Anti-Flag - This Is The First Night Lyrics

This is the first night,
of the rest of our lives.
I can't help wonder,
"How is it we're still alive?"

Welcome to the first night of the rest of our lives.
Oh Yeah, and I said,
welcome to the first night of the rest of our lives.

We stayed up all night long,
laughing, singing in the streets.

The Clash, Ramones, The Pogues, our voices hoarse,
our bodies weak and ready for sleep.
Lean against me, wipe your bloodshot eyes as I wipe mine.

And from these rooftops, we'll watch the sun rise.
Ain't this the life? Yeah it's the first night,
of the rest of our lives.

I can't help wonder,
"How is it we're still alive?"
Welcome to the first night of the rest of our lives.

With just a half tank of gas, 150 miles to go, no cash, no food.
We turned the engine off, every time that we went down hill
and it's on with the show.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry?
All I know is that I am alive, I'm really alive.
WE heard "You there!" and jumped from the train,
ran up the tracks, all the while you screaming back,
"Kiss my ass!"

We're living our lives, I'm livin' and yeah
and I'm doin' fine, Oh yeah, oh yeah, I'm doing fine!!!

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Anti-Flag This Is The First Night Comments
  1. Олег Киселёв

    Anti - Flag O. k.

  2. Streetpreacher Studios

    Haha Morty! That the truth!

  3. Cevin Wechslinger

    <3 anti flag

  4. Jason Desjardins

    I stay up all night long too :p

  5. Anthony Lopez

    this is the song im going out too

  6. spac3c0ast

    me too. lol :)

  7. mortymingledon

    less overtly political. ain't no such thing as a non-political anti-flag song.

  8. Dany123z

    is this an non political anti-flag song

  9. fulaqws

    You mean I shouldn't be friends with someone because we have different taste in music? That seems a little harsh, don't you think?

  10. abelaibe

    theme song for what's going to be one of the best nights of my life...

  11. IEatDirt441

    If my life were a movie, I'd want this to play during the credits.

  12. IEatDirt441

    @b22ri22an haha, amen bro.

  13. Mcface

    WOW this band went to shit.
    wtf happened to these guys?

  14. Dylan Imperi

    I think mainstream artists like this are still good.
    Fuck the industry.

  15. Patchworkdrum

    @hfzbnzr This is Anti-Flag's take on graduation songs basically. It's a song about looking back and looking ahead. The line "I don't whether to laugh or cry. All I know is that I am alive" best says the meaning of the song.

  16. Alexander Earle

    @bairhsnyva you're an idiot. They always made the music they wanted to. This sounds just as mainstream as their last two albums. You don't even know the difference. You're just a dumb label hunter. Looking for the "Independent" labels so you can seem more cultured. All that's changed with Anti-Flag is more skill and better equipment.

  17. Alexander Earle

    @hfzbnzr this song is pure nostalgia as well as a break from their regular music. It's just a look back.

  18. Logan Wood

    you know its sad that the highest liked comment on this is 23 likes, poeple need to listen to Anti-Flag theye are one of the best Artists out there, GO AF and screw BARRACK OBAMA

  19. Seivi Meskin

    this band is awesome

  20. fulaqws

    Love this so so much. Too bad all my friends are little pop freaks and get all pissed at me when I want to listen to this song at parties. It takes like two seconds before someone decides that we should keep listening to lady gaga. They suck.

  21. Brian Radcliffe

    @Jabrien421 to be honest it was so damn long ago i cant remember any of it. i can still play a few of the bass lines. in the end anything worth saying will be said, its importance is precieved by the audience and what you may think is important i may think is rubbish so theres no real way to judge whos message was more important so just enjoy the music. i for one am happy there are bands like anti flag out there moving there message to a broader audience.

  22. Jabrien421

    @b22ri22an Yeah but I bet you didn't sing about anything halfway important like these guys do.

  23. ass

    I'm so glad anti-flag found their way back to an independent record label....I'm glad they made their money, but now it's back to making the music they want and the music we all want to hear instead of the music that mainstream music listeners want to hear...:D

  24. notaMONSTERbutaDEVIL

    i love them ,,,i really do,
    but is it me or does the audio quality kinda,,,suck in the latest album ,, it are great song! really, but idk, but when all the lights go out has a great audio quality, why is this?

  25. fulaqws

    @Seemannbrandt Me too! :D They were awesome!

  26. notaMONSTERbutaDEVIL

    i want a clip x)

  27. JCM- But a moment of your time

    this song is really awesome like its one of my two favs form this sounds like an irish punk bans i think. I could see flogging molly signing it and it would sound good...anti flag does it best though

  28. Brian Radcliffe

    you know what.. for the people screaming sell out... stfu lol. i was in a punk band we played great music had a great message but in the end we stopped playing cause we got jobs cause living broke out of a van bumming money for gas to get to the next show was only cool for a summer or so.

  29. hockeyrocks5757

    The Clash, Ramones and Pogues! 3 of my favorite bands!

  30. jurgen ten berg

    this song is the song that reminds me off my exams , my teacher called me to tell im passed , while i were listening this song <333 and yea , im a punk

  31. BandDprod

    I'm not saying, or forcing you at all to like their RCA days or anything, but don't bad mouth a band when you don't know what their reasons are. If you really dis-respect Anti-Flag because of those RCA days, don't post comments on youtube, don't buy C.D's, and don't buy tickets or merch. You obviously like them still, because you're here. Don't start a youtube war, nobody wants that. Enjoy the music.

  32. BandDprod

    They signed an independent label. They are no longer with RCA, they are not forced to write different music, and tour with different musicians anymore. This is the music THEY want to write, and they feel it gets their message out more easy.

    They didn't go to RCA for money, you know. They did it to get more publicity so they could spread their message. If that isn't staying true to your music and your fans, then I don't know what is?

  33. Rory Child

    I felt the same way but honestly I prefer this album. The songs that I don't like on Underground Network outweigh the ones I dislike on this one. Both fantastic albums though :)

  34. MakeMyBrainMelt73

    it definitely was not intentional

  35. SkateboardBassguitar

    indeed, im sorry :D, i should know that, germany is our eastern neighbour

  36. slimjoecrazyleg

    no man its black red and yellow I am from germany I am pretty sure with that :D

  37. SkateboardBassguitar

    german flag is from top to bottom:Black-yellow-red

  38. ChrisVinegar

    I don't think it's intentional.
    a happenstance

  39. slimjoecrazyleg

    I wonder why they put the german flag behind the image...

  40. Mega tron

    when does this CD get released

  41. rene juan

    yeah it is repetitive but it's a really good song. haha

  42. Adam Harrison

    In my opinion this is the worst song on the album by miles. So repetitive and boring.

  43. Marcelo Villela

    one of the best songs on the album [2]

  44. korys48

    one of the best songs on the album