Anti-Flag - We Are The One Lyrics

It's time to make a move,
Change the times or they'll change you.
False promises of more.
Check that shit at the door.
We're the ones we've been waiting for.
We are the one...Unified under none.
We are the one...The one to carry on.
Warfare is everywhere.
Poisoned land, water, air.
This routine is long old.
It's time to break that mold.
We'll break it up, then we'll break out.
Withstand the change.
Tear it down rebuild again.
Evolve with vision.
This year's eve, we will breathe fury.
I will scale the city walls.

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Anti-Flag We Are The One Comments
  1. Steve Fear

    At first I was afraid to listen to them around overly patriotic people. And then I learned about our brain washed Statism and flag worship... Need I say more, 9/11 was an insurance job & never forget building 7. Lol

  2. bowloframenx777

    have an upvote

  3. Adrian Mares

    I'm sorry, but this album is a step up all around from Bright Lights. One of the best songs is near the end and it's a pretty solid album the whole way through "There is no War without Warriors (how do you sleep?)" one of the best choruses.

  4. last chance blueprint

    You call this POP punk?
    Wow, get your ears checked.

  5. Joshua Kelly

    These guys have went downhill. This doesn't even sound like the same band I grew up listening too. Talk about selling out to sound like the majority of shitty pop-punk bands that have flooded and destroyed the scene.

  6. Joshua Kelly

    You are aware these guys are nothing like they used to be? In the early 2000's they were actually good. I would not call this punk, this is just like the mass produced pop punk being spewed out every day now adays.

  7. catie tyler

    I just found Anti-Flag... wow really amazing

  8. Gstrangeman96

    And me.
    Started searching for new songs yesterday. These guys are amazing

  9. last chance blueprint

    I feel like even though they've now released 3 albums AFTER For Blood and Empire, NO ONE pays attention to them.

    Anti-Flag's prime was INCREDIBLE during 2003/2004-- They forsure did not capitalize on that boost as Rise Against sure did. Rise Against is HUGE now.

    Just imagine if Anti-Flag kept at it. They're definitely a lot smaller now. They used the be the Rage Against the Machine (maybe exaggerating a little) during the 2004 election.

  10. thesoulthatburns

    Punk is what helps people get through stuff in life.


    thesoulthatburns true story

  11. johnbesselievre

    ive been listening to theseguys since die for the govt was released total downscale still some great classic songs though

  12. mostprofoundquiet

    I love the guitar in this :)
    It was on the Warped Tour 2010 CD, else I never would have heard it.

  13. Brandi Reader

    I have been following Anti-Flag the past 12 years & they never fail to amaze me <3
    This album is fantastic & I cannot wait to catch them on tour again this year!
    This song in particular gives a good feeling...way to be boys!

  14. Lion Slicer

    I think the ending is funny... the music is playin the next song on the album, 'your fired' and you just hear someone screaming "WHAT THE FUUUUCK"

  15. 3ricG

    I completely agree, you shouldn't post the whole album.

  16. Magal

    I'm startin to listen AF... they're great man
    they have a new fan... me :D

  17. Marcelo Villela

    Anti-Flag Rulezz !! *--*