Antlers, The - French Exit Lyrics

Every time we speak, you are spitting in my mouth.
If I don’t take you somewhere else, I’m gonna pull my teeth right out.

Every time we meet, you are shrieking in my ear.
If I don’t take you somewhere else, you’re gonna make this sin sincere…
Come on.

Everyone I loved kept me tangled in my heart,
You’ll tie that knot a bit too loose, not enough to tease apart…
Come on.

Everyone I hold holds me strangled, sweet and smart.
I’m not a puppy you take home, don’t bother trying to fix my heart.

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Antlers, The French Exit Comments
  1. gracie yael doran

    I miss the dancing in the kitchen.

  2. Jesse Lynn Woodbine

    i could listen to the first 40 seconds for the rest of my life

    Genghis Kon

    Jesse Lynn Woodbine I could listen to the first 3:49 for the rest of my life

  3. あんみゆ


  4. Cory Cook


  5. willmann30

    WBUR brought me here!

  6. Matt Calise

    Might be the best song on the album...and that's really saying something

  7. Jacob Carter

    This is awesome! Very peaceful soothing sounds [:)

  8. Ken Pearson

    Great music from an up and coming band!  LOVE IT!  Thanks for sharing!

  9. 151 Soundsystem

    Thanks a lot :) I'll try to keep it up :)

  10. Molly Lewis

    Hey I love the music your putting out!! Sweet, keep putting out music I love the stuff :)

  11. Avon Koordinatör Lider

    Great Music- Agreed!