Antlers, The - Atrophy Lyrics

You've been living awhile in the front of my skull, making orders
You've been writing me rules, shrinking maps, redrawing borders
I've been repeating your speeches but the audience just doesn't follow
Because I'm leaving out words, punctuations and it sounds pretty hollow
I've been living in bed because now you tell me to sleep
I've been hiding my voice and my face and you decide when I eat
In your dreams I'm a criminal, horrible, sleeping around
While you're awake, I'm impossible, constantly letting you down

Little porcelain figurines, glass bullets you shoot at the wall
Threats of castration for crimes you imagine when I miss your call
With the bite of the teeth of that ring on my finger, I'm bound to your bedside, your eulogy singer
I'd happily take all those bullets inside you and put them inside of myself

Someone, oh anyone, tell me how to stop this
She's screaming, expiring and I'm her only witness
I'm freezing, infected, and rigid in that room inside her
No one's gonna come as long as I lay still in bed beside her

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Antlers, The Atrophy Comments
  1. Heather Lambert

    I feel this so deeply. This album helped me get out of a dark place at the end of a decade long relationship and for that I am so thankful.

  2. Elias

    When they played this live in Copenhagen a few months back, everyone was just quiet after it. No clapping, just feels, and then Bear started playing. It was the most powerful thing I've ever felt.

  3. Voices4dayz

    This band caught my attention, but even more, the people in the comments section...I like all of you :)

  4. Shye

    the way the melody for wake comes in at the end, ugh my heart

  5. maria

    essa musica me mata pelo amor de deus

  6. Laura Wright

    the pain I felt in my bedroom of the psych ward.... this album made things so muddy, and clear. sharp, upsetting and uplifting, it buzzed through my body. shook me to my core. and I carry these sounds with me to this day.


    What the heck, you got to be in a psych ward???? No fair. I'm envious. Glad to see you're doing ok and alive.


    Voices4dayz Lmao it’s not fun to be in inpatient but okay honey

    Farha Buh

    @Voices4dayz What you said was silly. But I assume you meant that you're jealous that Laura got help. This comment was made 9 months ago. I hope you're doing better or have gotten the help you needed.

  7. UntitledKirk

    "I'd happily take all those bullets inside you and put them inside of myself"

  8. Colonel Graff

    And an ad for Cancer Treatment Centers comes up. Nice targeting, Youtube.

  9. tea

    Oh my god what is this about

    R Red

    - constellation - it's about the powerlessness of loving someone who has complete control over you. someone who is threatened and insulted by your very existence, someone who makes you hate waking up. someone who leaves bruises, chokes you til you pass out, and threatens to hurt your family if you leave. it's about being in an impossible situation, one that there doesn't seem to be any way out of. and you stand in front of the mirror and talk yourself out of suicide because surely he'll be done with you soon enough.
    that's what this fucking song is about.


    • •;



    The metaphor of the song is the woman he’s in love with is dying and taking her pain out on him and abusing him because he can’t stop her from dying, so she takes to controlling him and abusing him in almost every way possible, it’s about deep abuse really and it hurts


    Rachell Edmondson chill

  10. Emi Grierson

    Most underrated band ever


    tbh I don't find the other work they made (beside this album) really that interesting


    @TheCivildecay your opinion is not valid at all

  11. Solaris

    Does anyone know anything that sounds like 4:00 onward? its amazing

    Maxime Arsenault

    Usmaan Mohmood 65daysofstatic - guitar cascade

  12. Tiago Martins

    "I'd happily take all those bullets inside you and put them inside of myself" when he says this my heart always crys.


    cool down dude

  13. CuteSpaceDragon

    The buzzing in the middle is my favourite part. It almost give me... asmr type feels? its calming to listen to.

    Olga Remisova

    CuteSpaceDragon binaurial beats perhaps ?

  14. Dryden The hunter

    Hey buddy, you may. It know who I am, I'm arachnid. I'm part of RLSH, and if you are who you say you are then I'm coming for you. No matter how far. I will stuff your as$ in a prison cell, and you will feel justice and defeat. Cause destruction I dare you


    +Arachnid RLSH Biggest cringe of the day right there

  15. Lina Sterling

    I listen to this while browsing yyellowbird's photography on Flickr.

  16. RILEY

    this song would be almost perfect if there wasnt two minutes of bullshit thrown in


    @Jan Trnovec ok cool i still absolutely hate it though whats your point again

    Le Lo

    +Jan Trnovec damn... such fake deepisms. "it's not just helicopter sounds, it's poetry" xx


    +riley ?
    There's a video i have found with a version that only changes those 2 minutes. Maybe someone likes it


    +B.RAR show - Canal català! - thanks so much!

    jess -

    But that was the best part

  17. Justin Martin


  18. Chloe M


  19. MyHerpderp

    It'll be alright

  20. judgement day



    Luiza Aldser


    judgement day

    @Luiza Aldsr I DO STILL

    Estefany Nahuelcheo

    And now?!

    judgement day

    @Estefany Nahuelcheo yeah man!!! also god I was a crazy fucking kid

  21. smac

    This, Kettering, and epilogue are the best in the album

    And hospice is all amazing.

  22. Jasmine Haaland

    so lovely. 

  23. zeynepcosansu

    Really calm😍

  24. The Last Surrealist

    This song sold me on the album.

  25. Commander Venus

    That's the point, you moron.

  26. drwatsenburg

    Hope this gives a basic picture

    tabs for the odd chords (low E -> high E):
    Absus2: [468xxx] Abmaj7no3: [465xxx] Eb/G: [3653xx]

    In the beginning it's Ab Absus2 Abmaj7no3 Bb

    During all of the lyrics it's just Ab Bb

    Then after that it's Fm Eb/G Bb until the end

  27. EminentKnight

    yes, the theme of album is pretty grim and melancholic. lucky for the singer he can adequately verbalise his feelings using the platform he has as a musician. a lot of people go through this everyday, whether man or woman, maybe they could find some respite in this album. of course, it's naturally far more striking when it is the male that is on the receiving end.

  28. why am in smd

    anyone know the chords to the last bit? thanks!!

  29. Olivia

    Out of every song I've ever heard, this one is the only one that can make me feel so emotional that I'm in tears by the end of it.

  30. Olivia

    Try listening to the whole album. It's a story, this is only the rising action.

  31. Elle Archer

    @Hannah May did you really expect something uplifting? It's Hospice, for God's sake.

  32. Hannah May

    This song is terrible! It leaves you feeling completely empty! no exaltation, drug for the pain or band-aid for the cut!!! This fucking ruined my day!!!!

  33. DavidFrat123

    I'm Elvis.

    Mirceo Monsanto

    DavidFrat123 i agree

  34. ali asghar

    Feel like shit after listening to this, but somehow I love it

  35. taliabob

    listen to the whole album, too :)

  36. keith k


  37. Isabel Pedroza

    this reminds me of my mother. :/ sadly.

  38. Cecy Rodriguez

    i keep coming back to this song..... why?

  39. P Kos

    truly beautiful

  40. George Washington

    he did miss the point. the whole album is about a man that is deeply in love with a dying woman that has severe mental issues that abuses the fuck out of him


    Don't think she is actually dying, think the terminal part is more meant as "she is broken beyond saving", but you are right about the abuse part.

    U F.

    TheCivildecay no, she is dying. he’s her hospice worker

    Bernard Kimaiyo

    @U F. That is still part of the metaphor

  41. Zayne Admiraal

    This song effected me greatly when i first heard it, i'd been depressed for months and i listened to this and tears started rolling down my face and i sat there feeling so strange. I'm over my depression now and listening to this song now it doesn't give me the same impression although i can still remember what it felt like. For anyone that doesn't think this song is the amazing art some people claim it to be, come back and listen to it when you're on the brink of suicide and you'll know.

  42. gunthertheczech

    I have to agree with you. It's such a beautiful song, then that sound ruins it.

  43. DWSimmy

    If he's comparing himself to the guy in this album, it probably means that he's really self absorbed (delusions of grandeur and whatnot).

  44. Mjestic

    Sylvia dies, ultimately. You might want to reconsider your current relationship.

  45. Krummy Brinkle Jr.

    After that it sounds terrible, like a shrieking sound. Then it never really picks back up.

  46. Alanna McGrane

    why only to 4:05?

  47. Giovanni Calia

    it is nice to read these words :)

  48. edD7171

    oh my god. i'm literally obsessed with this song now and heard it for the first time. wow, can't get over this

  49. Sam Linge

    Why is it annoying?

  50. Hershiser is anó̱teros

    * Reads comments *
    I wont cry at the end it does not seem too sad...Why is my face leaking?

  51. Krummy Brinkle Jr.

    Song is great... up to 4:05

  52. EoinByrneMusic

    And for 7 minutes and 38 seconds...there was no hate in the world.

  53. Hamburger

    The coda at the end breaks my heart.

  54. izimoo100

    love the song, but damn the ending is annoying.

  55. lamothegabe's so perfect

  56. CoolKat

    @Carlzmotion thats the best part, it sounds like a whisper and u have to listen even harder to this amazing song :)

  57. Zannah RL

    @Carlzmotion thats part of the beauty of it :)

  58. Katherine Land

    @partyman147 As eloquent and articulate as ever :)

  59. Katherine Land

    @partyman147 I'm not actually going anywhere. You should look up sarcasm. What are you so pissy about anyway? I love this band, I think they are magic pure and simple, just wish the lyrics were louder. Big shit :/ what's the problem exactly?

  60. Katherine Land

    @partyman147 Such a witty reply. Has given me so much to think about. Will definitely think twice about ever giving my opinion on anything in the future. Thanks for making me think deep this morning...dipshit.

  61. Katherine Land

    truly epic.... the only bad thing is that yes, i really wish the lyrics were a bit louder. such a small thing would make such a big difference and the song would be absolutely perfect. i really love this song though, one of my favorites

  62. CanvasTrees

    @SchmuckoftheIrish the metal-eating bugs from the day the earth stood still.


    ... manly tears..

  64. Kelly MacLeod


    I kind of agree with him...I love the lyrics so much that I wish they were easier to hear. I get what you mean though.

  65. DigitalRuiner

    @doondoom Both at the same time IS amazing, but that doesn't even scratch the surface! You haven't experienced anything until you play both songs together while 5 people's genitals are on fire(kidnap before hand), and have a hired Dwarf with a high pitched voice in an Ewok costume continuously scream "Carol-Anne don't go into the light!". Oh I almost forgot this needs to be done in a movie theater looping Tyler Perry films. The songs don't really sound any different but it is a unique sight! ; )

  66. doondoom

    Play Shiva and Atrophy at the same

  67. zakwashere

    Emotionally devastating. I like it.

  68. kinghangabar1

    lyrics are incredible.

  69. steven Tirrell

    lullabies for forgotten souls, and I don't even remotely want to sound prosy, that just straight up how I feel when I listen to these guys.

  70. 12319gp

    this is gonna be my wedding song hahahahahahahahahaha. after the 2nd year. just playing. sure makes me NOT want to wed tho . .

  71. Carlos Cano

    @Svampard ja ja ja watch?v=ggXmKPMaHMo

  72. Carlos Cano

    i was listen to this song the other day in my headphones, then my girlfriend took my headphones and listen to the song at 4:05...and ask: what the fuck are you listening?....xD i said that i was listening THE BEST ALBUM from the last 5 years at least

  73. jackantharia

    is this picture really moving? or it is because of tears?

  74. lunalynna

    @Carlzmotion that's why i listen to this album with headphones on, lying down, volume all the way upppp. and reading the lyrics too.

  75. aðalheiður þórhallsdóttir

    I've never heard lyrics such as the lyrics the antlers produce. They are amazing, and also because I understand them and connect with them. The antlers are truly an amazing band, I wish them the best of luck.

  76. Kaity K

    This piece makes me at peace. How soul lifting..

  77. sapphiredream91

    idk what it is, but their music makes me aware of myself, of how i am alive.

  78. Nadia Leena Almasalkhi

    I'm in love with this band, and this song is especially beautiful.

    This one is from the patient's point of view. (I know it's pretty confusing to me.)

  79. katakotia3

    The Antlers never fail to give me that shivering feeling when I listen to their music. This piece has it all.

  80. seepastthescene

    such a beautiful song.

  81. Emile Hickson

    i love this. it beats everything else