me me want to cry.

  22. RobBobLoblaw

    Right when the song started, I got a boner. Anyone else with me on this one? Or am I... a loner with a boner?! Du du tiss. Ah comedic relief. (Love the song)

  23. Kimberly Seddon

    Woah. goosebumps.

  24. inkysprout


  25. RicoHarkwood

    "A spectre haunts..."

  26. Aaron Rock

    I wish he would sing louder :c

  27. Emily Cassidy

    god i fucking love this.

  28. George

    Its sharon van etten singing in this song. You should check out her music its great.

  29. Fledgling

    @Zmxtilt tonight by lykke li

  30. Leslie Flowers

    @designerskyliines hahahah, I love the comment, even if you were kidding :]

  31. Slashunter90

    *In beautiful, yet haunting voice* "Pull me out... Pull me out... Can't you stop this all from happening? Close the doors and kick them out... Dig me out.... ooohhh, dig me out... couldn't you have kept this all from happening? Dig me out from under our house..."

    Really haunting and sends shivers down my spine... Kudos Antlers, and i am sorry for your loss.

  32. Hannah Ø

    I'm so hipster, I listen to songs that only have 80 views on them!
    kidding of course.