Antlers, The - Corsicana Lyrics

By the time that we woke up,
We couldn’t stop the sparks,
We couldn’t see outside,
When the curtains fell apart.

We couldn’t hear the books
When the pages curled away.
We should shut that window we both left open now.

We lost our chance to run,
Now the door’s too hot to touch.
We should hold our breaths with mouths together now.

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Antlers, The Corsicana Comments
  1. Jeff Jones

    Last week I was working in Corsicana, Texas and the name of the town was just picking at me. I needed to know if the town and the song were connected. Unfortunately they are. Corsicana is the city in which a man murdered his three children 1991 by intentionally burning down their house down. He was found guilty and sentenced to death. He was executed in 2004. In 2009 it was found the intentional arson was not enough to find the man guilty. He was wrongly executed.

  2. Sein Schatten

    The record is darkness, and this song is its black hole

  3. Super Saumon

    The makers of Suits seem to have loved this album as much as I did

  4. MP25DIII

    Puts me into the zone

  5. Connie Zehender

    If you pay attention to the lyrics, this song is about a house on fire.


    EXACTLY !!!

    Tim Herzer

    If your house was on fire, you'd open the window, not shut it...unless you wanted it to burn...


    A little research will reveal that a house in Corsicana was burned in an arson fire. People died.

  6. He Who Wanders Alone

    Anyone know if an instrumental version of this exists?

  7. Luis Alberto Cervantes Tafoya

    Best album of the antlers

  8. RageRiseRespect

    So peaceful just so #Relaxing  
    thanks for uploading :)

  9. ell

    beautiful song

  10. Nouvel Ordre Mondial et Satanisme

    Suits brought me here