Anti-Flag - Trouble Follows Me Lyrics

Yeah alright
Here we go
Here we go

So here we go again, no hope for you and less for me
The walls are going up, no way to break through
They steal the riches of the world, just to keep us all at bay
One thing that I can say for sure, you know that trouble follows me

(Trouble, trouble)
Trouble in a way you just can't believe
(Trouble, trouble)
Trouble always finds its way back to me

Hard work will set you free, now that's a fuckin' dream
The cycle of our poverty, the strength of their chains
'Cause even when I laid down low, just to keep above the fray
One thing that I can say for sure, you know that trouble follows me

(Trouble, trouble)
Trouble in a way you just can't believe
(Trouble, trouble)
Trouble always finds its way back to me
Trouble in a way you just can't believe
Trouble always finds its way back to me

A rebel womyn, she lived a wild life
She'd rather roses on the table, than diamonds on her neck
Knowing she'd never go home, until the day she could no longer breathe
She said, "This ain't the life I envisioned for me"
She said, "This ain't the way that I thought it would be"
She said, "This ain't the way it was supposed to be"
She said, "I don't regret a thing, though trouble follows me"

Yeah, trouble follows

(Trouble, trouble)
Trouble in a way you just can't believe
(Trouble, trouble)
Trouble always finds its way back to me
(Whoa oh oh oh)
Trouble in a way you just can't believe
(Whoa oh oh oh)
Trouble always finds a way and trouble follows me

Trouble follows me
Yeah, trouble follows me
Trouble follows

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Anti-Flag Trouble Follows Me Comments
  1. Biki Baki

    this singer still has the same shit haircut as always :D at least this will never change..

  2. T RopE

    anit-flag pushin that pop sound a lil too hard IMO

  3. Sheikah Chu

    Seeing them tonight!! Been wanting this day to come since i was like 10...14 years later here we goooo \m/

  4. Andrew Taylor - Video Producer

    Anyone else think this sounds like it could have been a Mighty Mighty Bosstones song?

  5. TheGreaterG8r

    Slovakia, and to some extent my country czech Republic, could REALLY use more anti flag. The racism is very bad.

  6. It's the fox!

    I wish they'd return to the more raw fast original punk sound


    I know, its good but too much editing ruins it

  7. chiara b

    I love you, you're THE BEST! ❤

  8. Zheythomas Hudzaifah

    cool scene

  9. Silver Revolution

    The girl at 1:34 has the same smile as Glenn Danzig. 😂

  10. Noah Riot

    When you too stupid to realize socialism has killed over 100 million people, and Trump is actually the good guy. Hate to say it, but anti-flag actually know nothing about politics. They fall for all the propaganda. Music has gone to shit too.

    Carpe Diem

    Because capitalism has never killed

  11. Switchblade romance

    My 5 year old loves this band..sounds like s track from American pie 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Jack Ruby

    Ya Rebel

  13. Di nar


  14. Daniel Magnone

    (Gasps) Guy Fieri is that you?! 0:37

  15. Tomii

    alguien de argentina que le guste anti flag

  16. Stéphane Keldan

    I'm proud to wear your hoody !

  17. Angela Gonzalez


  18. Azisa Herbert

    god i love these guys, they're so fun

  19. Mason Bennett

    This blows

  20. Mia Isabella

    00.07 who you are? :D

  21. Silvia Mihelová

    Bratislava/Randal club ... day after their concert with The Offspring <3

  22. Epc


  23. Tereza Veselá

    I fucking much love this band and it was so pretty much fucking good to was on shooting this video. My dreams comes true. Thanks... :33

  24. métallo25

    now we need a video for "Throw It Away"

  25. Total Domination

    Sorry... They fell off

  26. adam daniel


  27. JumpScaresATutorials

    Really good 😋

  28. Angelica Poria

    Hazen st. On anti-flag lol

  29. chiara b

    You're the best. Always. Thank you❤

  30. nbsquidkid


  31. For Parsing

    1:35 riff form branderburg gate

  32. For Parsing

    Вступление и куплет немного отдаёт Ляпис Трубецкой - Манифест. Кстати Анти-Флаг уходит в поп-панк)0

    Все по 24

    Звучание и раньше было плюс минус поп панк особенно от 2012 года

  33. Acá Pasan Cosas

    That bass line...

  34. Xavier Velez

    Does anyone know what kind of shoes #2 is rockin? I assume it's a vegan brand, but I've never seen any with a "V" on the back.

  35. Valéria Przysbeczyski

    I love this band, there are so many good songs and videos!!
    Come to Brazil, guys! <3

  36. Brandon Jensen

    Is this Rancid? Good band, just saying....

  37. Atwood Jason

    Love the new song

  38. kyle Peter


  39. TheMrMajci

    I waaas theeere .. Randall club Bratislava :)

  40. Shane Scalise

    I used to love this band, until I met them. Justin and #2 Are the biggest assholes ever. Good tune tho.

  41. Michaell Poveda Starke

    Colombia🇨🇴 Brasil🇧🇷 Argentina🇦🇷 Mexico🇲🇽 Perú🇵🇪
    ¡¡ Presente!!

  42. Roger Keeler

    looooove that it starts with a starbucks ad!

  43. Azhan han

    Come again to Malaysia..

  44. romčo pa pomčo


  45. Earl Raymond

    this band is cool, but this pop sound is terrible. damn good bass line, though.

  46. Mark Martin

    I hope there is more to come from them.

  47. Jakub Uváčik

    I´m very proud to be from Slovakia <3 one big american band came to Bratislava play one show and they recorded video. Nice work guys <3

  48. romčo pa pomčo

    i living in Bratislava!!

  49. L Z

    This band has always been fuckin terrible I can't believe anyone older than 14 would listen to this shit just cheesy shit music



  51. Charles Menard ATS

    Meh... Still prefer the old albums

  52. Fermin Banderin


  53. febeset _

  54. 4ad2be

    Can't wait to see them in MTL!!!!

  55. Christopher Di Chiaro

    I guess Anti-Flag's punk rock days are over...

    Preston Stanley

    they sound like shit compared to the old days. Im just gonna put it here. Kabuki Girl is my favorite

  56. emenemesis of ene 007

    Loved this song

  57. Pancho Echeverria


  58. rnrhmam

    This is coming back for real.

  59. Gauthier GO

    What a great song !

  60. zoomy sketchbook

    so awesome. anti-flag continues to inspire young punks everywhere. also, love the message at the end - ABOLISH ICE

    Decorum Mortis

    @Hard Cunt that's... LITERALLY what it says...

    Hard Cunt

    Decorum Mortis Yep retards everywhere

    Decorum Mortis

    @Hard Cunt this is going to be my last comment. You are an idiot. Watch the video maybe you will see it at the very fucking end. Or maybe you just can't read. Either way. The words "abolish ice" are right there.

    My comment isnt saying its right or wrong to abolish ice. My comment was to state a fact that those words were quite literally displayed for the world to see. Learn to read fuckhead

  61. Ric ado

    Amazing! love from germany

  62. Hafiz Khalid

    Love from Malaysia

  63. Ben Briggs

    Damn, Pat got Fat

  64. sakun 18241

    Yea! ❤

  65. Leobel Colona

    my fave track off the album

  66. Dustin S.

    Stoked for the Mourning in Amerika tour!

  67. rafael dj

    much respect from indonesia 🍻

  68. Antero Croop Records

    I was on the recording of the video. All those guys are perfect, polite and they are not fools like most of the musiscians i know (i mean when the fame hits your head hard). They act like normal people which is the greatest and i think they show what the punk means! All of them are great people and i say thank you to come and make a nicer place for at least the short time to live (Bratislava, Slovakia).

    Maybe next time you will come too, we owe you 50 beers :)

  69. _foxiboi_

    Hell yeah!

  70. preston trusley

    I love this band! :)

  71. ScreamingReelsTV

    Yawn. I've been listening to Antiflag since ~1996. (I own a copy of their split with DBS on Nefer records.) Here we are in 2018, 22 years later, and they're still just singing dogmatic anthems. Packaged rebellion; thumbs up and subscribe.


    Trust me my friend, I see that the current generation is even more screwed than mine. Boomers got wealthy selling out their children's future. Gen-X's lefty politics have now become mainstream and created some of the biggest threats to freedom of speech and personal liberty the west has ever seen. Millenials are fucked.


    ScreamingReelsTV yes you are absolutely right. Im from germany so i cant say much to the Situation in america but i see your point. Still we can chance something, or at least be the change we want to see.


    Songs like this aren't about 'being the change,' which ultimately is just a cliche. Look to where AF's politics point, and see what failure those politics bring with them. Their lyrics have devolved in to meme tiered 'rebellion' to indoctrinate young people with their catchy riffs and sing-along choruses.


    ScreamingReelsTV did your leader tell you that? go listen to something else while saluting to the flag idgaf about people like you. You are part of the problem. I won't give up fighting against capitalism and human idiocity.

    Figaro Fugazi

    Screamingreels my dude!!! I have 'north america sucks!' I honestly found it at my used records store... Wanna trade ??? 😂😂😂 ((also i met Spaz in Pittsburg. He was surprised to be recognized.

  72. Hayden Hollywood

    love this song and album!!

  73. Crunchy B Roll

    im glad its not about trump bc tbh it gets annoying when everything is all political

    zoomy sketchbook

    dude you're listening to ANTI FLAG sjksjskjs all of their music is political


    Abolish ICE 100% ANTI-TRUMP

    Second Breakfast

    Literally every single song is political, do you even know the band? That's their thing

    Jeremy Hale

    rat lord I’m pretty sure ICE was around way before Trump took office, so I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily “100%”, maybe 95%.


    Jeremy Hale The issue in this current administration has been taken more forcefully by the separation of families and the cruelty and indifference of Trump's pig

  74. Angus-Ghoul


  75. Marlene Leprich

    I love this video soo much. I‘m also in at ~ 1:04min. Thank you for that ❤️

    Jam 86

    Marlene Leprich how did you get to be In their video? That’s awesome

  76. Misty Lake

    I love this song and video! Great job guys! ♥️

  77. stanislav kračmer

    Brothers and Sisters this is Bratislavaaaaaaaaaa

  78. TheMexorcist

    Well,that's definitely not the most flattering clip of me lol. Still glad I got to be a part of this though!

    Josh Massie

    Thanks for coming!

    J M.

    How do you get to be in a video like this?

    Jessicarrgh A

    Whoah that’s cool 😃


    @Josh Massie why do you keep saying this? Arent you a realtor? You look just like the guy who sold my aunt hwe house.

  79. Valentina MC


  80. Ready Ready

    I like the song, please put joels instagramm somewhere in the description, this would be lit (the graffiti artist from luxembourg in your video) @smok_one_tattoo ;) thank u guys :)

  81. Ekaterina Grishakova

    Wow!!!!! It is amazing!!!!! A lot of love from Bratislava !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Josh Massie

    We loved every minute!

  82. Jambr380

    Like ‘Racists’ and ‘American Attraction’ better, but great song and great album. Too many classic punk bands are on hiatus and A-F keeps getting stronger.

  83. Akicita A.

    It wouldn't be Anti-Flag without the Whooooa's

    emenemesis of ene 007

    Akicita A. True haha

    Márcio Ramos

    Actually every punk band does

    Sleaze McSleazerson

    @Márcio Ramos i bet ur rly fun at parties

    Biki Baki

    true.. too poppy songs nowadays..

  84. Louis Lerner

    i saw anti flag in the airport today

  85. Alan Adams

    Keep this song on repeat! Anti-flag thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  86. PrisonBound1985

    I gave first thumbs down...... simply because you are obsessed with Donald Trump, get over him already, he is trolling you guys so hard that he is controlling the music/videos you make....... I love you guys, but please move on, you made your point about him already, numerous times.

    Jane Doe

    Since they are shooting this video in the real world there would be anti-trump graffiti.

    Decorum Mortis

    ... They are a political punk band...


    Gtfo and fuck your president.

    C Fish

    This song isn't about any president. It's about Emma Goldman. Also most of the new album isn't about Trump. It was initially written in the expectation of Hilary winning and to be an attack on neo-liberalism. So they kept some songs while exchanging others. Anti-Flag isn't a one sided band

    Decorum Mortis

    C Fish this album would be completely different if Sanders won

  87. Kendra C

    This band has saved my sanity!

  88. Hello Vanna

    They just keep getting better and better. The world needs this band so much right now. Our generations Clash. <3 Also, pretty sure Justin Sane is an ageless (vegetarian) vampire.

    Jessica Hurst

    Just had the image in my mind of Justin biting a watermelon and the juice flowing down his face like blood with a vampire. Lol.

    Darker Realms Records

    that fucker just won't age

    Decorum Mortis

    As long as he doesn't sparkle I am okay with him being a vampire

    Dan Hibiki

    Some straight Bunicula shit


    Probably not,I do think hes a vampire though.

  89. Aren whole 30 V

    Woah what a bassline!

  90. Winstorm Reaper

    I found myself :D

    Josh Massie

    Thanks for participating!!

  91. RONaldo DMC

    Anti-Flag is the most underrated band ever, so many amazing songs


    underrated lowll... Anti Flag are parts of the punk legend if you call that underrated ....

    Figaro Fugazi

    4lpha64 yeah i gotta agree. What are we at ... 10 studio albums? Constant world wide tours? Along with most member changes BEFORE the 2nd album???


    SO TRUE!

  92. Hana Jakubičková

    recorded in Bratislava, Slovakia :)

    Norbert Császár

    Pozsony? :P


    was just thinking it looked very much like Bratislava


    A anti racist band in Slovakia? The irony. Im czech, so the racism isnt much better but slovakia has REALLY bad racism.

    Sleaze McSleazerson

    @TheGreaterG8r thats not ironic, cant fight racism if ur not in the same country as it


    @Sleaze McSleazerson fair enough

  93. Michele Signorino

    I WAS THERE! great time!! And great Bratislava

    Josh Massie

    Thank you for being apart of it!

  94. HGGdragon

    One of my favs of the album^^

  95. Lorenzo Tonolli

    first part of guitar solo it's seems like Brandenburg gate riff

  96. Головач Лена

    Кто из РОССИИ ставьте лукас

  97. ScaryPunkGhost

    Best fucking band ever!
    You're amazing guys!

  98. Punks Heart Guitar


  99. O K

    Long Live Anti Flag