Antlers, The - The Universe Is Going To Catch You Lyrics

It's been a long time coming
It's not up for debate
You've been a hollowed-out apple
Though you're standing up straight
It's later than you think
And we're not gonna wait
If you continue to tell us if you continue to tell us
"The universe is going to catch you"

Well it was fine until you fell off
Of the face of the Earth
'Cause we would call you at home
And noone picked up the phone
But we were worried that you'd fallen
In the river, or worse
But then you sent us back a letter it said in capital letters

Come back inside
To this house
To your home
Made of steel-structured styrofoam
Nobody's out there
But someone is singing you back to your birthplace
That voice is the same voice
You heard on the same night that
Everything glowed
Took you into the air
And the arms of the Universe
Kept you from falling
But after that happened
Those arms did not come back
So when you leapt up
And nobody caught you
Your neck broke

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